Half Acre (2021)

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  1. whatruDOINdragic

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    I’m not begrudging the Philly distro. It’s just that I was expecting a quantity of GA brewed to allow availability along the lines of the most recent Vallejo release that was all over the city including my local Mariano’s, but according to @P739397 this is for whatever reason not the case.
  2. prior2two

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    I guess I never thought about it before, but a balmoral is a super inconvenient place to buy retail items.

    You have to check out at the bar for beer, or if it’s non beer, go to the back of the dining room. With the brewery doing so many beers that don’t see distribution, exclusively having cans at balmoral could be a pain in the ass for any kind of release.

    I wonder if they’ll set up an second “shop” area somewhere in the balmoral space.
  3. HouseofWortship

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    Aim higher- a drive through.
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    Benthic release info tomorrow?
  5. BillMueller

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    would seem that way.
  6. Vitamin_Hop

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    just the release info gets a cryptic Instagram post? Seems over the top as I was hoping for a new ba release tomorrow
  7. ktr5010

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    Seems similar to last year's. Diggin it
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    So I stopped in to Half Acre tonight to pick up some KT bottles and I mentioned the online ordering stuff to the staff and both of the people working there said that outside of special big releases (i.e. Benthic) online ordering is gone and probably not coming back ... I will admit I am pretty disappointed. It was nice knowing I could order something and pick it up without risking a drive out there just for them to not have it. Oh well.
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  9. DeadWax

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    I am similarly disappointed in their abandonment of the online shop and wonder what is behind the strategy.

    At least they are keeping online for special releases! Those truffles won’t sell themselves in person.
  10. GuyFawkes

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    Jokes aside...fuck, those truffles were great.

    One of my better decisions in life was to NOT ask for the refund.

  11. BillMueller

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  12. thewimperoo

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    Did you notice if they still had cans of Goneaway?
  13. FBarber

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    I didn't see them, but honestly I wasn't looking at the can cooler closely. I'd just give them a call and ask.
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  14. Vitamin_Hop

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  15. rmpic82

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    After last year’s experience, I am ALL IN on Benthic. Late bloomer - was my first time and I can’t understand why I had never heard of it before. Phenomenal. Especially enjoyed the Xtradubl, but they were all great.
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  16. vicodin_tears1

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    Two packs of On & On: part 1 available at Balmoral, per the Half Acre Instagram.
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  17. ChiPez66

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    2 packs of Orin have landed in Binny's stores, also.
  18. CityManOli

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    The cryptic Benthic posts are fun
  19. Quilentro

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    @flat_lander - did you read the Benthic post description?

    halfacrebeer * One way is to make sound. A note
    from @ronripper from @Bongripperdoom on creating
    incredible sound.
    Let's talk about volume. The two loudest bands I've
    seen live are Sunn and My Bloody Valentine, both
    remarkable in different ways. Sunn was loud in that
    you didn't just hear the music, you felt every note in
    your body. This wasn't because they had more amps
    or more volume, it was how they used the volume.
    The depth of the overall low end they were producing
    was so encompassing that there were points where it
    bordered on being uncomfortable to be in the room.
    With My Bloody Valentine, they did not have the body
    encapsulating vibration that Sunn had, though for
    their last song they played "You Made Me realize."
    On the record, there's a 20-30 second noise break in
    the song, but during the show they extended this
    break to be 20 minutes long. The band just
    continuously built-up noise and textures until it truly
    sounded like a jet engine. Then just when it seemed
    like they could not possibly be any louder or take up
    any more sonic frequencies, the band comes back in
    together to play the last chorus of the song over the
    wall of sound they just spent 20 minutes building. It
    was an unbelievable reward for those of us still in the
    crowd. The fact that they were still able to come back
    even louder than everything that came before it,
    changed the way I have thought about dynamics ever
    For Bongripper, being an instrumental band has a
    unique opportunity in there is not a traditional
    narrative being told. When we write a song, it's not
    just tuning low and playing loud, it's knowing the
    sounds, textures, and timbre of each instrument.
    Each new song and album has been a chapter in a
    journey that I never see ending.
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  20. Jaycase

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    Picked up Tend, HA's 'Winter IPA'. I'm digging this beer. If you are a fan of Celebration Ale, I think you will enjoy it as well although it does not have the Centennial rose qualities which Celebration Ale typically has. Solid beer from HA and will revisit over the coming months. Will try a side by side once Celebration Ale hits the area too.
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  21. flat_lander

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    I had not.

    Dear HA, I love you. Thanks for being you.

    This also reminds me about Bongripper getting rained out at the last Rev Oktoberfest party. That was a sad night. Stuffing my gob with Cuvee de Grace and other DW helped ease the pain some.
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