Goose Island Confirms 2014 Bourbon County Lineup

Discussion in 'Beer News & Releases' started by Metllica97, Aug 2, 2014.

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  1. fire34fighter

    fire34fighter Initiate (0) Dec 31, 2013 Virginia

    I'd love to. Unfortunately with being a firemen I get the great honor to work Thanksgiving, so I can't get there any earlier.
  2. Jonnyhiggs

    Jonnyhiggs Initiate (0) Dec 7, 2012 Illinois

    Pffft. What's more important: Beer or some fire that MIGHT happen?!:grinning:
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  3. FATC1TY

    FATC1TY Champion (863) Feb 12, 2012 Georgia

    Interesting that the Vanilla Rye is 13%... Would be interested to see if it makes it into GA this year. BCBBW did, in limited amounts, and seemed like plenty of draft.

    BCBS was a no go due to the ABV.

    I'm wondering if AB Inbev has thought about knocking the ABV down ( it seems lower than it used to be ) to try and get it into different markets ABV laws. Such as the two different labels on ABV last year.
  4. Metllica97

    Metllica97 Initiate (146) Apr 27, 2014 Illinois

    I've heard that quite a few of the stores that did that last year were reported to GI and won't be getting an allocation this year...
  5. Ckoz

    Ckoz Aspirant (275) Feb 15, 2014 Michigan

    I wonder what incentive anyone would have to report a store...can't be a customer, right? I would report if someone was charging up the rear on $ but that's maybe it. Maybe another store would? Not sure why it would matter either way. It will sell out regardless of what day anyone sells it on. Interesting.
  6. Jonnyhiggs

    Jonnyhiggs Initiate (0) Dec 7, 2012 Illinois

    Yeah GI has no control once this stuff hits the distributor. It's not like a a big jolly black guy is going to come in a store and haul that stuff away. [High Life commercial]
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  7. Metllica97

    Metllica97 Initiate (146) Apr 27, 2014 Illinois

    I just talked to an owner the other day who refuses to sell in advance of Black Friday due to threats from GI. He also said that GI determines his allocation each year. Again, I can only go off of the information I get from those in the know, and I can't imagine that the distributor would ignore instructions from GI. Revoke beer already delivered? Not likely. Ignore instructions from GI not to sell BC to an offender the following year...?
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  8. Metllica97

    Metllica97 Initiate (146) Apr 27, 2014 Illinois

    I imagine it would be from those who don't end up with any on Black Friday because it sold out in the days leading up to the official release.
  9. Dupage25

    Dupage25 Aspirant (226) Jul 4, 2013 Antarctica

    Check the bottling dates. The two different listed ABV contents correspond to two different batches.

    The stated ABV on the original Vanilla was 13%, though it may have been higher or lower in actuality. The same was true of pretty much every Bourbon County from 2008 (probably earlier) through 2011 with the exception of Bramble and Cherry. So if anything they've knocked the ABV up in the last few years, but most seem to think it's just more accurate measuring tools; there's no way in hell the 2008 was "only" 13% when it came out.
  10. DawgPhan

    DawgPhan Initiate (0) Mar 23, 2012 Georgia

    Would love to see any of the variants in GA. word on the street is that they are doing a lower ABV version for the Ohio, so maybe some of that Ohio, which I believe is 12%, would also make its way to GA.
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  11. newjack

    newjack Initiate (0) Aug 22, 2014 Illinois

    Funny you guys heard about the back lash from GI on bottle shops selling early. Im in Shorewood and was chatting with the owner of my fav shop and in walks a guy that goes straight to the counter and asked " hey man I heard you were selling BCBS early, can I get some?" Owner says that's not true and we were told to not release for a few more days, sorry I can't help you. Guy reaches in for a hand shake and says "Thank you for following our instructions" pulls out a card that reads something along the lines of GOOSE ISLAND HIGH END BRAND MANAGER. Then told the owner he will make sure GI takes care of him in the future.
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  12. charlzm

    charlzm Poo-Bah (2,459) Sep 3, 2007 California

    No kidding! With the InBev money behind them, Goose Island could make every Bourbon County variant a year-round shelf beer with no drop-off in quality. Seriously.
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  13. NorfairLegend

    NorfairLegend Initiate (0) Aug 5, 2014 Illinois

    Good thing I just moved across the street from Wrigly Field last year putting me one block from Goose Island, lol.

    I pick up BCBS every year but have never tried to hunt for Prop or any of the others...this year will be my year though *maniacal laugh*
  14. shnsajax

    shnsajax Disciple (320) Jul 2, 2013 Idaho

    Very jealous, I would get into lots of trouble at that location.
  15. Guzzle_McBrew

    Guzzle_McBrew Initiate (0) Feb 17, 2014 Connecticut

    Wait, so the Vanilla Rye is a 'Brett Porter' instead of a stout this time?

    [not srs]
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  16. Mag00n

    Mag00n Initiate (0) Nov 21, 2008 New York

    Just because InBev has a nearly unlimited supply of money does not mean they are just going to give GI an unlimited budget. They still need to turn a profit on GI for it to be worth their time. If bcbs and all its variants where year round and mass produced it would sit on shelves. Its not Bud were one guy is getting 12pk - 36pk a week. We are a strong and growing group but were still the minority,especially in small markets. Doesnt make fiscal sense IMO.
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  17. AaronRodgersMVP12

    AaronRodgersMVP12 Initiate (0) Jan 20, 2013 Wisconsin

    pics or it didn't happen
  18. bcp5296d

    bcp5296d Devotee (441) Aug 7, 2012 North Carolina

    Coffee made it, but a VERY small amount of Backyard from what I hear.
    I think this year NC will get BCBS, BCBW, BCBCS, and a reaallly small amount of vanilla if any.
  19. London_Gent

    London_Gent Initiate (0) Mar 7, 2014 United Kingdom (England)

    Potentially stupid question so forgive me in advance if necessary. Is the original / standard / 'basic' BCBS hard to get in the US? The reason I ask is because it is relatively easy to get in the UK, expensive at £8 per bottle but worth every penny. I have never, and it seems will never, see a variant.
  20. nc41

    nc41 Poo-Bah (2,407) Sep 25, 2008 North Carolina
    Society Trader

    I saw a post last week NH I think where it's still on the shelf, probably price I'd guess, prices by state vary wildly.
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  21. newjack

    newjack Initiate (0) Aug 22, 2014 Illinois

    So you are saying since I did not take a picture of the mans business card and keep it on my phone for nearly a year I am a liar......? Good thought process
    Your right.... I just made the whole story up to sound cool.
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  22. BeersAndBears

    BeersAndBears Devotee (489) Dec 30, 2012 Georgia

    Dude... look at his screen name. Just sayin'
  23. newjack

    newjack Initiate (0) Aug 22, 2014 Illinois

    Typical Packers fan.....
    But Adrian "SWITCH" Peterson won the MVP in 12.
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  24. AaronRodgersMVP12

    AaronRodgersMVP12 Initiate (0) Jan 20, 2013 Wisconsin

    no, you need pics! a pic of him walking into the store, a pic of him asking for bcbs, a pic of him telling the store owner that he is from GI, a pic of the store owner's surprised face, a pic of the handshake, and then a pic of his card.
    its third grade stuff, spongebob
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  25. UlfAndreas

    UlfAndreas Initiate (0) Sep 15, 2014 District of Columbia

  26. AaronRodgersMVP12

    AaronRodgersMVP12 Initiate (0) Jan 20, 2013 Wisconsin

    can u guess what Aarons number is? too bad u guys haven't won a meaningful game against us in a decade plus. Go dream about 85 and tell me when u have a QB who is elite, ho
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  27. charlzm

    charlzm Poo-Bah (2,459) Sep 3, 2007 California

    Good thing is that the beer can sit for years and not go bad.

    Anyway, I'm not suggesting they flood every supermarket in the USA with 12 packs of BCBS, just saying they could make it readily available to anyone who wanted to buy it year-round at a price point that would make sense for InBev.
  28. westlaunboy

    westlaunboy Aspirant (206) Mar 31, 2010 Washington

    Yes, much harder to get in the US. I was in London back in June and saw it on shelves in multiple stores (including some 2012!), whereas around me (SE Michigan, basically one state over from GI) everything - even the regular - sold out in a few hours with 1-2 bottle limits. I never saw any variants either, though I know some made it to Metro Detroit at least.
  29. Mag00n

    Mag00n Initiate (0) Nov 21, 2008 New York

    If its sits around it doesnt matter how long its good for, stores will stop ordering more :slight_smile:. Even though I quoted you I was addressing everyone who thinks they should just go out and fill huge warehouses with barrels and have bcbs in every gas station across america.
  30. fire34fighter

    fire34fighter Initiate (0) Dec 31, 2013 Virginia

    Well good news! I'll be in Wednesday afternoon. Any recommendations on places to hit up?
  31. jodyray25

    jodyray25 Initiate (0) Jun 7, 2010 Kentucky

    Really want to snag these, I am completely clueless on where to go and how much $ i will need. I have some research to do
  32. primrose54

    primrose54 Aspirant (238) Apr 7, 2009 Ohio

    So, I was planning on driving up for the release this year (I live in Ohio with stupid beer laws). I was wondering if I do drive up what are the limits on the different Bourbon County beers and where do they sell the Proprietors? I just want to know if it was worth the drive and getting being in the dog house for the next week. Thanks.
  33. Schwin32

    Schwin32 Initiate (0) Aug 23, 2014 Illinois

    Can't wait!!! Still have the prop from last year!
  34. London_Gent

    London_Gent Initiate (0) Mar 7, 2014 United Kingdom (England)

    I guess I should be happy about this. Hope they keep sending it. Should I keep an eye out for older bottles? I could post some back to the US.........
  35. krazyboy13

    krazyboy13 Initiate (0) Apr 3, 2014 New York

    Anyone in the philly area know of places that have reserve lists already?
  36. CraftFan5

    CraftFan5 Champion (890) May 14, 2013 New Jersey

    It varies from place to place, definitely. Here in NY I can still get 4-packs of regular BCBS and probably a few bottles of BCBBW. As recently as 2 months ago I bought some BCBCS. If anyone wants, let me know. Might be able to get growlers too.
  37. CanadaBeerguy

    CanadaBeerguy Initiate (54) Dec 5, 2013 Ontario (Canada)

    Coming out of southern ontario, any pointers where I could grab at least a four pack? IS Michigan better than Buffalo. Any help guys!
  38. BEERschlitz

    BEERschlitz Zealot (539) Oct 13, 2013 Michigan

    MI sucks for the most part for Bourbon county, at least the west side does. Single bottle limits for $8+ a pop and you gotta lick a store owners b hole to get a shot at buying a variant. I just say eff it and go to Chicago.
  39. tbaker397

    tbaker397 Initiate (0) Nov 9, 2013 West Virginia

    In the same boat as ohio as far as the abv crap goes. Supposedly (this coming from our budweiser distributor) we are on the list for bcbs this week (original only) but if it above 12%, were sol. Hopefully not tho
  40. evilcatfish

    evilcatfish Defender (622) May 11, 2012 Missouri

    If you get any BCBS this week it will most likely be 2013 batch
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