Beer FT: Fonta Flora (large trade) ISO: Dawgs, De garde, Casey, other memberships

Discussion in 'Limited' started by brunswikstu, Jan 23, 2019.

  1. brunswikstu

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    Did this last year and want to try again.

    Looking to move a set of all the Fonta Flora fruited sours+ more for a similar set. Looking to do something like 18(Fonta): 12 depending on size of bottles

    Big Shrug (Blackberries)
    Need a Hug (blueberries + elderberries)
    Meemaw (cherries)
    Rhythm Rug (strawberries)
    Tips of the vibers (grapes)
    Razzmatazz v1( raspberries)
    Funk Fuzz (peaches)
    Leftover Fuzz(2nd use peaches)
    Urban monk( ba stout)
    Turkish Monk (ba stout with coffee)
    Carrot cake monk(ba carrot cake stout)
    Razzmatazz v2(black raspberries)
    Blubade(pink lemonade blueberries)
    Junebug(2nd use plums)
    Jitterbug (plums)
    Snug glove (blackberries)
    Carolina custard (paw paw fruit)
    Local snacks ( cherry, muscadine, scuppernong, blueberry)
    Awas 1( fredriksdal cherry wine ba strawberry sour)
    Awas 2(razz v2 + meemaw)
    Awas 3 (cherries, figs, blueberries)
    Awas 4(watermelon + black raspberries)
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    Urban monk/ Turkish monk are far from BA. They use whiskey soaked spirals, no barrel involved.