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    Appreciate this information! When in Munich this past June, we just did the daily tickets for 13 euro or so for both of us, to train/bus/etc... around town. But I know this time, since we are just focusing in Munich for the 10 days or so (versus having a car and driving all around the country like last time) I want to smarten up on the transportation a bit more.

    The Bayern ticket looks perfect for what we need. Mainly, this time, we may travel to/from Nuremberg/Bamberg, Salzburg, Aying and other cities within the network. We also want to head to Garmisch-Partenkirchen to take the cable cars into the Alps, which appears to be on that ticket as well.

    It looks like we just buy this ticket on the day of travel at any of the 'DB' kiosks in the train stations, so easy enough.

    Thinking we will do the daily tickets for 13 euro or whatever for most days, but pick up the Bayern ticket for the days we plan to head out of the center.

    What is the benefit of the VGN? Website is a little tricky to understand... What is it's purpose beyond what the Bayern Ticket, for example, would offer me? Transportation around those respective cities vs. just the main train station via the Bayern Ticket?

    We also plan to pick up a car for a few days in Munich, as we thinking we may drive into Italy for 2-3 days for some things we'd like to do. But aside from that, all other days will be in Bavaria for the most part this time.

    Oh, and Kelheim looks awesome from what I saw in my little research from what you had noted. Might have to make that stop, for sure! Thanks for the heads up.
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    The VGN tickets would be useful if you were staying in the VGN area (N├╝rnberg, Bamberg, Forchheim, etc) Not so useful if doing a day trip from Munich
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    Great shots, what kind of camera are you using?
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    This trip was just my phone, S9. I didn't want to lug my "real" camera gear with me on this trip since it was our first trip to Europe with all the walking and such. Didn't want to carry the weight around!
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    Amazing resolution.
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    Outstanding pics, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your Bayern album.
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    Thanks @jeebeel! I am happy to finally get around to getting them uploaded. Had around 4,000 photos I believe, so just narrowing down is a chore in itself, haha.

    Not my Munich/Bamberg album, but I have uploaded the small set from Dusseldorf last night. We were only here for a few hours, but it was a good time!
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    If you return in May, hit a couple of the numerous Bavarian spring fests / folk festivals / beer festivals. Almost all of them have a beer tent(s), and rides and food, etc.

    Here is one website that has some listed (2019 edition)

    And here is a site listing many different types of fests.....

    Many German cities have a website which will include the city's festivals dates.

    For example, poking around the Regensburg city website ( ) will eventually reveal the dates of the 2020 Mai Dult Volksfest, which is May 15-June 1, 2020.

    I like the Regensburg Mai Dult fest. If you go to Regensburg, visit the Spital beer garden located at the brewery. Very nice, and Spital's beers have improved from the recent past.

    I also enjoy visiting the Kneitinger Keller beer garden. It's NOT at the brewery. Its about a ten minute walk south of the train station.
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