Goose Island pushed back on union drive, then laid off organizers

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    I'm 100% with you. I don't remember having my last Budweiser let alone a Goose which can often be one of the only "better" options at MBC dominated bars. Like you don't even need to try BCBS, there are so many breweries doing BBA Stouts. With the amount of variety on shelves right now, "voting with your dollars" isn't hard to do.
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    Yes, unions can be good and bad. I worked for a company for 20 years that was nonunion, I've worked for one 12 years that is. In this case it would be good. Budweiser is union and Goose Island isn't . I read the book by Josh Noel about Goose Island selling out. The owner made millions on that deal. Did he do anything for the workers? No! When workers start getting treated like s**t and complain, and the owners blow it off, unionization will occur. In this case Goose Island, or AB INBev, just care more about profits. Unions and Management can work together to form a better safe working environment and profitable company. How much profit isn't enough for AB InBev?