Release Fresh Hop Season is Back: Deschutes Brewery Releases Hop Trip & Chasin’ Freshies

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  1. Jason

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    Bend, OR (September 2013) – Deschutes Brewery is taking full advantage of its close proximity to some of the world’s leading whole flower hops this season, releasing two fresh hop beers later this month. Hop Trip, now in its ninth year of bottling, is full of freshly harvested Crystal hops that travel from the fields at Oregon’s Sodbuster Farms and into the brew kettle - all in a matter of hours. Chasin’ Freshies, in its second year in the Bond Street Series, uses Gamache Farms’ famed fresh Amarillo hops for this year’s vintage.

    Cam O’Connor, brewmaster at Deschutes Brewery, said, “Fresh hop season is one of my favorite times of the year. The number of different beers that are made with fresh hops gives people an unlimited selection to choose from. All the amazing flavors and aromas that permeate from fresh hop beers are really exciting for me. I feel like a kid in a candy store sometimes during this season.”

    The highly celebrated Hop Trip has been enjoyed by Deschutes Brewery fans for nearly a decade and is once again offered in 12-ounce bottle 6-packs as part of the Bond Street Series lineup. Why the longevity for this particular brew? Not only does it taste fantastic, but there’s a great story. The brewery team rushes over to the Willamette Valley each year to pick, bag and load up fresh whole flower hops. They quickly return to Bend, Oregon and dump these freshly harvested jewels into the brew kettle. The result? A perfect pale ale with a uniquely citrus punch and fall spice flavor. 5.5% Alcohol by Volume (ABV); 38 IBUs

    Chasin’ Freshies, dubbed after the ski town pastime of chasing fresh powder on the slopes, hit the scene last year with some well-carved turns. Rather than the heirloom Cascade hops of the 2012 version, the brewers changed things up for 2013 and feature the fresh and bold Amarillo hops in this IPA. Fresh hop beer lovers will appreciate the bold, juicy aroma and flavor that comes but once a year. 7.2% Alcohol by Volume (ABV); 65 IBUs

    Both beers will be available in most of the 22 states where Deschutes Brewery beers are sold, starting in October.

    About Deschutes Brewery
    Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Deschutes Brewery began as a brew pub in downtown Bend, Oregon and is known for such brands as Black Butte Porter, its flagship brew and the nation’s number one selling craft porter, and the popular Mirror Pond Pale Ale. In addition to its original Bend pub, this family and employee-owned brewery opened a second pub in Portland’s Pearl District in 2008. The company’s main brewing facility is located on the banks of the Deschutes River and produces over 250,000 barrels of beer annually for distribution in 21 states and two provinces. Deschutes Brewery was named one of America’s Best Places to Work in 2013 by Outside Magazine. To find out more, visit

  2. TwoTrees

    TwoTrees Disciple (352) Oct 31, 2012 Washington

    Deschutes, man...doin' God's work.
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  3. Ri0

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    I think this is my favorite season.
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  4. otispdriftwood

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    How convenient. Deschutes doesn't distribute to the state where I live. Just happen to be going to San Diego in October. Hope I can find some.
  5. MooseBoose

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    What other beers showcase Crystal hops?

    Going to try and get me some Chasing freshies. I loved Fresh Squeezed.
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  6. denver10

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    Big fan of Hop Trip. Will definitely being buying some of that.

    Chasin Freshies on the other hand was a letdown for me last year and it had nothing to do with choice of hops. Will be passing on that one.
  7. WelshBrewer

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    Thats a big Amen and a Halleluhah!!
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  8. Mersh

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    Definitely ISO!!!
  9. BottleCaps80

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    Revoultion - Crystal Hero is an all crystal hopped IPA and it was one of my favorite beers of 2013 so far.
  10. rather

    rather Aspirant (262) May 31, 2013 California

  11. Geuzedad

    Geuzedad Zealot (540) Nov 14, 2010 Arizona
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    Fresh Hops!! Bring it!! Deschutes knows what I like! Really looking forward to the Chasin Freshies to see how it stands up to last years.
  12. chocosushi

    chocosushi Initiate (0) May 1, 2011 Oklahoma

    The sign of the Fall season:​
    & ​
    Top-Notch Hop Harvest beers.​
    (Locally: El Cucuy India Black Ale)​

    The sign of Winter season:​
    Celebration Ale ​
    Winter Warmers​
    (Locally: Big Jamoke Porter)​
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