Growler fills in Dallas

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by eerickson7, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. eerickson7

    eerickson7 Initiate (0) May 29, 2008 Missouri

    I'm visiting Dallas in a couple weeks and wanting to get a growler fill or two.

    But since I don't live there, I have no interest in adding another growler to my collection, nor in paying for said growler.

    Will Whole Foods or The Bottle Shop fill any growlers (I have an unmarked 2-liter and a 2-liter marked with a brewery label)?

    From poking around the internet, I see something about the growler needing to have a government warning on it. Is this just a sticker they put on your growler, or what?
  2. BrewDogRocks

    BrewDogRocks Initiate (0) Oct 15, 2011 Texas

    Hello. I would shoot them an e-mail or call them on the phone. I think the worst case scenario is that you have to buy their growler and then when you get home you can just give that growler away to somebody, or use it to plant flowers or make decorations, etc. Good luck.
  3. thirdeye11

    thirdeye11 Pundit (973) Feb 3, 2009 Texas

    I believe that Whole Foods policy is as you mentioned. Generally the government warning is already pre-printed on the growlers; many of them already have it. They can't just slap a sticker on there. I know this is Whole Foods policy, but i would call The Bottle Shop as I'm not sure they require that.

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