FT: Fresh Treehouse, Trillium, Bissell ISO: Big List

Discussion in '$4$' started by MMP126, Nov 14, 2017.

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  1. MMP126

    MMP126 Initiate (92) May 11, 2016 Ohio

    Really looking for a variety of stuff. I probably won’t be into more than 2 or 3 cans of one type beer. Just really want to try some new stuff that I cannot get.

    I like doing a points system, so that is what I did here. Here is what I have to trade:

    Cans FT:

    Treehouse (1 Point/Can)
    Alter Ego (10 Cans Total)
    Bright (3 Cans Total)
    Haze (2 Total Cans)
    Julius (2 Cans Total)
    Green (1 Cans Total)
    In Perpetuity (1 Cans Total) **(1.5 Points Per Can)

    Trillium (1 Point/Can)
    Mettle (2 Cans Total)
    Congress Street (2 Cans Total)
    Melcher Street (2 Cans Total)
    Sleeper Street (2 Cans Total)
    DDH Scaled (1 Cans Total)
    Dialed In (2 Cans Total)
    Pot & Kettle With Chocolate (1 Cans Total)
    PM Dawn (2 Cans Total)
    DDH Public House (2 Cans Total)
    Motueka DH Fort Point (2 Cans Total)
    Launch Beer (2 Cans Total)

    Bissell Brothers
    SWISH (2 Cans Total) (1.5 Points Per Can)
    Substance (4 Cans Total) (1 Point Per Can)

    Shelfies/Bottles FT:
    Stillwater - Gose Gone Wild (2 Points)
    Founders - KBS 2017 (12oz bottle) (2 Points)
    3 Floyds - Necron99 (22oz) (2 Points)
    St. Bernardus Xmas Ale (12oz Bottle) (2 Points)
    Perennial - Ape Snake (2 Points)
    Boon - Kriek Boon (2 Points)
    Houblon Chouffe (3 Points)
    De Garre - Tripel (3 Points)
    St. Bernardus - Wit (3 Points) (Have 2 Bottles)
    Founders - Frootwood (22oz) (3 Point)
    Surly - 1349 (3 Points)
    Wiseacre - Snowbeard (3 Points)
    FFF - Behemoth (3 Points)
    Firestone Walker - Helldorado (4 Points)
    Epic - Imperial Mexican Biscotti Cake Break (4 Points)
    The Bruery - Share This OC (4 Points)
    Jackie Os - Bourbon Barrel Aged Oro Negro (4 Points)
    Jackie Os - Black Mask (4 Points)
    Dogfish Head - 120 Minute IPA (4 Points)
    Deschutes - The Abyss 2016 (4 Points)
    The Bruery - Melange 3 (5 Points)
    Firestone Walker - Velvet Merkin (5 Points)

    Cans ISO:

    Aslin (1 Point/Can)
    Sorbet (Peach and Mango)
    Mexican Hot Chocolate
    Astro Zombie
    Laser Raptors
    Hazy Orange Tears With Blackberries
    Triple Orange Starfish

    Other Half (1 Point/Can)
    Triangle Test (Trillium Collab) (Any Type, 1 or each would be tits)
    Space Dream
    Green Power
    Tough Call
    All Citra Everything UK
    Heavy Mentals
    Smoke Screens and Oil Slicks (Can)

    Tired Hands (1 Point/Can)
    Pumpkin Spice Latte Milkshake (would do 2 Points for this)
    Void Cans (would do 2 Points for this)
    Seeds and Stems
    Alien Church
    Are We OK?

    The Veil (1 Point/Can)
    Hornswoggler (Any Can)
    We We Ded Ded
    Never Never Heardofit Heardofit
    Never Dead

    Monkish (1 Point/Can)
    Coffee Cart
    Fly Banjo
    Red Hop
    Beats Is Infinite
    Change The Beat
    Socrates, Philosophies, and Hypothese

    Shelfie/Bottles ISO
    *I will not trade all cans for 1 bottle (Not doing more than 5 cans for (1) 22oz/750ml bottle, sorry. Pick some stuff from my shelfie list)
    Treehouse Double Shot (Any) (4 Points)
    FB French Toast (4 Points)
    FB Butta Cup (4 Points)
    FB Get Pitted (4 Points)
    Bruery - *Days Of Christmas Bottles* (About 7 Points, We can talk, I have a few already. Also, if you have an empty bottle, I would trade for it.
    Bruery - Autumn Maple (7 Points)
    Bruery - Gray Monday (7 Points)
    Bruery - PB & Thursday (7 Points)
    TG Mornin Delight (8 Points)
    Cantillon Lou Pepe Framboise, 750ml (Any Vintage) (12 Points)
    Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus,750ml (12 Points)
    **Also looking to try some good Sours if you have any, we can talk about points

    Let me know! Thanks!
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  2. MMP126

    MMP126 Initiate (92) May 11, 2016 Ohio

    Hey man.

    That shelfie list you are looking at is what I have to trade (My FT). Not my ISO.
  3. MattMorin

    MattMorin Initiate (0) May 2, 2015 Illinois

    Any interest in Black Tuesday, Mocha Wednesday, White Mocha or Chocolate Rain?
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