Half Acre (2021)

Discussion in 'US - Midwest' started by Vitamin_Hop, Jan 2, 2021.

  1. sahd-1

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    What did you think of @GuyFawkes use of the term “unguent?”
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  2. whatruDOINdragic

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    Rubber cement drenched hoofed mammal? Sign me up.
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  3. flat_lander

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    Man, Benthic '21 is all boozy milk chocolate. Get some coffee. Very little coconut. If I was given this blind I'd bet a large amount it had some sort of chocolate in it.
  4. GuyFawkes

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    After trying Benthic and Vampira Benthic...I get absolutely no barrel or bourbon at all from these beers.

    I get the coconut, I get the coffee, and to @flat_lander 's point, I get chocolate syrup...but tasted blind, I doubt I'd think these were bourbon barrel aged beers at all.

    One idiot's opinion.
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  5. flat_lander

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    Also, the can smells like that nasty ass box. Whatever the hell they used can't be good for people or the deep sea creatures pictured on those cans. #boxgate
  6. HouseofWortship

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  7. HawksBeerFan

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    Interesting. I've always kind of felt that Half Acre's BA stouts are heavier on adjuncts and lighter on barrel presence.

    I haven't had any Benthics this year except XTRA DBBL at FOBAB and I thought it was a huge coconut bomb and didn't get a lot of barrel at all from it. I still thought it was a great beer but wasn't one of the best I had at FOBAB.

    Based on the positive reviews of Benthic this year I was really hoping it'd hit distro so I could try, but now I'm a little hesitant.
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  8. Nbrock24

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    Interesting. I found 2020 Benthic to be hot with little adjunct. I got more of the coffee and coconut on this years. I definitely got some barrel presence on Vampira though not so much on Vanilla (not surprising there)
  9. mbockstruck30

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    When I picked my cans up I had a pour on draft and found it quite hot. But with every can I’ve had since, the barrel was masked more by the adjuncts. I get the chocolate as others have mentioned, but I also get tons of in your face coconut as well, with little coffee. Palates are funny. I have yet to open any of my variants, I need to get on that.
  10. gudbrande

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    Has Benthic hit distro yet?
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  11. VinHalen54

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  12. ChiPez66

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    No, not that I've heard or seen.
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  13. beardown2489

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    Where are the posts in Southern Hemi DDC? This is world class. This is half acre on 10, showing off their best ingredients and processes. It feels very hill farmstead to me
  14. Mwils8

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    Seconding this. I did a 2020 and 2021 regular side by side on Wednesday and had a similar takeaway. 2021 was much better for my palate - the coffee and coconut were present but not overpowering, the mouthfeel was a little silkier. Ended up being my 2nd favorite of this year's batch behind Vampira. 2020 was very good, but the regular last year was probably my least favorite of the set.
  15. csmakio

    csmakio Initiate (147) Nov 26, 2016 Illinois

    drinking a 2021 vanilla now and i love it. fudge brownies with some barrel on the nose, sweet vanilla and chocolate as it goes down. not an overwhelming barrel presence but its there imo. really enjoying this one.
  16. eppCOS

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    Off-Benthic topic, I know, but finally TEND showed up here in Colorado; and I got all nostalgic and shit as it really reminded me of Space.
    Darn good beer. Carry on....
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