FT: Trillium growlers (DUT7D, Headroom, 2HTT), etc; ISO: HF cans (Everett, etc)

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    FT: various 32 oz Trillium growlers (Dial Up the Seven Digits x 2, Two Hundred Thousand Trillion x 2, and Headroom x 3 remaining). Also some cans to spare of Adult Human and more Headroom, plus various other Trillium and Tree House cans from the past month.

    ISO: Hill Farmstead cans from the past couple weeks, especially Everett (hoping to get at least 3 x 12 oz or 2 x 16 oz of any one beer. You can mix and match smaller amounts if you are unable to provide that many), with other HF cans also welcome.

    ATTENTION - Willing to GIFT you the cost of the growler glass ($5 plus tax) AND shift ratios in your favor.

    [A planned bottle share and party didn't happen. Now you get to reap the rewards!

    I plan on being in the Tree House line mid- to late-afternoon Saturday 8/26. Can also arrange for meetings at Trillium or greater Boston area.

    Will probably also make a trip to Portland, ME on Saturday morning.]
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