FT: Traxxx + Night Furys // ISO: BA Moonbutter, MTV, VR, However Improbable

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    PrestigeWorldwide Defender (634) Sep 22, 2015 Michigan

    Mix and match night furys for the ISO below (ratios included).

    Witch's Hat Traxxx*
    Vanilla Night Fury*
    Nibs Night Fury*
    Maple Pecan Night Fury*
    Cinnamon-Coconut Night Fury*
    Rye Whiskey Night Fury
    Boysenberry Ghost Pepper Night Fury

    Have other items like IGCCS, Prop 18, Reserve 18

    Ratios are your 1 to my night furys, feel free to mix and match. Can sub in other FTs, (each would be worth ~4 night furys)

    BA Moon butter (1:4)
    Vanilla Rye (1:6)
    Backyard Rye (1:5)
    Modem Tones Vanilla (1:4)
    Modem Tones Vanilla, Hazelnut, Maple (1:5)
    However Improbable (1:4)
    BA Affogatto (1:6)
    BA Tiramisu (1:5)
    Vanilla Rye Medianoche (1:5)

    Flexible on those ratios as well.
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