Have you converted your significant other to your passion for beer?

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My significant other is...

  1. Converted

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  2. Supportive

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  3. Indifferent

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  4. Not supportive

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  5. Fed up

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  1. Phocion

    Phocion Initiate (0) Aug 5, 2005 Minnesota

    Why isn't there an option for she already was a beer geek when we met? I was friends with her old college roommate back around 2007 and discovered a ton of Alaskan/Stone bombers in the fridge during a party at their apartment (this was years before either distributed anywhere near Minnesota). This naturally led to me asking the roommate who they belonged to, and the rest is history.

    Attractive early 20-something female beer geeks are pretty common today (thankfully), but she was definitely a rarity 8 years ago.
  2. fearfactory

    fearfactory Initiate (0) Aug 12, 2012 Massachusetts

    Thankfully, mine is a non drinker of alcohol.
  3. Mark-Leggett

    Mark-Leggett Zealot (532) Jul 30, 2014 Missouri

    Supportive, she will try things and likes quite a few
  4. dennis3951

    dennis3951 Champion (829) Mar 6, 2008 New Jersey

    My wife does not enjoy beer. I have never felt any need to convert her.
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  5. cmmcdonn

    cmmcdonn Initiate (0) Jun 21, 2009 Virginia

    I get to buy/brew whatever and whenever I want as long as I share.
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  6. tmbgnicu

    tmbgnicu Devotee (478) Mar 15, 2014 Pennsylvania

    My wife likes light porters and stouts. She also really likes sours. She mostly likes those beers due to their light alcohol content. She's tried big BA stouts, the top rated IPAs and such and she gets it, but they're not for her. We did get tix to Wild Friendship Day and she is super excited for that. She is also pregnant with our second child and has asked for Sam Smith Oatmeal and Chocolate stouts to be in the fridge when she gets home, as well as Westbrook Gose. And we are opening a bottle of HF Anna together to celebrate the birth.
  7. cjgiant

    cjgiant Poo-Bah (4,205) Jul 13, 2013 District of Columbia

    Minor thread hijack:
    Since I had no challenge with converting the GF (prev post) - I moved on to the parents. My Dad's palate is pretty broad so he was receptive, but the more bitter beers I found are not his favorites. Wee Heavies were the first bees (and style) I found he liked.

    Then there's my mom, who sounds like quite a few SOs described: hard sell. I've had only one success (a chocolate stout), and a bunch of failures. The best I get is her not making a face, generally. She almost hit me for giving her a sip of Allagash Coolship without warning. She does always want to try my home brews, which is nice.
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  8. jakemn91

    jakemn91 Initiate (0) Jun 14, 2013 Minnesota

    My girlfriend is a convert. She's not quite to BA status yet, but I think it's coming...

    When I met her in college, she drank mostly mixed drinks, boxed wine and Bud light as is typical for students. When we started dating, I introduced her to a wide variety of beer. I tried to change her mind about what she thought 'beer' tasted like by exposing her to styles like coffee beers and fruity sours. She liked those and it just progressed from there. Now when I visit, she has bombers of this and that lined up in the fridge.
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  9. charlzm

    charlzm Initiate (0) Sep 3, 2007 California

    Over the past 14 years, my significant other has gone from hating beer to tolerating my hobby. It's progress!

    Seriously, though, she's not afraid of taking a sip of anything to try it out, but she would never drink a glass of any beer willingly. Her favorites are Flanders red ales and tart (but not puckering) sour beers. She utterly hates hoppy beers.
  10. RJM1978

    RJM1978 Initiate (83) Dec 10, 2014 Nevada

    My girlfriend and I went out to a tapping of several new beers and a bottle share last night. I had already picked up a few different bottles earlier that day and as we were leaving she headed over to the cooler picked out a bottle Sucaba and Cascade and paid for them then handed me the bag. I said "Thanks." To her reply... "What do you mean? Those are for me."

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  11. fureousangel

    fureousangel Initiate (0) May 19, 2012 California

    This is an awesome thread. My wife, The CEO, doesn't drink at all. However, she rides with me to and through all of my adventures. She knows beer like anyone else and enjoys the craft beer journey.

    Having my best friend being involved makes it so much more fun.
  12. thgreatrandini

    thgreatrandini Initiate (0) Jun 26, 2014 Pennsylvania

    Full convert on consumption of quality beer, iffy on the cost...
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  13. seabeetastetest

    seabeetastetest Initiate (0) Feb 18, 2015 Texas

    She likes the craft beer she doesnt like the amount of cash i spend on it though.
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  14. tmbgnicu

    tmbgnicu Devotee (478) Mar 15, 2014 Pennsylvania

    Yes, I should have mentioned. The cost is not clear to her, though she recognized the value of WFD at $100 ticket without me having to explain it.
  15. Greywulfken

    Greywulfken Poo-Bah (4,190) Aug 25, 2010 New York
    Premium Trader

    The missus don't care one way or another about my craft beer world - she doesn't like beer - actually she doesn't really drink much at all, but when she does it's either Long Island Iced Teas and similar mixed drinks, or wine...
  16. QuakeAttack

    QuakeAttack Devotee (443) Mar 19, 2012 California

    She is somewhere between convert and supportive. When we started dating in the early 90s, we would buy six packs of SN Pale Ale (still her favorite), Porter, and Stouts. Her preference is for ales, porters, and stouts and doesn't like hoppy beers. However, she doesn't go out and buy bombers and doesn't really remember many of the different offerings (beyond SN, Firestone Walker and a few others). She usually asks me to select a beer for her. Still, she goes to beer events and bars (festivals, SF Beer Week, dinners) and has no problem with me heading out every weekend to pick up a few bombers.
  17. SammyJaxxxx

    SammyJaxxxx Poo-Bah (2,219) Feb 23, 2012 New Jersey
    Premium Trader

    Much to my suprise, the wife stopped and picked up a couple of bottles of KBS for me today.
    She's a good woman
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  18. biboergosum

    biboergosum Poo-Bah (12,160) Oct 28, 2007 Alberta (Canada)

    Nope, and I don't really wanna - she looks damned fine for having a 2 year old toddler (mine, in case y'all are wondering), and what with her Dairy Queen obsession, beer would just be the proverbial straw, calorie-wise.
  19. The-Adjunct-Hippie

    The-Adjunct-Hippie Poo-Bah (3,367) May 12, 2014 Nebraska

    (now ex)-wife was pretty manipulative and restrictive about the whole beer thing. Here I was really starting to get into the craft (I only drank occasionally before we were married and the first couple years of our marriage) and she had to go destroy it. Every time I'd walk in with a six pack she'd mutter, "now did you really need that?". It got old after awhile and pretty soon she was getting counselors involved saying I "had a drinking problem". She deduced that more than 1 beer a day was a "problem", and more than 12 beers in the house at a time was "hoarding".

    We had other problems too, but that was one of them. Funny, I never said a thing about her Hobby Lobby addiction.

    ...I'm much happier now.
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  20. 1stand3rd

    1stand3rd Initiate (68) Mar 13, 2009 New Jersey

    Convert. My wife loves IPAs. At a family Christmas party, we brought a growler of Kane Head High. Gave a glass to my cousin (a Coors light guy). His reaction...ewww, this tastes like a Christmas tree. My wife takes the glass out of his hands and pounds it.

    When we're at a bar, she will seek out IPAs or DIPAs. The bartender often warns her of the flavor profile. She responds she's well aware and to bring what she ordered.

    It's her idea to vacation in San Diego, just so we can drink the offerings or visit Russian River, Ballast Point, Alesmith, Alpine, etc

    I've got a keeper.
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  21. NYR-Zuuuuc

    NYR-Zuuuuc Aspirant (295) Jan 1, 2013 Connecticut

    Not a huge fan of craft beer, but really likes the driving adventures in the old wrangler to visit new breweries.
  22. fredmugs

    fredmugs Poo-Bah (1,500) Aug 11, 2012 Indiana

    I didn't convert her as much as I expanded her horizons. First time she came over I gave her a Zombie Dust and she hated it but now she takes her lunch break on Wed to get her 2 bottle allotment. She is also a yarn snob so we plan trips around breweries and yarn shops. I'm starting to get scared because she is coming around to barrel aged stouts.
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  23. TurkeyFeathers

    TurkeyFeathers Initiate (0) Jun 22, 2014 New York

    Score ! Wife and shared a Pizza Boy Golden Sour last night. She liked it a lot. Agreed to a sour tasting event coming up in a few weeks. Stouts, Ipas were a bust. Liked Gose too. Making progress
  24. BrewlsRules

    BrewlsRules Initiate (25) Mar 24, 2015 Wisconsin

    My wife has a few different styles she sticks to, but is pretty willing to try just about any beer I pour. I know if she doesn't like it, it just means I'll have to finish it.

    Great thing is that as long as I buy her something I know she will like, she doesn't care how much I spend on the stuff I want to buy.
  25. SteveB24

    SteveB24 Initiate (0) Aug 29, 2013 New York

    tried to convert her countless times…until it dawned on me that the drinking habits of one BA are expensive enough!
  26. Soloveitchik

    Soloveitchik Disciple (348) Feb 7, 2013 New York

    I voted for 'convert' but the truth is that she (and her family) converted me. My family does not drink at all, I never even had a drink until after my 21st birthday and I never actually enjoyed a beer until I was in my 30's and discovered real craft beer. My wife's family are big drinkers (beer, wine, spirits, 4loko, everything really but depends on the individual) but my intoxicant of choice is a bit frowned upon in their conservative republican family. So, little by little I began drinking at their family functions and then one day I discovered lagunitas sucks and troeggs nugget nectar and I realized how delicious and complicated beer could be. Although my father in law, who is a serious drinker, will not touch anything except for mich ultra his brother and nephew are big into craft so we always have a mini bottle share at family dinners. For easter in a few days I am bringing down a growler of Bodhi. My wife, who still prefers red wine, has a real taste for ipa's and stouts (but not barrel aged). We recently went to EBF together and she still can't stop talking about ithaca java power (she loves coffee forward pale ale's like wake up call from peekskill) and good morning from tree house. Good morning is actually her favorite beer of all time :slight_smile: so a trip out to tree house is in the near future.

    On a side note visiting local breweries has become a nice weekend activity for us. We both enjoy going for a drive and now we both enjoy craft beer. There must be 50-60 breweries within 2 hours of us and we are slowly making our way through the finger lakes beer trail.
  27. TheNightwatchman

    TheNightwatchman Devotee (466) Mar 28, 2009 Pennsylvania

    Currently single, so no. :wink:

    I tried with my last girlfriend, but she wasn't too interested. She'd try just about anything I offered her, but she never really chose to drink any on her own. She'd get Miller Lite if she wanted a beer.
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  28. asparkoflife

    asparkoflife Aspirant (229) Jul 12, 2011 Massachusetts

    My lady totally gets it. She also loves Sours/Saisons. So it's all good when we go out and split an expensive bottle somewhere. yessss
  29. WiscoTerr

    WiscoTerr Aspirant (238) Feb 20, 2014 Colorado

    Nope. My wife hates beer, and I don't see that changing. She'll try something on occasion and say "I understand why you like that", but also thinks all beer tastes the same.

    She's come around on my habit though. I don't hear her complain much about what I spend (she doesn't ask which is good) and this morning even offered to pick up my KBS allotment so I didn't have to drive across town. Oh, and she bought me a wine fridge to store my beer.

    It'd be cool to share some of my favorites with her, but it's like golf. I'd like her to play, but if she gets into it, I'll be paying twice as much.
  30. MikeWard

    MikeWard Poo-Bah (1,535) Sep 14, 2011 Pennsylvania

    Not one bit. My daughter on the other hand is a convert and married a man with fine taste in beer. So I figure i'm batting .500.
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  31. Hesscabob

    Hesscabob Aspirant (219) Mar 16, 2014 Illinois

    The day that my fiance (in 1 month my wife) said this Lagunitas IPA is my favorite beer was close to the happiest day of my life. Nothing better than sharing a passion with your significant other (great topic OP).

    Her progression was IPA, Hefeweizens: Our Homebrew: "It Takes Two", DIPA, Light Stouts and now onto sips of my BBA Stouts. I dont understand why people get nervous about their significant others loving BBA Stouts.. Whats better than sharing your favorite beer with your favorite person, thats why they come in 22oz bottles! Ching ching
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  32. leopoldmf

    leopoldmf Initiate (0) Apr 3, 2015 Mississippi

    She likes beer enough to enjoy it greatly with me, but is grounded enough to not let me sell the farm for it. It's healthier this way.
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  33. 2beerdogs

    2beerdogs Poo-Bah (2,113) Jan 31, 2005 California
    Premium Trader

    Checks and Balances.
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  34. 2beerdogs

    2beerdogs Poo-Bah (2,113) Jan 31, 2005 California
    Premium Trader

    Dude!!! Great name for a couple brewed homebrew!!!
    ISO: It Takes Two DIPA
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  35. bluehende

    bluehende Poo-Bah (2,017) Dec 10, 2010 Delaware

    The best thing about having a wife that is supportive but does not drink.............built in Designated driver.
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  36. Celtics76

    Celtics76 Defender (656) Sep 5, 2011 Rhode Island

    My wife is supportive but prefers wine and cocktails. I feel no need to "convert" her. For me, going to breweries/beerfests/brewpubs is something I do with my brother and old friends. At 38, it's one of the few ways I can keep in touch, as we don't simply "hang out" as much anymore.
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  37. 2beerdogs

    2beerdogs Poo-Bah (2,113) Jan 31, 2005 California
    Premium Trader

    I actually like how you said it. "I expanded...horizons."
    That's actually how I think of myself as a Beer Diplomat. Those who are already drinking beer and newcomers alike.
  38. Hesscabob

    Hesscabob Aspirant (219) Mar 16, 2014 Illinois

    Best Part: She thought of it!
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  39. mjk91383

    mjk91383 Initiate (0) Nov 3, 2014 South Carolina

    my dog never got into beer, thankfully. her designer leash habit costs me enough as it is.
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  40. McMatt7

    McMatt7 Disciple (327) Jul 30, 2014 Pennsylvania

    My cats, Liefman and Professor Fritz Briem, are my SOs, and they're fed up with my craft beer hobby. I tried saving corks for a while but they kept hiding them from me. If i have people over to share bottles they hide in my room. I can't leave a beer on the table without them knocking it to the ground. If i'm not holding a laser pointer or sleeping they want nothing to do with me. I'm having a few people over to do a Bigfoot vertical tonight, should be a disaster. Worst relationship ever.