Gordon Ramsay should be ashamed

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by GABronco, Apr 25, 2022.

  1. JackHorzempa

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    For the Gentleman Farmer?

  2. champ103

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    Don't really care about either, just pointing out a named celebrity restaurant in a very touristy/entertainment focused town will be incredibly expensive (Vegas has restaurants from both celebrity chefs/personalities), for me personally, I avoid those places, in favor of trying something more "off the beaten path" as they say. I haven't been to Vegas, but it wouldn't be hard for me to find something else I would enjoy.
  3. GetMeAnIPA

    GetMeAnIPA Crusader (754) Mar 28, 2009 California

    Just went to Vegas with the fam for spring break. All the places on the strip or in casinos have inflated prices.

    the best food and beer we had was at skinnyfats which is also connected to beer zombies brewery. Skinnyfats was really good.
  4. ChicagoJ

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    I ate comped at two of his locations (Caesars - Fish and Chips and a burger at PHo) and they were average at best, substandard for the price people pay for it. Caesars is really the nut low on the Strip between their staffing cutbacks, dining options and property maintenance.

    We have a solid Las Vegas trip thread in the Pacific regional folder if you are interested in finding out about the Vegas craft beer / craft bar scene.


    If you are not keen on venturing too far off the Strip, I suggest hitting Front Yard at Ellis Island for dining and craft beer. You'll get a better burger at a better price at Moon Palace at the Wynn. Hell, In N Out on the Linq Promenade is a better option, IMO. Would also consider Peppermill further North on the Strip, somewhat pricey but a much better experience than a GR outing.

    If you are considering going beyond the Strip, Aces and Ales has a great craft menu and good food, Pizza Rock great food and typically decent craft beer options (hit HH 3-6 weekdays) and Able Baker has solid dining and beer options in the Arts District.

    Can help with anything else Vegas wise, PM if you have any questions.

    The Strip is an overpriced tourist trap, but there are many good food and craft beer options throughout the Vegas Valley.

    There should be riots in the streets due to the fact taxpayers fund most American sports stadiums on behalf of their billionaire owners. The crappy concession prices is merely icing on the cake.

    This had a lot of truth until the obliteration of conventions the past two years. Strip casino pricing is high primarily because of tourist location, and also due to the fact many customers pay via earned gambling comps. I would peg a majority of business account meals to occur at better quality restaurants at the Wynn, Venetian, Cosmopolitan and other higher end casinos and restaurants. Caesars Palace is really the only somewhat high end casino El Dorado owns (above 2-3 out of 5 stars).
  5. champ103

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    I know his entire persona is a product in and of itself now. Though I remember one old UK episode that I liked, he was at a pub/restaurant with real ale (I think I remember seeing the hand pumps in the background shots, but its been a while since I watch it). He did a cute marketing thing, when improving the gravy. He made the Campaign for Real Gravy, obviously a riff off CAMRA. I thought that was fun ha.
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    Same can be said for Disney. A captive clientele with food & drink prices that are extortionary.
  7. rgordon

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    As general manager, sales manager, and salesman for our company back in the early 00s, a supplier offered Vegas trips as an incentive and, knowing my crew very well, they would not have been too incentivized. He came up with other ideas. Las Vegas really doesn't appeal to everyone.
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  8. BruChef

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    That is always the first episode I think of when I remember that show. Loved that episode!
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  9. BruChef

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    What’s the answer most commonly given for
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  10. GratefulBeerGuy

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    Yep, he should be ashamed. Nothing quality? And even if it was we're talking probably another$20 pint. Ouch.
  11. bret27

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    Lol. The 7 dirty words.
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  12. MNAle

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  13. ZebulonXZogg

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    Go to a MLB game you can pay $13-$15 for a Bud or a 312....
  14. Blueribbon666

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    Just dropped $27 for a Corona for my friend and a Bell's Official @ the arena Saturday. I'm fine with that...$60.00 to park (next to the venue, no affiliation to said arena) however I have a bigger ass ache with, at least tell me these employees are getting good health care, 401K and the kids get a free ride through college thanks to my $60.
    As to the OP, corporate beer will always have the strangle hold, like most things that become subjugated and mass produced, the man will push his shitty product to the masses and tell them that's what there is...because they've marginalized and eliminated your choices based on what they control, again in ALL things. Anything good you have to hunt for, been that way forever.
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  15. TheIPAHunter

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    No, he should not. This is simple economics. Gordon could charge more if he wanted to. As a consumer, you have the right to say no. Peace...
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  16. SFACRKnight

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    Shut your dirty mouth. Clarkson is a saint.
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  17. HouseofWortship

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    May be why he is a chef and not a brewer.

    Generally the closest opposing team’s player’s head.
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    I absolutely love Vegas, go every couple of months. One of my favorite places for sure. That being said if you don’t gamble it’s a huge trap in terms of food and beverage prices. If you do gamble, food and bev can be essentially fully comped if you do it right. A big part of the Vegas game is optimizing comps. If you are cash paying drinks you will pay a fortune almost everywhere that’s not divey or local (not that i ever mind divey or local but different conversation). Food too, last trip we left the place where we hve all the comps to grab some to go burgers at this little take out burger place we love and two burgers and one this of regular fries were legit $55. It’s the way of sun city.

    All that being said I do actually agree with you, I’d never pay $11 for an AAL.
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  19. AlcahueteJ

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    Those prices actually aren’t terrible, especially if I compare them to prices around here in Boston.

    Did gravy come out of the hand pumps?
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  20. crazyspicychef

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    Captive Audience. Just like $5 water at Hershey Park.
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  21. Roguer

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    $20 for a burger at a "fine dining" establishment isn't remotely surprising. At least they can claim that it's unique, or uses expensive ingredients, or any other list of (at least somewhat plausible) justifications.

    $11 for a pour of Miller Lite can't really be justified under any circumstances. It didn't cost more to keg it for Gordon.

    @JayORear is right, however, in that expensive restaurants are hardly alone in this offense. Concerts, sporting events, airports; it's nothing new. As long as people are willing to pay, they're going to continue to charge.
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  22. md3kcn

    md3kcn Zealot (567) Feb 4, 2021 North Carolina

    this is why you opt for tea/coffee/water, or if you want something with an ABV, liquor.
    everything in vegas is expensive, because idiots will pay anything to do it in a desert full of neon.
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  23. Rollmeaway2loadout

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    Lamborghini built tractors before producing cars. I believe both are still being manufactured.
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  24. PapaGoose03

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    They both are definitely being built. The model that Jeremy Clark bought was so modernized with computer chips that he couldn't figure out how to use the various features until his 21-year old neighbor that he hired as his farm manager showed him how.
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  25. HorseheadsHophead

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  26. MistaRyte

    MistaRyte Crusader (720) Jan 14, 2008 Virginia

    Never been to Vegas. If I do I'll just do a brewery run. F**k the casinos. Only gambling I'll be doing is trying new beer.
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  27. AlfromPA

    AlfromPA Initiate (81) Dec 9, 2021 Pennsylvania

    I've never understood Las Vegas. If I want to go to Paris or Venice I'll go to Paris or Venice. Besides, beer is cheaper in Paris and there are nice Belgian cafes that have just about any Trappist beer you'd like (L'Académie de Bière).
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  28. SFACRKnight

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    I'm not sure the idea of Vegas is to be anything like Paris, or Venice, or Monte Carlo for that matter. Pretty sure the idea of Vegas is to capitalize on concupisence. It seems to me that the type of person who would go to France wouldn't be caught dead using Vegas as a cheaper option.
  29. JayORear

    JayORear Meyvn (1,488) Feb 22, 2012 Pennsylvania
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    Honestly, I kind of side with the wife more than anyone here . . . you're in Vegas already, where "fun" literally means throwing your money away. To complain about overpriced beer is parsimonious at best (that word's for you, @Roguer).
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  30. ChicagoJ

    ChicagoJ Poo-Bah (1,919) Feb 2, 2015 Illinois

    Yes, Vegas has changed a lot over the three decades I’ve been visiting (on average 2 one week trips per year), but then again so have I.

    I used to gamble and party primarily, but the past several years my trips revolve around:
    1. Visiting my brother and his family.
    2. Using Vegas as a base to hit National and State Parks in CA, UT, AZ and NV.
    3. Vegas Beer Scene - Their brewer and beer scene has much improved over the past several years.
    I don’t spend as much time on the Strip as I have in the past.

    In terms of general visitation, gambling used to be Vegas’ primary revenue driver (free booze, rooms, entertainment the enticers), but over the past 1-2 decades, revenue has shifted. Vegas now earns a majority of profit on rooms (and absurd resort room fees $50-$60 per night), clubs, entertainment and dining revenue, and most recently as Stephen A. Smith calls it, the “weed-duh”. A large number of visitors don’t gamble much or not at all.

    I agree with the sentiment that there are aspects of Vegas that are not attractive/ enticing, some of which I also do not like, and also agree it’s not for everyone.

    I like the 24/7 aspect, being a night owl, and having conversations with people from around the world (despite naturally being an introvert), whether at a bar or brewery, or a live low limit sociable poker game, my primary gambling interest at this stage. I was last there two months ago, and will be back, Jack, to “Do It Again” this Fall or Winter.
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  31. Urk1127

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    One time in ballys in AC I took a beer out onto the floor. I didn't know this wasn't allowed and didn't want security to take it so I ran outside and drank it on the boardwalk. There was a few patrol cops but I chucked it before they came by. Then I traded a guy a cigarette for his mixtape. I ended up get so drunk that night I barely remember being in the backseat of this hippie chick's car it smelled like cats and piss and I woke up in a chair on my lawn 10 miles away I swear
  32. JayORear

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    I'd watch that movie.
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  33. HouseofWortship

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    Sounds like the 1st rough draft for the movie The Hangover.
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  34. Urk1127

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    Truly did happen. Good memories now. That girls name was Gretchen. I didn't really know her tho Bits and pieces come back
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  35. unlikelyspiderperson

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    I applaud this mornings vocabulary lesson
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  36. JayORear

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    I believe you. It really would make a great set-up for a Richard Linklater movie.
  37. JackHorzempa

    JackHorzempa Poo-Bah (5,824) Dec 15, 2005 Pennsylvania

    The first movie that I thought of was Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

    Maybe because of the Gordon Ramsey - Las Vegas thing?

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  38. jesskidden

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    Who the fuck is Gordon Ramsey?
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  39. JackHorzempa

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    A beer judge:

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  40. PapaGoose03

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    And your wallet was...... a.) Missing; b.) In my pocket but lighter than it should have been for what I remember spending; or c.) In my pocket but lighter only because of all the fun? :wink: