News Goose Island to Release More Than Twice As Much Bourbon County Stout This Year

Discussion in 'Beer News & Releases' started by mtlasley, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. ao125

    ao125 Initiate (0) Dec 1, 2010 Virginia

    There is a staggering amount of Pepe Nero, Matilda, Sofie and PJ that just didn't get sold. Lots of 2011 bottles... or at least from what I've seen the last few times that I've gone to the liquor stores in my area. Zero BCBS. That's telling... at least in terms of where they should direct their efforts.
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  2. 4DAloveofSTOUT

    4DAloveofSTOUT Poo-Bah (2,276) Nov 28, 2008 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Heard that it is not going to happen because John L. did not like how it was tasting.
  3. AaronBurr

    AaronBurr Initiate (0) Dec 17, 2011 Illinois

    They had it at the KH release on Black Friday last year.
  4. tronto

    tronto Initiate (84) Dec 22, 2010 Kentucky
    Beer Trader

    I got a couple growlers at a local liquor store last week. They said it just came in, so maybe bcbs is coming out year round....
  5. cosmicevan

    cosmicevan Poo-Bah (3,237) Dec 13, 2009 New York
    Beer Trader

    the stuff that is hitting shops now in kegs is the "second wave" not the year round.
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  6. Number45forever

    Number45forever Initiate (0) Jan 6, 2012 Vermont
    Beer Trader

    So, with twitter pictures leaking of 2012 BCS with bottled dates of a few days it safe to say that they're gearing up to release this again? I wonder if it will hit Goose Island's entire distribution? It will definitely be hard to get...

    Any news on the next wave of BCS variations?

    I guess, let the games begin!?
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  7. drgarage

    drgarage Initiate (0) Aug 19, 2008 California

    I'm guessing cherry comes out this year.
  8. marshmeli

    marshmeli Devotee (420) Feb 14, 2012 New York
    Beer Trader

    I thought Wheat Whiskey was the next variations? I remember hearing talk of it back when Coffee was released...
  9. MarcatGSB

    MarcatGSB Initiate (0) Jan 8, 2011 Michigan

    Wheat was done away with, we won't be seeing any of that...

  10. marshmeli

    marshmeli Devotee (420) Feb 14, 2012 New York
    Beer Trader

    Good to know... thanks.
  11. GraniteSkunk

    GraniteSkunk Initiate (0) Apr 17, 2007 Illinois

    Just curious where you heard that - it's still listed on the calendar
  12. pschul4

    pschul4 Zealot (562) Jan 7, 2011 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    They don't update the Calendar after they create it at the beginning of the year. Bramble and Coffee came out in Nov/Dec if you go by their 2011 Calendar :stuck_out_tongue:
  13. Bond111

    Bond111 Aspirant (228) Feb 14, 2011 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    What twitter account leaked these? Can't remember specifically what date bcbs was released last year in Iowa, but bottle on date is 11/11/11 on the 2011 bottles. Drinking one right now. My god this freaking perfection.
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  14. stouts4me

    stouts4me Disciple (377) Oct 9, 2011 Illinois

    Here is some info that Brett Porter, brewmaster, shared with me LAST November at Durty Nellies in Palatine for a 2011 bcbs keg release, " this is what is planned for our bcs program 2012 - a new Coffee bcs ( which at the 312 block party I saw him and he said this coffee WILL be the best coffee bcs yet ), the regular bcs, the Cherry bcs ( had it at Great Taste and it was GREAT ), and a wheat whiskey. Remember it all has to age properly, and the beer will be ready when IT is ready. One last thing that Brett mentioned then was the 'Angel's Share program ( not the real name, just what I call it until details come forth. He related that they are working on a barrel aging of BCBS and it is the same like the large stacks of barrels in a whiskey aging warehouse. The barrels up on top are hotter and lose the most alcohol but are also the most intensely flavorful from the breathing of the barrels, and so on going down to the bottom of the warehouse, where their is not much lost. He lamented that the top barrel would be the most expensive, and then down to the bottom, cheapest. With several different in the series and possibly something in the realm of top ones beiing similar to Rare, don't quote any of this as gospel, but the truth to what we talked about is coming out ...Cherry -yes, coffee-yes, wheat whiskey - supposedly, it will be fun to see, could be a year still.Cheers !
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  15. ravot

    ravot Devotee (426) Mar 20, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    ^i'm not one with many sources, but i as well heard about the cherry and wheat. as recent as a week ago.
  16. da_bulls

    da_bulls Initiate (0) Jun 7, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    ISO: Top of the stack BCBS

    But in all seriousness, you would think they would blend all the barrels considering they would all be the same type of barrel, or end up calling some "Top of the stack BCBS"
  17. ontherocks

    ontherocks Initiate (0) Mar 4, 2008 Georgia

    Hmm, what one could do with 100 oz of BCBS! We can dream, can't we? :stuck_out_tongue:
  18. MarcatGSB

    MarcatGSB Initiate (0) Jan 8, 2011 Michigan

    The regional Goose rep told me about a month ago when I asked about it. He then informed me there was some 2012 heading this way.
  19. TomClem

    TomClem Initiate (8) Mar 7, 2012 Nebraska
    Beer Trader

  20. Shagtastic

    Shagtastic Initiate (0) Jul 30, 2011 Indiana

  21. maximum12

    maximum12 Poo-Bah (3,503) Jan 21, 2008 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    A local place in the Twin Cities was pre-selling whole cases. Whole. Cases.

    Considering it was tough to find anyplace with a limit of more than 2 bottles around here last year, that leads me to logically assume there's going to be a ton more this season. That's my story & I'm sticking to it.
  22. HuskyinPDX

    HuskyinPDX Poo-Bah (2,483) Jan 23, 2011 Washington
    Beer Trader

    ISO: All the BCS I can Find!!!!
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  23. Duffman929

    Duffman929 Aspirant (279) Nov 27, 2010 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    The cherry sucked. Do not read my review on it, it was all a lie and I will trade anyone for their sucky bottles of cherry.
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  24. birchholz

    birchholz Initiate (0) Jul 21, 2010 Illinois

  25. cbeer88

    cbeer88 Crusader (719) Sep 5, 2007 Massachusetts

    > As for standard BCS, itwill be distributed to the following states: Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Virginia (week of Sept. 17); Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Delaware (week of Sept. 24); Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska and South Dakota (week of Nov. 26); Tennessee and Kentucky (Nov. 26); California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. (week of Nov. 27).

    Uhhh... was Massachusetts an oversight or something? Or is there some kind of spat going on between GI and MA distributors?
  26. mikeincharleston

    mikeincharleston Defender (643) May 1, 2009 North Carolina
    Beer Trader

    Praying for over saturation of bottles so I can get a bunch without having to trade an arm and a leg
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  27. boilermakerbrew

    boilermakerbrew Meyvn (1,293) Aug 13, 2010 Arizona
    Beer Trader

  28. mikeincharleston

    mikeincharleston Defender (643) May 1, 2009 North Carolina
    Beer Trader

    So there will be a 2 bottle limit instead of one? Still worried no matter the size of the release people will still hoard
  29. Mavajo

    Mavajo Zealot (572) Feb 10, 2007 Georgia

    Any updates? Has this actually hit stores anywhere yet?
  30. Highbrow

    Highbrow Devotee (453) Jan 7, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

    Binny's definitely has it. but sounds like you'll need a little bitty car filled with circus clowns to leave with any lasting supply.
  31. immobilisme

    immobilisme Aspirant (231) Nov 8, 2005 Illinois

    I went out yesterday and found 6 bottles without any issue in Chicago. Sure, it is still limited, but it is out there... and believe it or not, still completely awesome, even if it wasn't aged in barrels that held whiskey for 12+ years!
  32. MagillaGriller

    MagillaGriller Initiate (0) Aug 20, 2012

  33. RyanMM

    RyanMM Initiate (169) Mar 12, 2009 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Goddamnit, I hate the move to large format beers.

    Dear Brewers:


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  34. FatBoyGotSwagger

    FatBoyGotSwagger Savant (992) Apr 4, 2009 Pennsylvania

    not to be too cold blooded but all the goose lineup can perish from old age as far as I'm concerned until some BCBS bottles land in SEPA.
  35. RyanMM

    RyanMM Initiate (169) Mar 12, 2009 Michigan
    Beer Trader


    No more of this bullshit where bombers and 750s cost MORE PER OUNCE than 12oz bottles.

    You are already getting an efficiency increase by being able to bottle 90-110% more beer in a single bottle. Don't pull this bullshit where you then charge a 20-30% PREMIUM for that same beer in the large format.

    I can buy a 4-pack of 12oz bottles for $15 or a 22oz bottle of the same beer for $8. That's stupid. That's a bad value proposition and we're all fucking suckers for paying it.
  36. Shagtastic

    Shagtastic Initiate (0) Jul 30, 2011 Indiana

    I'm sure this is the exact place to post your rant. Job well done
  37. AnnArborJoe

    AnnArborJoe Initiate (0) Jan 18, 2011 Michigan

    Get the torches boys, I've got some angry fist shaking to do! They took our jobs!

  38. cosmicevan

    cosmicevan Poo-Bah (3,237) Dec 13, 2009 New York
    Beer Trader

    light weight :wink:
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  39. chekako

    chekako Initiate (0) Dec 28, 2007 New Jersey

    $24.99 for a 4 pack of 12 oz bottles. that might be a new record high
  40. Retail1LO

    Retail1LO Initiate (0) May 4, 2011 Pennsylvania

    I was going to use the term "sissy"...but I supposed light weight works.
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