#gregslist by Untappd: support beer locations in operation during the COVID-19 health crisis

Discussion in 'COVID-19' started by Todd, Mar 19, 2020.

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    Thanks Todd!
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    Leandra Montemarano (AJ’s Beer Warehouse) compiled a list of breweries, bars/restaurants, and bottle shops in the Rochester, NY area. While not comprehensive, it has many establishments.


    I entered a few places to #gregslist, and maybe someone with time can transfer Leandra’s list.

    Regardless, thank you to all who are working to maintain any sense of normal.
  3. Dansac

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    Submitted edits for Cellador Ales in North Hills.
  4. SpaceEurope

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    Any shot at adding a zip/postal code search function? Or bumping verified venues and/or updated businesses to the top? The default view, based on my location, does not show any relevant business, when my store (a verified venue wherein I'm presently using this computer) is not even on the page. I know for sure our information is up-to-date because when I search the store name it shows up, but as another user here said before, it's almost useless for the average consumer if they're just broadly searching for a place nearby that offers any of these services.

    I appreciate the great deal of effort this project commands, but I wanted to suggest it be optimized to actually promote the business who pay for their verified status and are putting in the effort to update their listing appropriately.
  5. Giantspace

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    Can’t get it to sort. I add city state pick a button and nothing happens.

    Not scrolling 431 entries to find the 6 that deliver

  6. Whyteboar

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    Circled back to this, read a bit more on the process and saw that foursquare is the primary data source for the venues. So got signed up there and verified the venues I was looking to update (My "home" pub was already updated, thank you!) are all on foursquare and submitted several updates to Gregslist. It *seems* that the primary focus for GregsList are places that sell beer to go, and everything else is in the domain of Foursquare; I don't know if that is still the intent, but it strikes me that the more useful a tool is, the more it will be used, so it may behoove Greg to list non beer selling locations, or at least ones that used to sell but cannot right now.
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    This is coming very soon! Plus we are going to adding in more filters to hide those "home" venues on the first load. On the first load, we sort by "distance", "updated status", "verified status", etc. We're hoping this changes we are making to remove these "home" venues will be easier, and Zip Code searching (in the entire bounding box area) is currently being tested.
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    Do you have any screenshots or screenshares of this? Here is how it looks for me when I do it: https://s.untp.beer/YEuAnjmb
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    I'm not 100% sure I follow this but all the venues come from Foursquare - and the "verified" status is when they are a member of our Untappd for Business Platform. Right now, we look at the primary categories of the venues, and only list: Nightlife Spot, Food or Shop & Service. We also exclude a lot of categories, such as "Park", "Plaza", etc. I'm definitely open to suggestions on categories that are missing that you feel should be added. All categories are listed here: https://developer.foursquare.com/docs/build-with-foursquare/categories/. Thanks for your suggestions and support!
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    I proposed an update to Triptych Brewing on 3/25 or 3/26 and it still hasn't gone through. I updated because they are doing curbside only for pick up now and have also added delivery too.
  12. Todd

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    I didn't see it in the queue, but I just made the update for you.
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  13. gregavola

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    Here are some of the latest updates to Greg’s List today:

    - Search by zip code
    - Results encompass a wider area when searching by city
    - Venue search improvements for venue name

    We've also excluded more venues that have less than 50 check-ins. You can check out today at untappd.com/gregslist. Thanks for your support!
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