Founders Brewing Announces KBS Maple Mackinac Fudge (Newest KBS Variant)

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    - KBS Maple Mackinac Fudge, second KBS variant, will be available in October -

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., September 21, 2020 – Founders Brewing Co. has announced that KBS Maple Mackinac Fudge will be the second variant to come from the brewery’s esteemed KBS brand. Founders pays tribute to the time-honored tradition of old-fashioned fudge-making with this new Barrel-Age release. By amplifying the rich chocolate notes of KBS using Mackinac Fudge coffee, then adding maple syrup and aging it in oak bourbon barrels, they’ve created a bold new take on their barrel-aged classic.

    “We’ve been enjoying beers brewed with the Mackinac Fudge coffee in our taproom for years, and now we’re finally bringing that treatment to KBS,” said Brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki. “It takes the chocolate flavor traditionally found in KBS to a whole new level. Add in a hint of maple syrup and now you have an elegant, yet explosive new flavor experience.”

    KBS Maple Mackinac Fudge (11% ABV) will be available in 4-packs of 12oz bottles and on draft in the taprooms beginning on October 8. It will have a taproom retail price of $24/4-pack. Pricing outside of the taprooms will vary by market. It will ship out to the brewery’s entire distribution network in early October 2020; KBS Maple Mackinac Fudge will not be available in Mississippi.

    KBS Maple Mackinac Fudge will close out the brewery’s 2020 Barrel-Aged Series. Previous releases have included KBS Espresso, Backwoods Bastard, KBS, Más Agave, Más Agave Grapefruit and Underground Mountain Brown. Stay tuned for information on upcoming releases in the 2021 Barrel-Aged Series along with news on the brewery’s full 2021 availability calendar.

    About Founders Brewing Co.
    Established in 1997 by two craft beer enthusiasts—Dave Engbers and Mike Stevens—with day jobs and a dream, Founders Brewing Co. brews complex, in-your-face ales, with huge aromatics and tons of flavor. Founders ranks among the top 10 largest craft breweries in the U.S. and is one of the fastest growing. The brewery has received numerous awards from the World Beer Cup and the Great American Beer Festival and RateBeer and BeerAdvocate users often rate its beers among the best in the world. Located in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, Founders is a member of the Michigan Brewers Guild. For more information, visit or follow Founders on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

    About the Barrel-Aged Series
    Crafting legendary barrel-aged beers is an exercise in patience. We start by brewing complex, world-class beer worthy of time in a barrel. Then, our experience and years spent mastering our craft means we know exactly when it’s been aged to perfection. After one sip, you’ll know – it was worth the wait.

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  2. evilcatfish

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    Sounds good to me
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  3. ilikebeer03

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    Yes, please. Pretty much love everything Founders does with one notable exception (*cough* Barrel Runner *cough*)
  4. dcotom

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    I'm in. Hell, I might even hunt this one down.
  5. JohnnyHopps

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    Just curious, why not Mississippi?
  6. dcotom

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    I wasn't overly impressed with Más Agave or Mango Magnifico. It hurts me a bit to say that, since everything else of theirs I've tried has been anywhere from excellent to incredible. BA Maple Mackinac Fudge KBS? Can't wait for this one!
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  7. dcotom

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    ABV laws?

    Any thoughts, @Squire?
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  8. jageraholic

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  9. donspublic

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    And I really can't blame them for that. I do not like Rum Barrel aged beers, about the only one I can drink is Pirate Noir, and I think that is because the beer is so thick that the rum doesn't take it over
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  10. traction

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    I would add Lizard of Koz to that list personally (not rum beers obviously, but aged founders beers that didnt really work so well)

    I'm eager to try this one.
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  11. tasterschoice62

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    Definitely am in for this. Wont FOMO on it though. Sounds like a great holiday brew. Personally I though the straight Mas Agave was a great brew for the summer if you like "cocktail" brews.
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  12. readyski

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    Can only imagine what a PITA to find sub 8% beers, seems like most DIPAs exceed that. Not to mention imperial stouts.
    And we haven't heard from @Squire in some time, hope he's okay.
  13. thuey

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    That's how much regular KBS is in our parts
  14. DokiDokiLitFam

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    If you're gonna age a brew in rum barrels it has to be Caribbean or Jamaican spiced rum. If you do it in white rum, its gonna taste like paint thinner.
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  15. jonphisher

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    I don’t buy said beers but considering some of these smaller breweries charge 15$ or more for 500 ml of non barrel aged stout founders is a steal IMO.
  16. ilikebeer03

    ilikebeer03 Meyvn (1,134) Oct 17, 2012 Texas

    I thought Mas Agave LIme was excellent. The Mas Agave with grapefruit was very good, but not as good as the Lime.
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  17. dcotom

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    I found the sweetness to be a little overpowering. I don't mind sweetness, but it didn't work for me in this one. FWIW, I don't care for sweet margaritas either. A squirt of agave nectar and I'm good.
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  18. chris826

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    Unfortunately, MIssissippi has crazy beer laws limiting the sale of beer to 10.3% ABV. We don’t get a huge variety of distribution either. Luckily, I live within a few miles of the state line and travel into Memphis,TN for most of my beer purchases.
  19. russpowell

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    I liked the original Mas Agave, the Grapefruit one seemed too sweet
  20. ESHBG

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  21. WillemHC

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    Im pretty pumped for this. Definitely seeking it out.
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  22. jageraholic

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    true, I dont buy those often either. $24 is tough to shell out for a 4 pack of 12 oz beers in my opinion. I did love the espresso variant though and will probably buy a pack if i'm on vacation or some other special occasion.
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  23. micada

    micada Zealot (501) Jul 13, 2015 New York

    So KBS meets CBS? We’ll see...
  24. ClarkstonMark

    ClarkstonMark Initiate (90) Feb 21, 2016 Michigan

    i have a feeling this will have a lot more maple than CBS, from the way they are both described, plus the fudge!
    We'll see, I'll be getting some
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  25. Beer_Economicus

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    I jokingly told another BA that this sounds like a combination of KBS and CBS. The chocolate (fudge?) is present in both, and maple is present in CBS. SO....not sure how different it will be. I am assuming it will be much sweeter, and there will be more maple (although I'm not sure it needs more chocolate? And I question weather they can really pull out "fudge" taste.).

    Maybe I am just cynical.
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  26. Junior

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    Compared to what? I called a brewery’s BA stout release at $12.50 per 16 oz can overpriced in a different tread. That brewery has no where near the reputation of Founders. Several people disagreed with my claim. $6 a bottle is a great value in my opinion.
  27. jageraholic

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    My opinion is $6 a bottle isn't bad but $24 for 4 beers is a lot to dish out. Hopefully I can find a single.
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  28. Whyteboar

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    Just to clarify a bit; CBS was the the same IS used for KBS but aged in Bliss Maple Syrup barrels which had been used to age Bourbon before that. Bliss and Founders have, for the time being anyway, parted ways for reasons I do not know, hence no more CBS for the foreseeable future. *This* iteration of their KBS workhorse will actually have maple syrup added into it, probably at the sugaring point. (That's just a guess) How they will be doing the fudge I won't even guess.
    But I will be trying at least one.
  29. micada

    micada Zealot (501) Jul 13, 2015 New York

    My understanding is that it’s a fudge coffee.

    Parting ways with Bliss makes sense for why CBS would go on hiatus. I hadn’t heard that connection before.

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  30. Whyteboar

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    Fudge coffee, that will cut the sweet a bit. Thanks.
    In relation to Bliss, check this out:
    Apparently 2nd Shift Brewing now gets those barrels. Or at least some of them.
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  31. bret27

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    I have a local store that has the option for founders singles. $4-6/bottle is a great deal if if im looking to try a new one, IMO.
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  32. eagles22

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    I'm in! This sounds amazing ! I just hope they brewed enough
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  33. Ronmarley1

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  34. ScaryEd

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    I'll be in my bunk.
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  35. craigbelly

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    Hopefully my local distro doesn't "forget" to call Founders and order this time.
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  36. Blogjackets

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    Friends went to Founders this week and trolled me with pictures but then came through with two four packs for me.

    I will review after my next one. Just giddy now. Initial thoughts are the stout has several strong flavors but they are balanced. Not the bourbon presence of regular KBS, but coffee holds its own. The fudgy nose on this beer may turn some off, but I could not get enough of it.

    Cross posted to what beer I’m drinking now.
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  37. Beer-A-Lot

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    Yes please.
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  38. Junior

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    It’s getting good ratings on the sister platform Hoping to see it on store shelves soon.
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  39. PapaGoose03

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    Heavy on the chocolate fudge aroma just out of the fridge to start, with the bourbon being moderate, and the taste for both are the same. Minor coffee is in the taste, but the maple is not evident. As this beer warms, it explodes so that you know all of the flavors are there. The coffee comes in to accompany the chocolate and the bourbon in the nose and taste, but the chocolate is still dominant. As the beer warms, the maple shows up in the aroma and taste, and all of the flavors are pretty well balanced. The beer then changes again when fully at room temp and the maple and coffee are dominant in the aroma. This beer is as advertised! It's a definite home run, if not a grand slam. (My first ever '5' beer.)
  40. ESHBG

    ESHBG Disciple (337) Jul 30, 2011 Pennsylvania

    Your review makes me even more excited and this sounds wonderful!
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