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    Hello all,

    I have got some great advice from this forum and thanks to it and other research, I managed to make a pretty damn fine IPA which just finished bottle conditioning. As it hits its prime, I am hoping more flavors will come forward, and by this I mean that I might not have researched my hop pairing very well. I wanted to try out a New Zealand hop and had Motueka available, and I was excited to see Idaho 7 for the first time at my online brew supply store. The result is a beer that has a nice, subtle bitterness, and lots of peach and the 'black tea' flavor from Idaho 7. I have yet to get the lime from the Motueka and, despite being scarily drinkable, this beer might be lacking a little citrus for me.

    This brings me to my real question: this online supply shop just got Galaxy hops in for the first time. I have heard and read a lot of raving about this hop and what it works well with. Really, though, I want to know if anybody has made a killer beer with Galaxy and one or two other hops.

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    Last month I brewed a Galaxy/Mosaic IPA. This is my first time combining these two hops and I am very pleased with the aroma/flavor combo from these two hops. IMO they definitely complement one another. I am uncertain whether I would use the descriptor of "killer" here but I suspect my wife would. She drank three bottles of these IPAs last evening and this is not an unusual occurrence; this batch of beer will be gone by the end of this week at this rate of consumption.

    Best of luck with your Galaxy combo beer.

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  3. butterygold

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    I was hoping to hear a vote for Mosaic. I love this hop, can get it and read that it pairs well with Galaxy.

    Can I ask what order you added them?

  4. PortLargo

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    I made a Pale with Galaxy and Mosaic that was killer+ . . . took gold. Currently drinking a White IPA with G and Amarillo which is a good 'un. Just be aware, a little of the Big G goes a long ways. Are you getting the 2020 crop?
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    No. It says it's 2019. Congrats on the gold!
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    Galaxy is amazing, buy it! Probably my favorite hop for ipas or anything hoppy. I call it a cheater hop because you can’t brew a bad beer with it.
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    Citra/Galaxy and Mosaic/galaxy are probably my favorite combos
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    Galaxy with just about anything is great, as long as it’s good Galaxy. It’s an incredibly potent hop, prolly the most potent. It’s crazy high in oil content, often really high Alpha, but also very high in polyphenols. Polyphenols will make the beer very hazy but also when too many are in suspension it can also make you beer rather harsh and astringent, especially when young.

    Heavily hopped Galaxy beers will take much longer to condition before they smooth out. Another option is to blend in other hops to reduce the Galaxy harshness.

    As other have stated there are tons of options. 20-30% of something like Simcoe and/or Amarillo will tame the Galaxy and offer a little complexity but will pretty much still be trampled by Galaxy. Citra or Mosaic plus Galaxy at like 50/50 is also awesome and will result in a less Galaxy dominant beer but not by much.

    Galaxy/Nelson is my favorite combo but also the most expensive hop combo you could probably create.

    The less high protein malts you add the quicker the beer will condition. If your goal is to to create a hazy beer all you need is the Galaxy to create haze and mouthfeel, the polyphenols do that on their own.

    I find dry hoping colder also speeds up the conditioning time on Galaxy beers. 55-58*
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  9. butterygold

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    Strange... BeerAdvocate logged me out and changed my password.

    Thanks for all the replies. I think I will go with Galaxy + Mosaic. My local brew shop is closed from now until the end of August (Spain!), so it will be after I get a pumpkin beer going in September. Also, Murphy's law - the last time I looked they still had Galaxy but were fresh out of Mosaic.
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    Cool. I will probably do 50/50 Galaxy and Mosaic. It's crazy to think that Galaxy is so dominant when combined with other hops. I made a NEIPA with Mosaic/Citra/Simcoe which didn't really turn out, but even so, the Mosaic was clearly dominant on the nose and on the palate.