Flying Dog Brewery Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Caddyshack with Night Putting Pale Ale

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    Freeze Gopher! Flying Dog Brewery Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Caddyshack with New Release

    Night Putting, the brewery’s reinvented pale ale, is not par for the course

    Frederick, Md. – In honor of the 40th anniversary of Caddyshack, the greatest golf movie ever made, Flying Dog Brewery today announced that it has created the best beer to accompany the game, Night Putting. Light and sessionable, Night Putting’s 16oz. can is the perfect companion for a day on the course.

    Night Putting is Flying Dog’s reinvention of the classic Pale Ale. The 2020 specialty seasonal offers a subtle malt profile paired with a balanced blend of hops and sweet oats, creating a version that is less bitter than a golfer stuck in a sand trap.

    “When conceptualizing this beer, we knew we wanted to pay homage to the classic comedy so we created a beer designed specifically for golfers,” said James Maravetz, VP of Marketing at Flying Dog Brewery. “This updated take on a pale ale is light and easy to drink without compromising on flavor. While we hope the novelty of the can and love for the movie will drive people to try it, we know the world-class beer inside will make them loyal fans.”

    Brewed in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Harold Ramis’ golf comedy, the beer’s name and can are both nods to the classic film. The term ‘night putting’ was first coined in a story Chevy Chase’s Ty Webb tells to caddy Danny Noonan, played by Michael O'Keefe. The vibrant design on the can was inspired by the ugly hat Judge Elihu Smails, played by Ted Knight, wears in one of the movie’s most memorable scenes where Rodney Dangerfield’s boisterous Al Czervik character mocks the hat relentlessly, before delivering his iconic one-liner, “Looks good on you though.”

    Night Putting carries a 5.5% ABV and was brewed using Simcoe and Centennial hops. It is available in 4-packs of 16 oz. cans.

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    Do you do drugs Danny?
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    I'm down. I like most of Flying Dog's stuff and this beer is exactly what I am looking for right now. And of course Caddyshack (and a song from the movie that has one of the best openers ever):

    And we definitely need more Pale Ale love.
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    I wonder if this is another Nitro.
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    Not sure I can get this in Michigan but would like to try it! Right now I am not going to the store for beer.
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    Billy Billy Billy
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    Well, let's celebrate:

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    Wasn't there a beer tap in that bag?
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    Right you are!

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    This would a great beer to enjoy at a trivia event. This is one of the most quoted movies. Your honor ,your Honor. Want to make twelve dollars the hard way? You must have been something before electricity. Ten bucks says the Smales kid picks his nose-- Fifty bucks says he eats it.For an Italian ,this is skilled labor. The original version is best. It has been edited to be PC .
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    You didn't list the best line from the movie!?!:confused:

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