Fulton mixed barrel aged 4 pack releasing April 3rd

Discussion in 'US - Midwest' started by dbhammel, Mar 29, 2018.

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  1. dbhammel

    dbhammel (0) Oct 24, 2016 Minnesota

    I haven't been a particularly huge fan of Fulton's BA beers, but this is a really cool idea and definitely something that would increase the chances I buy some of these beers. Will be interesting to see if it is priced similar to 4 packs of Rum King, in which case it's a solid value relative to large format offerings.


  2. shadetree67

    shadetree67 (0) Sep 11, 2013 Minnesota

    This is a great idea. Hopefully it is easy to get
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  3. AdmiralOzone

    AdmiralOzone (0) Jun 26, 2014 Minnesota
    Society Trader

    Great news $14.99.
  4. AdmiralOzone

    AdmiralOzone (0) Jun 26, 2014 Minnesota
    Society Trader

    Not so great news: most places getting only a few cases.
  5. TheMiddleTeton

    TheMiddleTeton (0) Aug 10, 2017 Illinois

    If anybody knows any places in Minneapolis that for sure have this, please let me know! I'm coming up from Chicago tomorrow and this is makin me drool
  6. SteinEmAll

    SteinEmAll (90) May 14, 2013 Minnesota

    I just ordered a 4-pack online from Total Wine in Minnetonka for in-store pickup. Website says they will hold it up to 7 days for pickup. Cost was $14.99 plus tax.
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  7. bsp77

    bsp77 (475) Apr 27, 2008 Minnesota

    No idea I could do that! But just did for the Bloomington location. I kinda love you right now.
  8. Dave2234

    Dave2234 (0) Aug 20, 2013 Minnesota

    TW Minnetonka was out as of yesterday evening.
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  9. maximum12

    maximum12 (745) Jan 21, 2008 Minnesota
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    Anybody try them yet? There appears to be only one short review at this point.
  10. MNPikey

    MNPikey (0) Feb 27, 2011 Minnesota

    Yes and unfortunately every one was just a hot mess
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  11. bsp77

    bsp77 (475) Apr 27, 2008 Minnesota

    I got two 4-packs. I have had one of each, but didn't rate them yet. My current thoughts are that the Libertine (which has been released previously) and the Worthy Adversary (Port/Madeira) are the strongest. The Cognac wasn't as interesting other than the dryness, and the Porter just didn't do much for me. But I'll pay more attention when I have a second of each.
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  12. Bunuelian

    Bunuelian (0) Mar 22, 2013 Minnesota

    I just finished up my last can yesterday and have to say that it was a mixed bag. I agree with previous BA on how I'd rank them. I thought the Port/Madeira was really very good - strong malt profile (less thin than the other offerings), great integration of the barrel and very complex nose. The Libertine was my next favorite. I liked it a bit better than the last iteration from bottles. This one reminded a bit of a junior barleywine. A bit thin but with enough great flavor to have me consider it a crushable 9%er. The cognac was just slightly above average. Seemed like the same profile as the Port/Madeira but the barrel didn't come through as well and the higher abv spirit seemed to thin it out even more (speculation). Not much flavor and, honestly, relatively the same as the standard Worthy Adversary with maybe a touch of dryness from the cognac. Still not a bad beer. The clunker was the porter. This one had no barrel at all, thin as all get-out and little to no flavor for a (Baltic?) porter. I'm not sure how long they left it in the barrels but I wouldn't recommend barreling a sub-6.5% brew at all as there seems to be little benefit and a lot that could go wrong.
    Anyway, I'd still consider this release a success in the sense that it was a relatively cheap barrel aged release that offered up a nice variety. I, too, bought two four packs but I'll probably give the others away as extras. If they release the Port/Madeira again on its own, I'd probably consider a purchase but will pass on buying another 4 pack for myself - too many other beers to try out there. It's fun to try new stuff and to get four different beers in one package for the price most places would charge for one bomber is great. I hope more breweries do stuff like this in the future. Kudos, Fulton!
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  13. maximum12

    maximum12 (745) Jan 21, 2008 Minnesota
    Society Trader

    Thanks for a well thought-out answer, sir! Probably start getting into these later in the week.
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  14. SipIt

    SipIt (0) Jul 18, 2013 Minnesota

    Are these 4pks at random as to what you get in them? I got two BA Libertine's and only one Worthy Adversary (not sure which version I even got).
  15. MNBeerGeek

    MNBeerGeek (0) Jun 25, 2013 Minnesota

    No. That sounds like an error on their part. I’d send them a message to let them know.
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  16. boc_maxima

    boc_maxima (0) Nov 25, 2017 Minnesota

    As of earlier this afternoon, Chicago Lake as three 4-packs left, no limit.
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