FT: Rebuttal or List // ISO: Crema, DB Fluffer or List

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    I figure that Rebuttal would be a good anchor for getting the conversation started. If Rebuttal isn't your thing I have included some other options; no other major anchors, but would obviously include several bottles for your 1.


    Schramms The Rebuttal (The Statement aged in bourbon barrels with cacao and vanilla)
    Schramms The Statement (750mL)
    Schramms Christie (750mL)

    Founders CBS 2011
    Angry Chair Imperial German Chocolate Cupcake*
    Prop 18*
    Rare 15
    Westbrook Coconaughty Vanilla

    Witch's Hat Traxxx*
    Vanilla Night Fury*
    Nibs Night Fury*
    Maple Pecan Night Fury*
    Cinnamon-Coconut Night Fury*
    Rye Whiskey Night Fury
    Boysenberry Ghost Pepper Night Fury

    BL Red Rover
    BL Sight and Mind
    BL FOb4

    HF Florence Puncheon

    Treehouse Miles to go before I sleep

    AB Noir*


    DB Fluffernutter
    BA Adjunct Trail
    BA Abraxas
    F/O Mooore Scooop

    BA Affogato
    Modem Tones Vanilla
    However Improbable
    Vanilla Shade
    FO b2 and/or b3
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