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Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by JamesBell, Nov 29, 2013.

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  1. JamesBell

    JamesBell Initiate (0) Jan 22, 2013 Georgia

    So, I am traveling home for the holiday next month and would love to pick up a few bottles I can't get here in Georgia. Anyone know of any good bottle shops in the southern half of the state? My folks are in Brownstown (Jackson County) so that is where I will be staying. I really don't want to drive up to Indy if I don't have to..

    Thanks in advance. Oh, and I wi
  2. Hoppy2Bhere

    Hoppy2Bhere Aspirant (292) Jun 22, 2006 Indiana

    If you go a few miles north on I-65 to the Columbus exit, the Cork has a pretty decent selection. All the local Indy brews, such as Triton, Flat 12, Sun King, Oaken Barrel, Three Floyds, Bells, Founders, etc. I have also stumbled onto some harder to find treasures as well. You can hit Powerhouse Brewing in the old Columbus Bar for a pint at the same time. Have a great trip!
  3. shirtless_mike

    shirtless_mike Maven (1,314) Aug 4, 2010 Indiana

    not sure where Bloomington is conjunction to there but there's a good stop down there called Sahara Mart. they cover the local bases and have one of the better out of state selections in Indiana. if all else fails, you could always drive up to Kahn's on Keystone in Indy. they've got the best selection and best conversation in town
  4. robboyd

    robboyd Initiate (0) Aug 7, 2011 Indiana

    You're close enough to Bloomington or Columbus or Greenwood. Good shops in all those places but Columbus is the closest. If it were me, I'd drive the extra 15-20 minutes to Bloomington and hit both Sahara Marts as well as the College Mall Big Red and Downtown Big Red. You'll find the most selection possible for 4 stores relatively close to one another (no more than 5 minutes from one store to the next). If you're into international beers, you can't beat Sahara Mart on 3rd, near college mall. If you're into some good dust collecting gems, sahara mart on 2nd and walnut is the better option. As for the big reds, you're more likely to find a rare bottle on the shelf of the college mall location but the selection overall is better downtown. All have good domestic craft selection.

    The Payless on 135 in Greenwood is a pretty awesome store as well. About an extra 15 minute drive than heading to Bloomington but is my favorite of all the shops mentioned thus far in this thread. The collection of all the shops in Bloomington would trump it though. Partipak in Greenwood, on Stop 11 Rd also has a massive selection. That's all I got.
  5. JamesBell

    JamesBell Initiate (0) Jan 22, 2013 Georgia

    Wow! I can see right now I'll never make them all. I'll probably catch Keg Liquors coming through Clarksville either coming or going and then I will just have to see from there. Anyone need any Georgia brews you can't get up there? Haha. Thanks again for all the suggestions.
  6. fredmugs

    fredmugs Initiate (0) Aug 11, 2012 Indiana

    I was going to say Keg Liquors. Assuming you are coming up I-75 I would hit up Liquor Barn in Lexington (there's others) and make a visit to Against The Grain in the Louisville Slugger field complex.
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