Has anyone ever been banned from a brewery for what they've posted online?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by fegelFatso, Aug 8, 2019.

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    You're quick to jump on me, but still haven't answered post 164 from earlier I see.
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    Ok I take it back. That quality piece of investigative journalism has opened my eyes. The guy obviously represents a clear and present danger to the Bruery, and the CEO deftly handled things like a pro.
    164 was the same drivel you’re posting, so my subsequent response was aimed at both of you. You got anything substantial to say following my last post? If not then jog on.
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    No way I'm jogging, I'm hopping on my bike and riding on.
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    You are ignoring the impact on the business from all this. Why are you so adamant and only discussing physical violence. An incident such as this can damage "good will" which is a thing that acually has a value and price when some business is sold. As I said earlier the guy who did the banning handled it very badly and made the situation worse. Rants such as the one that triggered this one can have consequences that spread wider and faster than any possible correction of information about facts. So many times I've seen folks on this site automatically accept the correctness of a post that later could be show wrong. Many never see the correction. True this situation was created by the brewery and handled incorrectly. But the manager had the legal right to take that action. He scewed on damage control and made the negativity worse.

    BTW--reducing your comments to sarcastic remarks is not an effective way of making a case for what you want to assert. Also you complain about the thread spinng away from the topic. You should take a look at what you have started in that light.
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    Not ignoring anything. If you read the chain of posts, I was responding to someone who was focusing on physical violence - I didn’t introduce that concept myself.
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    Here's my two cents

    The post was a bit blunt, but was in no way a fireable offense. If I was still a member of Hoarders, my reaction would have been similar.

    The owner was out of line publicly kicking the member out. The proper response was none. However, if he felt compelled to respond it should have been along the lines of "once tempers cool down, I would be glad to have a beer with you and see if we can find a way to make this right."
    The member that was kicked out was a long time member and most likely spends at least $1,500.00+ a year and has spent $10,000.00+ over his lifetime. In my book he gets to be pissed when Bruery fucks up. To say you can't break up with me, I'm breaking up with you!!!!!! Looks childish when the Bruery dropped the ball over and over with this beer.
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    Thats right you did. Did you prevent spinning out of control or make it worse?
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    Cmon man are you for real? Why are you interjecting? If I say I’m making it worse then what exactly are you achieving/adding to all this? Someone call @drtth and tell him that EMJ hacked his account because he’s posting everywhere, all of the time, and it’s getting boring scrolling through the noise.

    Ok goodnight all. I’m finished with this debate.
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    Very mature response. Because you failed to answer a legitmate and polite question while claiming expertise. Because you are/have been doing exactly what you have bitched about. It was quite possible to simply ignore that post and even this thread.
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    This is a sort of heads I (drtth) win, tails you lose proposition. If I take the bait I’m contributing to the problem, if I don’t then I’m letting you get away with the exact same thing. Which is especially nuts since I wasn’t even engaging with you in the first place - you just came looking for it. Ok I really am done now. Shit post away.
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    That's true you would be contributing to the problem you created. Enjoy your evening.
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    You obviously either don't follow the news or are intentionally ignoring it.

    The link is what came up in a quick search. There are many more instances of such behavior of patrons at restaurants reacting violently to petty or merely perceived offenses.

    Whether or not the specific individual who posted the rant was likely to follow that up with violent behavior, it is also true that the owner is not a prophet. He is within his rights and within his proper duties to ban an individual rather than wait and see how serious he actually is.

    Twitter and Facebook Pitchfork and Torches Nation do what they do, but that does not define righteousness.
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    I don’t think anyone would actually say that doing damage control is the “right choice” for a business. My point was simply that the views expressed in this thread were opinions on what was “right,” what was petty, whether the poo flung was heavy enough to warrant, etc. -And that is far different than “what’s the correct business decision.”
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    I take your point. I was extending that basic discussion to argue that the guy who did the banning was in fact being very petty and suggesting that regardless of the amount of Poo flung his way he could have handled things much better.
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    Very accurate. Probably once a week I see a new story along these lines. It’s ridiculous.
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    I say to an extent... I think there’s a difference between talking shit and directly saying f*** you. I LOVE The Bruery and am proudly loyal... but I talk a lot of shit... more than I probably should. I’ve offended people before, even to the point of losing a friend, I disagree with that friend (though I see their point, and am going to tone it down), but I think directly cussing someone out goes one step too far.

    My only concern was how it was done.
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  18. AWA

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    You're probably right. I've always prided myself on giving a damn what anybody says to me, but I'm kind of a dick.
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    Me too!
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    You’re not the only one, but to me that’s not being a dick. Learned the hard way, once words leave our mouths a person outside our heads may not hear the same messages we intended to say.
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    BTW, yes there is a critical difference between, but the cues that tell us which is which can disappear totally without the context of the real world and face to face. There’s a Wired mag issue out there a few years back that reported on the kinds of misunderstanding that often can happen when using written communication only. Eg, Even “Have a good day” said by e-mail has in fact been sometimes misunderstood by the recipient of the mail.
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    I think it could be the best of both worlds if he said the above online directly to the BA user.

    Then he's publicly offering to correct things, and the BA user can contact him if he chooses.

    They've improved greatly since then in my opinion. If you see some newer offerings from them, it might be worth a shot. I don't really buy their cans too often, but I'll have them on draft from time to time, as they're widely available, especially at less "craft-centric" places.

    I also enjoyed the offerings at the brewery itself, but those might be brewery-only beers.
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    Instant TRO!!
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    LOL, no, San Diego here. Never been banned, never heard of anyone being banned. Pretty damn funny. But threat go over the top so off hand, I can understand it.
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    I wish someone could ban the Bruery from making shitty beer
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    Not banned, but the beer manager at a local spot DMd me here with a WTF message after I had talked some shit about prices. Talked it through, worked it out, and still on good terms. Go there about once a week.
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    I just hope breweries don't become the new reddit soyboy SJW hangouts banning everyone that gets them butthurt.
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    I remember a nickel for a scoop.
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    Oh snap! This thread was featured in a BA newsletter!
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  30. Buju

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    A new brewery opened in my neighborhood. I frequently bought their beer from local stores and became an strong advocate. I attended several of their beer pairings, complemented their offerings on social media(including being their first BA review), featured their beer as a staff favorite at the liquor store where I worked, and advocated for the building of their brew pub to the local alderman.

    One day they posted a video ‘skit’ of a masochistic torture scene(man tied to chair in ball gag with others tormenting him) to their facebook page. I responded by suggesting it wasn’t appropriate for a, self purported, family oriented business.

    Without discussion, the owner responded by banning me from the facebook page. He never responded to the letter I wrote.

    I removed their beer as a staff favorite, haven’t purchased any since and have never visited their brew pub, even though it is a short walk from my home.

    There is a lot of competition out there and I refuse to give my business to people that don’t deserve it.
  31. LonePeakHomeBrewery

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    I have no beer in this pub but for those mentioning freedom of speech a civics lesson. The 1st Amendment is between the people and the government. The Bruery as well as this forum can ban patrons as they want as there is no freedom of speech. The exception is if they are being banned as part of being a protected class.

    So the Bruery is completely within their rights to tell them they are no longer welcome at their establishment because of their comments.
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  32. CedarLakeSkier

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    I’m not sure what happened but I frequent a brewery in Michigan (Greenbush) and for about a month they had a notice by every register that said (this guys name) and (this guys mug club number) are banned from the establishment and if he enters the police should be notified.

    The mug club number was pretty low meaning he had been a regular for a while.

    Not sure how bad you need to mess up to be a regular for some time and then get banned and I hope I never find out (at least first hand)
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    So about 2 years ago my g/f and I visited 3 Sheets Brewing in Albany, Oregon hoping to find another local brewery other than Deluxe and Calapooia Brewing to occasionally stop and have a beer or 2. As "beer geeks" be have sipped our share of local, national, and international beers, so we are NOT novices to the beer scene, or the characteristics of what a particular beer should taste like in terms of style.
    When visiting a new brewery or brew pub for the first time we take take notice of things like how clean a brewery is (or isn't), the decor, service, ambience, etc..... not just the beers themselves. Although I wasn't "banned", we have never set foot (or even considered doing so) since our visit. I wrote the following HONEST review based on the beers we tasted, and the service we witnessed. It was not well received by the owner / brewer to say the least. Unfortunately he must have deleted his response to me, as I wasn't able to find it on Yelp, where I posted my review.

    At any rate, here is my HONEST assessment of his establishment.

    Nice tastefully decorated taproom, but thats' where the "positive" in my visit stops. Of the 10 beer selections, my g/f and I selected 4, a Black IPA, Scottish Ale, Pumpkin Ale, and a Belgian Wit. Normally, I get a sense of how good a brewery might be by the quality of their Pale Ale, but none were offered at this establishment. The Black IPA was lacking in character, nothing stood out, and if 5 CDAs including this one were compared side by side in a taste test, this example would finish a distant 6th place.
    The Pumpkin Ale was a total "trainwreck". Collaboration was with a "cousin", or "nephew" according to the information available. Brewer would be wise to leave family (especially if they have no, or limited brewing experience) out of the equation. This was nothing more than a poorly constructed brown ale with an overdose of nutmeg and other spices.
    The Scottish Ale was better. An interesting twist where the brewer attempted to create his "beer version" of a favorite rye whiskey that he enjoys. This wasn't bad, a noble experiment, and probably the best of the beers we tried on our visit.
    The Belgian Wit, though it showed some of the characteristics of the style, was in my opinion, "thin", and lacking in taste, and would be a disservice to my palate if I were to choose this on warm summer day.
    Service. Hmmmmm.... I should leave this to the readers of this review to form, should they venture to this establishment. Suffice it to say, that when other patrons were overheard telling the barmaid the selections of their taster tray that they did not enjoy ( 3 beers, I believe they mentioned) her response was "defensive", as if she was offended. This might be due to her "youth", and lack of business experience, but her response was not one where those patrons will probably give this establishment another visit. Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to "like" this brewery....... I can't say I'll return. Suffice it to say if the owner/brewer doesn't concentrate on the quality of the beers, and service, 3 Sheets Brewing will soon be 3 Sheets in the wind.
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    Don't know how many were banned but a few people were upset at Sole Artisan Ale's beer club. Now called Separatist Beer Project. The owner responded by removing public comment on FB. I would bet a few photo's may remain on the "do not serve list".
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    Society Deactivated

    Sounds like shooting one's self in the foot
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    Well they should be banned if they did that. Good for the brewery.
  37. Mr_Caviezel

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    We know of an instance when a brewery contemplated a ban on a patron for writing a scathing review because it was filled with ad hominem attacks against staffers that were known to have never mistreated the patron. The rationale was "if you said these hateful things out loud in the brewery, you'd be banned for unwarranted hateful and hurtful behavior." At the same time, the patron LOVED all the beers and said as much. Although it was posted from an anonymous Yelp account, many factors identified the patron. They never moved forward with the ban, though because the patron died shortly after leaving her destructive review.
  38. Beer_Economicus

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  39. JrGtr

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    I agree completely with this. Not saying The Bruery was right, but judging from the post, they just did what he was threatening to do, and moved it up a few months.
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    That’s some NCIS stuff right there!!!
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