Hauenstein in the Twin Cities?

Discussion in 'Midwest' started by blackdog1101, May 14, 2012.

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  1. ben4bier

    ben4bier Initiate (142) Mar 3, 2013 Minnesota

    I noticed over the weekend that the bar at the depot in Minneapolis (stone arch bar) has haueie on tap as well a pretty good variety of other local brews.
  2. hamham

    hamham Initiate (37) Oct 26, 2011 Minnesota

    which beers would this one compare to, flavor-wise?
  3. KarlHungus

    KarlHungus Poo-Bah (3,007) Feb 19, 2005 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Schell's Lakemaid maybe.
  4. morimech

    morimech Poo-Bah (3,063) Nov 6, 2006 Minnesota

    As Chaz will point out, Lakemaid is not a Schell's brand.
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  5. Chaz

    Chaz Poo-Bah (1,934) Feb 3, 2002 Minnesota
    Premium Member Beer Trader

    Now, if only I can convince the rest of the beer-y internet that it ain't a Schell brand. :sunglasses:

    (Do I dare even mention the cans which were especially packaged and stickered for distribution in Rapala's hometown digs in Finland, only to be destroyed, and how rare those cans are? :grimacing:)
  6. muck1979

    muck1979 Initiate (153) Jul 3, 2005 Minnesota

    Didn't the Lakemaid contract move from Schell's to Stevens Point recently?
  7. Chaz

    Chaz Poo-Bah (1,934) Feb 3, 2002 Minnesota
    Premium Member Beer Trader

    As with so much of what happens in the beer industry, some pertinent details get lost on the Information Superhighway and find themselves tucked into little side streets and cul-de-sacs, so it's worth noting this much:

    Lakemaid did in fact begin as a partnership* between Rapala, August Schell, and an outfit based in Minneapolis called
    "Pocket Hercules" -- here's the original P.R. archived at the Rapala website. And here's an article at MinnPost with a brief description of the arrangement -- from a story they featured in 2011:
    Yes. The brewing contract was indeed accepted by Stevens Point in 2012, with production commencing in early 2013 (around last March; I'd seen a COLAs for it around then.)

    *It was more than just a contract, as it had the August Schell name on the label and packaging and was initially sold through the network of August Schell wholesale distributors. Also, the recipe was developed at August Schell.
  8. hamham

    hamham Initiate (37) Oct 26, 2011 Minnesota

    it's never made sense to me why this beer intended for fishermen would be in bottles instead of cans.
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  9. leezy

    leezy Initiate (66) Sep 13, 2009 Minnesota
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    Was at Central Ave Liquor NE yesterday to pick up a bomber and saw 6 and 12pk cans in the cooler fwiw
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  10. ben4bier

    ben4bier Initiate (142) Mar 3, 2013 Minnesota

    is hauenstein still brewed by schells?
  11. jera1350

    jera1350 Poo-Bah (2,130) Dec 15, 2007 Minnesota

    Nope, Surly brews it now.
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  12. ben4bier

    ben4bier Initiate (142) Mar 3, 2013 Minnesota

    I thought I noticed the little man seems angrier looking than he used to.

    I know that the label is still owned by arenson's out of sleepy eye, but they have contracted with schell's since mn brewing closed in '02, although schell's doesn't do much contract brewing anymore I don't think
  13. Chaz

    Chaz Poo-Bah (1,934) Feb 3, 2002 Minnesota
    Premium Member Beer Trader

    August Schell does indeed fulfill more brewing contracts than many beer hobbyists (collectors, Tickers, festival-goers) are aware of. Look into the history of the Fat Weasel beers (via the: "Steinhaus" beer imprint, which is positively ancient in terms of today's contracts), and that's just for starters -- there are many more former and current contracts. For us collectors of labels and cans, it can be a nightmare tracking it all down, since so much of it happened before there was an Internet -- much less a SeekABrew! :grimacing:

    Just for reference (and apologies in advance for the pedantry and link-tastic nature of this post, but I hope this is helpful to everyone), take a look at this link.

    Up until a little over a year ago, August Schell had brewed and co-packaged all of the beverages and labels owned by New Ulm Brewing & Beverage Company, which principally includes the beloved draught soda 1919 Root Beer, but also the Buddy's Sodas labels and Hauenstein Beer. The Arneson contract is the longest-running contract at August Schell that I am aware of, but perhaps some of those brands have indeed changed the location in which they are produced, and are no longer brewed and packaged at August Schell? It's doubtful that Surly would've taken them on -- although that's certainly an amusing notion ("Hauenstein: Now with 100% more oats!")

    P.S. Note: there are two retired "Ulmer" (Ulmer Braun and Ulmer Lager) labels which are listed here as August Schell labels but which are not, in fact, August Schell-owned brands. Rather, those are also owned by Arneson Distributing (the owners of the N.U.B. & B. Co. brands/labels.) There was enough salient/correct information in this story at ConnectBusiness to go on the last time I checked (via a series of private email exchanges with Rae Ann Arneson, in 2010). Said information was correct up until November, 2012 -when my change request (for Hauenstein be listed as a NUBB brand and label, rather than one owned by August Schell) was finally approved, here at Beer Advocate.
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  14. ben4bier

    ben4bier Initiate (142) Mar 3, 2013 Minnesota

    the ulmer beers were pretty darn good lagers, I just recall hearing about schell's dropping more and more contracts to accommodate the grain belt acquisition and expansion. How does their percentage of contract brewing/own brands compare now vs. 2002 when they picked up grain belt?
  15. JMN44

    JMN44 Aspirant (230) Sep 19, 2013 Minnesota
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    I completely agree. If Lakemaid was sold in cans and at a lower price point it had a better chance of actually catching on with fisherman. I fish a lot and have never seen anyone drinking it in a boat.
  16. Chaz

    Chaz Poo-Bah (1,934) Feb 3, 2002 Minnesota
    Premium Member Beer Trader

    Lakemaid's success is (and was) contingent on its original concept, which was driven entirely by marketing. 12 bottles in a 12-pack/N.R. translated to 12 distinct labels, complete with "collectible bottlecaps" with puzzles beneath them (trading on Bitcoin as we speak!) -- ya can't print those puzzles on the inside of cans. :slight_frown:

    Likewise, the Pocket Hercules folks were not prepared (initially) to undertake the minimum order for cans, but maybe that's changed? I haven't seen a label approval for a can from Point -- here's the one and only can packaged by Schell*:


    * As a collector, I wish I hadn't recycled all of my empties, now.
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