From Relax to Escape, Offshoot Beer Co. brings SoCal flavor nationwide

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    June 2020 - ORANGE COUNTY, CA - When Offshoot Beer Co. first launched in 2017, they had to remind everyone: Relax - it's just a hazy IPA. For the flavor masterminds at The Bruery, who promised never to make an IPA, the Offshoot brand was a creative outlet to keep that promise and develop world-class hop-forward beers. Two years later, Offshoot Beer Co. rounds off its year-round core offerings with a brand new West Coast IPA: Escape.

    Starting this June, fresh 4-packs of Escape will be rolling off the canning line and into craft beer stores throughout 25 states, including California, Washington, D.C., and Virginia. This brand new year-round release is Offshoot’s second foray into clear-beer— and an homage to the hop-focused Southern California tradition of West Coast IPAs. Escape will be available in 4-packs at a $13.99 MSRP along with draft options for bars and restaurants.

    "Offshoot Beer Co. has allowed us to branch off in new directions, continue our passion for experimentation and explore the art of developing hop-forward beers," said Patrick Rue, founder of The Bruery and its hoppy offshoot, and one of just 19 individuals to earn the title of Master Cicerone®. VP of Brewing Operations Darren Moser chimes in, "Escape was a fun project that let us play with some hop varieties we really love. The combination of Mosaic, Strata, Simcoe, and Amarillo leaves you with a crisp IPA loaded with notes of tropical passionfruit, grapefruit zest, and hints of pine."

    The Bruery is known in the industry for its quality, experimentation, and taste-focused beers, so it’s easy to see why fans quickly grew to trust the Offshoot brand. Now, Relax is seeing huge success as the #1 Hazy IPA in sales per point of distribution, and Retreat is close on its.. tail. The recent additions of Unwind and the Escape showcase a balanced mix of fun, fresh, hop-forward beers with a Southern California Coastal flare.

    Year Round Offerings:

    • Relax [It’s Just a Hazy IPA]
    • Retreat [This is a Double Hazy IPA]
    • Unwind [You Earned This Hoppy Pils]
    • Escape [It’s Your Everyday West Coast IPA]

    About The Bruery & Offshoot Beer Co.

    The Bruery is a craft brewery located in Orange County, CA. With over a decade of experience, The Bruery team is known for innovative and experimental beers that push the boundaries of what beer can be. The Bruery also runs several beer clubs, including The Preservation Society ®, The Reserve Society ®, and The Hoarders Society ®.

    Offshoot Beer Co. is the hop-forward offshoot of The Bruery, bringing fun, fresh beers with California Coastal flair.

    Be sure to follow @TheBruery, @OffshootBeerCo and @TheBrueryDc on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. To find Escape and other Offshoot beers near you, visit
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    I’m from Orange County and I don’t drink their beer (if that means anything).
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    Just what the world needs, more old hazy NEIPAs to oxidize away on store shelves!
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    I’ve had a few Offshoot cans of their haze and found them quite solid. Better than most all of my local attempts, not quite as good as the top tier of NEIPA makers. Price, freshness and shelf space competition will be a challenge. I’m most interested in their West Coast and hoppy pils. Brewery’s Helles Lager was outstanding IMO
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