FT: Cerebral Double Barrel HBM and Stratum Cake, Medianoches ISO: lambic

Discussion in 'Limited' started by ArrogantB, Jul 14, 2020.

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  1. ArrogantB

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    Have Cerebral DBHBM and Stratum Cake. Also have Coco and regular medianoche. Also have 3F OGHV. Looking for seasonal and regular lambic:

    A&G paper label
    OGV 14 375ml
    Vigneronne (new label)
    3F Schaerbeekse 16|17
    Golden Blend silkscreen Blend 6
    3F Perzik 24 or 25
    50n Armagnac
    Fou Foune 19
    Cuvée René Special Blend
    Gooikoorts 2018
    Classic Gueuze yellow label
    Paper label 3F OG
  2. cinho

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