Getting Tired of Bourbon Barrel Stouts?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by starrdogg, Dec 22, 2014.

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  1. starrdogg

    starrdogg Initiate (0) Jun 21, 2010 District of Columbia

    So I'm sure this is going to spark a lot of backlash, but I've noticed in the last several months that bourbon barrel stouts just don't do it for me like they used to, particularly those that are just normal stouts put into barrels without other ingredients involved (such as coffee, spices, vanilla, etc.). I've recently had a number of fairly highly-regarded stouts like BA Narwhal and 3 Brothers Resolute that frankly just bored me. Even regular BCBS doesn't do it for me like it used to (the Coffee is another story though . . .)

    Anyway, I'm far from a BA stout hater generally, and I credit Bourbon County as one of the primary gateway beers for sending me down the craft beer rabbit hole ~5 years ago. But I dunno, this style has just gotten so omnipresent that a beer really needs to stand out within the style for me to find it interesting anymore. Anyone else feel the same?
  2. Hop-Droppen-Roll

    Hop-Droppen-Roll Initiate (0) Nov 5, 2013 Minnesota

    To my knowledge, the only time a barrel aged beer has been available in my rural market was a few weeks ago, when we got BCBS (none of the variants) for the first time ever.
  3. Stevedore

    Stevedore Grand Pooh-Bah (5,010) Nov 16, 2012 Oregon
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    Its okay to give your palate a break. BA stouts are pretty much over-the-top in flavour and there's only so much a palate can take. Switch it up, drink something else for a while, come back to it in a few months.
  4. SweetChicken

    SweetChicken Initiate (0) Nov 5, 2011 Massachusetts

    Yes, yes I do feel ya. I took a 180 and went straight to sours.....
  5. starrdogg

    starrdogg Initiate (0) Jun 21, 2010 District of Columbia

    Yeah, I do wonder if it's just palate fatigue and that I've had a lot of these such beers lately. Probably a good move to change up styles for a little bit.
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  6. Ish1

    Ish1 Initiate (0) Feb 25, 2010 Minnesota

    I never tire of a well made BA Stout.
  7. TNeedles

    TNeedles Initiate (0) May 11, 2013 California

    Same here OP..getting kind of burned out on BA stouts. Even if they are the really good ones. The good part is you can just cellar them properly, and come back to them when you're ready!
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  8. MisSigsFan

    MisSigsFan Initiate (0) Mar 2, 2013 California

    I like BAs sometimes, but they can be way to sweet and over-the-top like Stevedore said. I also feel like many people think just because a stout is barrel aged it's automatically good.
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  9. Roguer

    Roguer Grand High Pooh-Bah (7,245) Mar 25, 2013 Connecticut
    Super Mod Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    No backlash...but definitely a big nope from me. I am not getting tired of them. There are definitely some mediocre versions getting pumped out, but I blame the breweries, not the style as a whole.
  10. Hop-Droppen-Roll

    Hop-Droppen-Roll Initiate (0) Nov 5, 2013 Minnesota

    You may all send your spares to me :stuck_out_tongue:

    Is everyone as tired as that old cliche comment as you are of Barrel Aged stouts?
  11. yemenmocha

    yemenmocha Grand Pooh-Bah (4,030) Jun 18, 2002 Arizona


    Tired of them.

    Only want a few per year.
  12. Ranbot

    Ranbot Pooh-Bah (2,327) Nov 27, 2006 Pennsylvania

    Barrel aged stouts certainly get a lot of attention, but I think their popularity peak has already passed. I think the peak of BA stouts was when Black Tuesday was released and the hype train has been moving to sours. There are so many brewers doing barrel-aged beers these days that it's not nearly as unique as it once was. I also think the recent surge in low-ABV/session beers my have pulled attention away from the big BA stouts, but maybe that's just me.
  13. keithmurray

    keithmurray Pooh-Bah (2,721) Oct 7, 2009 Connecticut

    *Marshawn Lynch's Voice*


    I'm finding that I don't enjoy them all that much. Only on a 'now and again' kind of basis.
  14. BostonPhilly

    BostonPhilly Initiate (0) Apr 11, 2012 Massachusetts

    Your ultimate answer would be Tart of Darkness... But all jokes aside,Go back to drinking Budweiser for a bit and come back to them after you've aged a few. I have found this is a good way to calibrate your palate and start fresh.
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  15. Zonk

    Zonk Initiate (0) Dec 2, 2014 New Jersey

    I kind of equate it to a big rich dessert. Can only take so much of the over the top flavors.
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  16. BeerMeBro720

    BeerMeBro720 Initiate (0) May 2, 2013 Ohio

    Agreed! Last weekend at the Kuhnhenn Winter Solstice, I much preferred the regular 4D to the BB4D. To each his own I guess :slight_smile:
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  17. ThickNStout

    ThickNStout Pooh-Bah (2,142) Mar 8, 2011 Georgia

    I had a similar revelation last week. I was drinking a bourbon barrel aged stout and thinking that it was great but not as great as the cabernet barreled version of the same stout. I figure that part of the reason has to be that the market is much more saturated with bourbon barreled beers than with other barrels. I still love bourbon barrel aged imperial stouts but at this point I've had so many that it is becoming increasingly difficult to wow me in the style.
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  18. derftron

    derftron Pooh-Bah (1,577) Feb 8, 2012 Oregon

    I definitely feel ya. I dont have the same lust for the style that I used to. that said, I still love barrel aged beers. BA Barleywine is my current favorite. Love barrel aged Old Ales as well
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  19. tylerstravis

    tylerstravis Initiate (0) Feb 14, 2014 Colorado

    I'm tired of mediocre non-adjunct BA stouts for sure. I tend to keep trying them, but I really should just be sticking to the tried and true ones.
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  20. klawburke

    klawburke Initiate (0) Mar 30, 2013 Massachusetts

    It's hard to get tired of a style of beer when there are so many different styles of beer to choose from
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  21. MaltLickyWithTheCandy

    MaltLickyWithTheCandy Initiate (0) Apr 22, 2013 Maryland

    I like to drink them on special occasion. Otherwise, I would probably get fat as hell, if i drank them often.
  22. SadMachine

    SadMachine Pooh-Bah (2,714) Mar 14, 2011 New Jersey
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    No. /endthread
  23. mmulebarn

    mmulebarn Initiate (0) Sep 1, 2013 Minnesota

    I try to stick to the BA stouts in the colder months and sours in the warmer months. It keeps me from from stout burn-out.
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  24. TylerKitchens

    TylerKitchens Initiate (0) Apr 9, 2014 Massachusetts

  25. Danny1217

    Danny1217 Initiate (0) Jul 15, 2011 Florida

    I still love BA stouts and especially well made ones without added ingredients, such as BCBS and Rare DOS (not to say I don't love some coffee and vanilla on occasion.)
  26. SeanBond

    SeanBond Pooh-Bah (2,578) Jul 30, 2013 Illinois
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    Yup, this is where I'm at, as well. Do I want to drink a BA stout every night? No. But I find that when it starts to get cold, I do genuinely crave stouts/BA stouts about 95% of the time (and during the summer I crave almost exclusively IPAs/DIPAs).

    As others have mentioned, a well-made BA stout is good enough that I don't really get tired of them. I've actually been on a tear lately, ever since BCBS dropped (for obvious reasons). While I don't want one every day, my mouth has been spoiled by drinking some of the best of the best.
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  27. BennyBeer04

    BennyBeer04 Initiate (0) Aug 27, 2009 Massachusetts

  28. pjvie

    pjvie Initiate (0) May 30, 2014 Oregon

    I just usually steer clear of a lot of the "low end" BBAs. The right ones, in my mind, aren't dominated by the bourbon. Even ones that are relatively well liked, like dragon's milk, don't do it for me anymore.
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  29. DrinkNoH2O

    DrinkNoH2O Initiate (0) Oct 17, 2009 California

    I used to spend a lot of time chasing Bourbon barrel aged beers until I finally had an epiphany.

    What's the best tasting alcoholic beverage to come out of a Bourbon barrel?

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  30. larryarms847

    larryarms847 Initiate (0) Dec 12, 2010 Illinois

    No. Two of my favorite things combined, beer and bourbon. What's not to love? I still drink both non-BBA brews and bourbon on its own, but BBA stouts, they hold a special place in my heart. Now am I sick of the lunacy that accompanies the limited releases? Yes.
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  31. floridadrift

    floridadrift Initiate (0) Oct 24, 2014 Florida

  32. ConradKenney

    ConradKenney Initiate (0) Nov 14, 2013 Maryland

    Agree with this 100%. Don't think I could drink one every night. That's why I stick with a select few different BA stouts, and maybe drink one every other week or so.
  33. spacecake9

    spacecake9 Pooh-Bah (2,116) Apr 26, 2014 Illinois

    I thought I was being over-run with them, then I reorganized my cellar and set some aside for next year and beyond. Now I have a good mix of styles to enjoy for the next 30-60 days.
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  34. rozzom

    rozzom Pooh-Bah (2,534) Jan 22, 2011 New York
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    For me a stout has to have at least 4 out of 5 of the following characteristics to get anywhere near my palate:

    1. 13%+ ABV
    2. Aged in a rare spirit/wine barrel
    3. Additional flavoring ingredients (chocolate from Mexico, vanilla from Madagascar, coffee from any mammal's digestive tract)
    4. A low bottle count
    5. A trade history that shows at least five confirmed instances of trading for 10x or more it's purchase cost

    It's the age we live in.
  35. breadwinner

    breadwinner Initiate (0) Mar 6, 2014 California

    Huge/intense beers like BA stouts are great but they're not every-day drinkers. Hell, for me they're maybe once-a-month drinkers. Any more than that and palate fatigue sets in. This is true, by the way, for other intense beers, like sours.

    Lately I've been pretty content to rock basic pale ales, lower ABV IPAs, single stouts or porters, weizens, pils/lagers/etc. Nice, easy daily drinkers.
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  36. cultclassic89

    cultclassic89 Initiate (0) Oct 19, 2013 Texas

    Not at all. They're not all done well, but the ones that are beat out any other style of beer for me.
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  37. SeanBond

    SeanBond Pooh-Bah (2,578) Jul 30, 2013 Illinois
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    Yeah I will say, if you were to ask me if I'd pay $50 for a DIPA (probably my favorite style of beer), I'd instantly tell you no. If you asked me that about a BA Stout, I'd say, "which one?" The well done ones (hell, even a few of the non-BA ones) are like works of art (not to say other beers aren't, but these ones just feel like art in a bottle).
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  38. ernieb

    ernieb Initiate (0) Jun 27, 2013 Illinois

    I actually laughed when I saw this topic. I see that a few others are also burnt out on them, but no, I am not tired of barrel aged stouts. Planning on having some Black Tuesday Christmas Eve.
  39. Broanoke

    Broanoke Initiate (0) Feb 23, 2013 Virginia

    This so much.
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  40. RobinLee

    RobinLee Maven (1,387) Feb 15, 2012 Wisconsin

    I can't afford enough BA beer to get burnt out on them.

    Just buy a nice pils, change it up. Variety is the spice of life.
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