FT: The Darkest Heart (b1 set) ISO: Hill Farmstead IP: Burlington, VT

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    I have one bottle each remaining from Four Quarters' "The Darkest Heart" release back on February 14th of 2015. This was a low bottle count release and there are likely only a handful of sets left out there.

    I am looking to swap my pair of bottles for a limited release Hill Farmstead barrel aged beer. I have listed the names of a few beers below that I am seeking out but I am willing to entertain other offers as well. Send me a PM if interested.

    -The Darkest Heart (Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged)
    -The Darkest Heart (Maple Liqueur Barrel Aged)

    -Aaron (batch 1 or batch 2)
    -Beyond Good and Evil (any vintage)
    -Birth of Tragedy (any vintage, any variant)
    -Damon (Bourbon Barrel Aged)
    -Elaborative #5
    -Everett (Barrel Aged)
    -Genealogy of Morals (any vintage, any variant)
    -Madness and Civilization #5

    Looking to get this done in-person near Burlington, VT.
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