Goose Island reveals 2015 Bourbon County lineup

Discussion in 'Beer Releases' started by RobotScott, Jul 30, 2015.

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  1. Goatboye

    Goatboye Zealot (516) Jan 13, 2015 Illinois

    I think Chicagoans know it's coming and will rape the world for these beer when they come out.[/QUOTE]

    No more than the TG mafia . :astonished:
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  2. striker2160

    striker2160 Savant (1,160) May 5, 2013 Minnesota

    The 14 Barley wine just wasn't very good.
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  3. forrestbetts

    forrestbetts Initiate (0) Nov 29, 2007 Illinois

    I passed at $43/bomber on the original release sitting on a shelf 10 minutes from my office. I certainly won't be in at this price. I'm expecting an amazing beer, but this is beyond me. Thank goodness I've got a few cases of older original and variants in my cellar at "reasonable" price points.
  4. gillagorilla

    gillagorilla Initiate (0) Feb 27, 2013 Maryland

    Same here (outside the rumor from my friend that went to Great Taste of the Midwest). I think we're supposed to get everything but Rare and Prop, but I doubt we'll see the Regal.

    So, not Baltimore, MD.
  5. brewgiehowser

    brewgiehowser Initiate (0) Jun 18, 2014 California

    I don't know about you all, but I'm excited for the new bottle redesign

  6. tokimedo

    tokimedo Initiate (0) Feb 28, 2015 California

    i was going to take your guys advice and not fly out, but I think ill play my luck at rare day and if it works ill fly out for that and roll back to cali for black friday.
  7. papat444

    papat444 Initiate (0) Dec 28, 2006 Canada (QC)

    Sounds like you need a travel buddy lol
  8. jlsims04

    jlsims04 Initiate (0) Jul 14, 2013 Illinois

    That could be one IDK. Thats why there is an ect lol.
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  9. The_Beer_Shark

    The_Beer_Shark Initiate (0) Oct 14, 2014 Illinois

    If you read the rare day release page they will be pouring the full 2015 lineup at the barrel house the day you get your rare bottles. You get tickets but you have the option to buy more.
  10. evilcatfish

    evilcatfish Initiate (0) May 11, 2012 Missouri

    Personally, I kind of hope Rare doesn't make it to St. Louis for a couple reasons:

    1. It will help cut down on the local clusterfuck/butthurt (ok maybe not by much)
    2. It will save me from spending $60 on a single non large format beer
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  11. Sosopogi

    Sosopogi Initiate (0) Sep 2, 2013 Florida

    Dont do it man. Chicago is a mad house.
  12. troupos40

    troupos40 Initiate (0) Aug 12, 2014 New Jersey

    Huge Bourbon County fan, but $60+ for 16.9 oz?? Vanilla was $27.99 for 22 oz here. BCBCS 4 pack was $30.99. Just can't justify it at that price, more for everyone else I guess.
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  13. jlsims04

    jlsims04 Initiate (0) Jul 14, 2013 Illinois

    Not trying to hype this monster any more but you cant compare it to regular variants. It was aged for 2 years (more than double what the other variants are) in 35 year old barrels.
  14. dtjager

    dtjager Initiate (0) May 20, 2014 Illinois

    This is so win-win no matter what happens. Either I get to try a potentially wonderful beer (I have no doubt Rare will be amazing) or I get to keep a bunch of money in my pocket!! If this was some unbelievable world class beer for dirt cheep and I missed out on it that's when I would be super bummed. The system works!
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  15. Urk1127

    Urk1127 Grand Pooh-Bah (3,668) Jul 2, 2014 New Jersey
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    Sofie and maltilda have been on the shelf all year. Ive never seen Bourbon County anything in person
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  16. metsfansour

    metsfansour Initiate (0) Feb 23, 2015 Connecticut

    Yes my palette is unsophisticated because I don't believe in an overhyped beer. while I am new to the site I have been drinking "craft" beer since 2001 I just love beer that a taste balanced and not an oversweet mess and beer that shows actual brewing chops. I don't judge people for loving this beer but I tend to think people want the hype and convince themselves that it's better then it actual is I am sorry I have upset your sensitive sense of self by disagreeing with your belif in this beer but there are a ton of better beers out there that are much easier to get
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  17. Fargrow

    Fargrow Initiate (0) Feb 7, 2013 Michigan

    While it certainly is hyped, it was also one of the first bourbon barrel aged beers ever produced. It got famous on it's own merit. People like new and shiny, but Bourbon County stands the test of time. If it wasn't worthy of the hype, people wouldn't buy it year after year. It's just that good.
  18. phillyhops

    phillyhops Initiate (0) Aug 4, 2014 New Jersey

    Agreed...try cellaring it for a year or so if you think it's a mess. Really smooths out any harsh or sharp flavors you may have perceived originally
  19. Pisthetaerus

    Pisthetaerus Initiate (0) Dec 3, 2014 Connecticut

    It gets too fudgy and loses too much of the bourbon imo. I'll never completely understand why so many people are averse to a bit of alcohol heat on a beer. Different strokes I guess.
  20. phillyhops

    phillyhops Initiate (0) Aug 4, 2014 New Jersey

    I definitely like a beer with a bit of heat on it but if I'm lucky enough to get a few, I like seeing the different flavors that appear as a result of a decreased bourbon presence
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