Hardee's and Southern Grist launch Strawberry Biscuit Ale, infused with 200 pounds of biscuits

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    In partnership with Nashville-based Southern Grist Brewing Co., Hardee's is the first quick-service restaurant to be part of creating a biscuit-flavored beer

    FRANKLIN, TN ., Aug. 30, 2022-- Cheers! Hardee's®, known for its famous Made From Scratch Biscuits, is now working with the local brewery Southern Grist to bring you even more moments of indulgence with an unexpected brew.

    To celebrate National Biscuit Month, Hardee's is working with the Nashville-based brewery, Southern Grist Brewing Co. to turn its biscuits into a golden liquid form, a first for the quick service restaurant industry, as an ingredient in the soon-to-be launched Strawberry Biscuit Ale, available from Southern Grist for a limited time beginning Sept. 1.

    Infused with 200 pounds of savory biscuits that have been perfected for decades, this full-bodied, cream ale incorporates delicious hints of strawberry jam and buttermilk. With this epic launch by Southern Grist consumers can enjoy their Hardee's Made from Scratch Biscuits all day long, whether indulging in their favorite breakfast menu items from Hardee's in the morning or sipping Strawberry Biscuit Ale from Southern Grist anytime, day or night.

    Creating a biscuit beer was no simple task and required months of planning and trial runs by Southern Grist to find the perfect mix of biscuits, strawberry puree, grain, hops, yeast, and water. With Hardee's and Southern Grist both known for creating unique flavor profiles, the result is a delectable brew reflective of the quality fans of the brands know and love.

    "When we came up with the idea for a Hardee's Biscuit Beer, only one brewery came to mind to bring the idea to life – Southern Grist," said CKE Restaurants VP of Global Culinary Innovation Owen Klein, "They approach brewing with the same mad scientist mentality that we use for our new menu launches and know how to deliver on flavor. After a few rounds of testing, Southern Grist nailed it. An amazing crushable beer with subtle notes of fresh-baked biscuits, buttermilk, and strawberry jelly. All it took was a few hundred pounds of Made From Scratch Biscuits."

    "Southern Grist has created more than 900 different flavor profiles since our inception in 2016, but never a beer infused with biscuits, so we were definitely intrigued when Hardee's approached us,'' said Southern Grist Brewing Co. Co-Founder and Production Manager Jared Welch. "That, paired with we are both Nashville based brands known for our innovation, we thought we could have a lot of fun with this partnership and bring something special to both our guests, and we have!"

    Strawberry Biscuit Ale will only be available at the Southern Grist Brewing Co. Taproom in Nashville, Tenn. and via shipping by Southern Grist in select markets nationwide to residents aged 21+. To find out where to taste the brew near you, head to www.strawberrybiscuitale.com and get them while they're cold! Quantities are limited.

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  2. BruChef

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    This would’ve been a great opportunity to actually emulate a biscuit as opposed to actually just throwing a bunch of biscuits in the mash/boil. Using a combo of biscuit/victory/Vienna/wheat malts. Add some honey and ferment with ringwood yeast for that honey butter profile.
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    Have restaurants from other food service market segments already beat Hardee's to the punch on "being part" of creating a biscuit flavored beer?
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    And which quick-service restaurant will the second with a biscuit beer? :astonished:
  5. MistaRyte

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    A lot of beers taste biscuit-y to me.

    Now, if they can nail the gravy taste, I'm all in.
  6. BruChef

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    Add some black pepper and sage.
  7. Harrison8

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    Well now I'm disappointed that Brewery Emperial's Biscuit beer does not include actual biscuits.
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  8. rgordon

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    How about Smithfield (country ham) and Strangeways Brewing teaming up for a Red Eye Red Ale?
  9. crazyspicychef

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    Of course they did.
    What's next, a Frosty & French Fry Stout?
  10. rgordon

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    Sounds good. Skip the beer.
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  11. PatKorn

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    WTF is Hardees?
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  12. Resistance88

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    The Carls Jr people
  13. BruChef

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    Burley Oak and I believe Hoof Hearted have both done this. I think Evil twin did something similar too.
  14. rgordon

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    It's a fast food operation out of Nashville. They are affiliated with Carl Jrs. The food is just about OK.
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  15. PatKorn

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    So like Cook Out but better
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  16. crazyspicychef

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    Oh dear lord. Figures. Anchovie & Asparagus Ale been done yet?
  17. unlikelyspiderperson

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    Last time I went to one (probably like 15 years ago) it was just Carl's Jr east of the rockies.
  18. rgordon

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    Cook Out is better.
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  19. Domingo

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    Carl's Jr. and Hardee's = not quite the same. Same company (as of 1997) and lots of identical menu items but they specialize in different stuff. In general, Hardee's caters to a more southern audience, hence the demographics and keeping the name + some unique menu items. Hardee's biscuits are probably the best fast food biscuits you'll ever have.
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  20. jesskidden

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    There used to Hardee's in NJ -circa early 1970s. My GF at the time did not care for any fast food joint's "Special Sauce" so first time we went, she asked for a Hardee's Jr. w/no sauce. So did I. Man, those charbroiled cheeseburgers with only lettuce were the best fast food burgers I ever had. It became a regular stop of ours (between my house and her college). Still think about 'em...
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  21. carolinabeerguy

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    Bojangles has some fine biscuits as well.
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  22. bret27

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    Tennessee’s currently at 47th place for life expectancy by US state. No surprise here.
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  23. BigIronH

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    Have you had Hardee’s or Carls Jr. since this time period and if so, do you feel it is still just as good? Cheers.
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