Heineken launches first virtual beer in the Metaverse: Heineken Silver

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    Brewing with Pixels, Not Yeast – Heineken® launches first virtual beer brewed in the virtual world, Heineken® Silver

    Amsterdam, 17th March: Heineken® today launched its first, brand new, virtual beer, Heineken® Silver, exclusively in its virtual brewery within the immersive digital platform, Decentraland.

    In the real world, Heineken® is known for its uncompromising quality, refined from decades of brewing innovation. Now, the same brewing expertise that made Heineken® world-famous is undergoing a high-tech transformation to take on the metaverse, one pixel at a time. Heineken® has always been passionate about natural ingredients, but in the metaverse it’s all about the finest, 100% computer-generated ingredients.

    Our special A-yeast, usually brewed in horizontal tanks, has been replaced with A-Pixels. Forget hops harvested in fields, virtual Heineken® Silver is brewed with Binary Coded Hops grown by NPC (non-player character) farmers. And of course, the whole virtual brewing process is overseen by Heineken®’s dedicated Virtual Brewing Assistants, digitised stand-ins for our Star Brewers.

    These elements come together to develop a completely unique beer that visitors to Heineken®’s virtual brewery in Decentraland will be able to see in the virtual world. If only they we were able to 3D print the product, they’d be able to hold and taste virtual Heineken® Silver in the real world.

    The virtual beer was unveiled at a product launch event in Heineken®’s virtual brewery, where guests were able to learn about how the beer is made in seconds, while enjoying pixelated lobster and caviar and rubbing shoulders with Heineken® ambassadors, including Thierry Henry.

    Bram Westenbrink, Global Head Heineken® Brand, said: “At Heineken®, we believe that connecting with people is vital to human existence, like the air we breathe or the water we drink, and we know that the metaverse brings people together in a light-hearted and immersive way that is exciting – but it’s just not the best place to taste a new beer. Our new virtual beer, Heineken® Silver is an ironic joke. It is a self-aware idea that pokes fun at us and many other brands that are jumping into the metaverse with products that are best enjoyed in the real world. For now, you can’t taste pixels and bytes. So, we want to make a joke about that and remind everyone that nothing beats the taste of a refreshing beer, including our new virtual Heineken® Silver, in the real world.”

    To add a little more flavour to the metaverse and the virtual Heineken® Silver, Heineken® has partnered with Spanish self-taught street artist, J. Demsky to help design parts of the virtual home of Heineken® Silver.

    J.Demsky said: “As a long-time lover of Heineken®, I was excited to be involved with this fun and unique launch that brings the brand, and virtual Heineken® Silver, to life in a unique way. To be able to give people a way to artistically understand what a virtual drink could taste like, especially when you combine all the pixels and technology together, fits perfectly with who I am and the art I like to create – so I hope people love my interpretation of what virtual Heineken® Silver could be like if it had a flavour.”

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    ...but due to a yet to be determined computer glitch, the beer itself is still light-struck!
  3. jageraholic

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    I know this sounds old man crotchety, but the interest and money being poured into the metaverse doesn't make any sense to me.
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  4. moodenba

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    Well, for me the Heineken metaverse would probably be as enjoyable as the real-world Heineken experience. So maybe the corporate effort wasn't completely wasted.

    We experience the metaverse now through goggles and headphones. Maybe meta-beer should wait for nose and mouth extensions.
  5. jesskidden

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    It ain't supposed to make sense, it supposed to make money ---
    for the corporations. (How? Beats me - I, too, am a crotchety old man - and have been that way all my life :grin:).

    The public is way too "intelligent" and "sophisticated" (ironic quotes properly used ironically) to fall for Cardiff Giants and Pet Rocks these days, thus the Metaverse.
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  6. distantmantra

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    Web3 just feels like an MLM.
  7. Giantspace

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    This will let me drink all day and still be able to drive.

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  8. beardown2489

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    Cool. Now we’re advocating for virtual beers. Make it stop please
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  9. Todd

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  10. billandsuz

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    Of course.
    Of course Heineken released this, uh, statement. Who else does this dumb shit?

    There are people that wake up in the morning, go to work, and this is their job. Make up ways to sell made up things in a make up world, they get paid a lot of money to tell real people about it.

    I feel bad for society.
  11. jesskidden

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    All of 'em?

    If they could, especially if you include all "dumb shit", not just this particular variety of same. :grin: Just walk down any beer aisle and browse the labels or check breweries' Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Makes you wish more of it was "virtual".

    Yeah, me, too. But there are many people out there working to put it out of its misery. (How? Well, there are two schools of thought on that one...:grimacing:).
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  12. LesDewitt4beer

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  13. Coronaeus

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    “Heineken Silver … is a self-aware idea…”

    And that’s how it starts…
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  14. Shanex

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    Heineken and Metaverse is more than enough I needed to read.
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  15. JackHorzempa

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    What!?! :astonished:

    Heineken 'beat' the BrewDog dudes to the metaverse!?! :confused:

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  16. HouseofWortship

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    If this was April 1st I’d pat Heineken on the back, alas it is not and now I have a virtual hangover. If people are going to live in the meta verse I guess you have to put your brand there? I hope people blow all their money on virtual crap so tangible real work stuff has less demand and drops in price.
  17. Harrison8

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    Just praying we don't get to a point of trading virtual brown water for beer.
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  18. jbakajust1

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    Heineken Silver
    Served in a virtual mug from a virtual can at the Decentraland brewery.

    Pours a pixelated straw color with blocky white foam that dissipates quickly. Not sure if that is real, or if my FPS is too low. Anyways, the beer is anything but clear. Not sure if the can was shaken, the beer didn't lager long enough, or the digital brewers forgot to adjust the transparency on the color settings.

    Beer smells like cheetos. I don't know if that is from the old digital hops, and some DMS, or if I am just catching whiffs of the crumbs on my keyboard. Faint skunkiness too. Yup, I remember now, I smoked a fat bowl and got the munchies before going online. Apparently this beer has no aroma.

    My avatar on the screen seems to enjoy the taste. Not sure if that is code or what, but I can't taste anything. Wait, is that plastic? And a hint of cardboard? How is a virtual beer oxidized and has an infection? Oh, nevermind, I just took these VR gloves out of the box.

    Mouthfeel is solid. Not solid, like spot on for style, like, literally solid.

    Overall perception is that this entire trip to Decentraland and all the bitcoin I just spent to get this beer was a huge waste. I never thought I would ever say I prefer regular Heineken. Oh well, at least I didn't have to stand in line for 3 hours for an overpriced can of Fruit smoothie sour IPA stout with pretzels and oatmeal cookies. Tickers gonna tick, right.
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  19. Haunzzy

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    I enjoyed the video, it was a clever carefree way to promote and advertise the real Heineken Silver which I had no idea existed, so the advertisement worked. Will I drink it? Most likely no, but I will def mention this to my friends that do.
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  20. sculls65

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    How much is it. ? Don't folks pay for stuff in the Metaverse??
  21. Urk1127

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  22. dcotom

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    Wonder why they dropped this load of meadow muffins on March 17? Throwing a little shade on St. Patrick? Of course, "Virtual Fools' Day" does have a nice ring to it...
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  23. Tennessee51

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    yes! This is far beyond the Pale!!
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  24. LiquidAmber

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    It's always sad when old men in suits and ties try to act cool and with it to new generations.
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  25. Tennessee51

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    I'm just wondering if anybody knows how to contact Heineken ( I couldn't find contact info on their site). I'd like to suggest them making an Ice Beer....Heineken Ice!
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  26. jzeilinger

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    I sit here laughing at this make believe non-sense as I sip on a real beer. "The senses are a terrible thing to waste."
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  27. HorseheadsHophead

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    I literally don't understand what is happening here. Is this a beer for a video game? Do you buy a fictional beer for a video game character to drink? What makes it different from buying a regular Heineken for a computer character? I'm so confused.
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  28. jzeilinger

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    Nothing at all to do with current politics and world events. Looks like a take on that infamous picture of Putin on a horse.

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  29. JackHorzempa

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    Yup, except that James Watt's horse is much prettier!

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  30. Haunzzy

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    there is a link in the original post that takes you to a actual real beer. the whole thing was a promotion for a real beer
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  31. AzfromOz

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    Well done - that was very clever!

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  32. EmperorBatman

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    Great, now even the (fake) beer in the (fake) world is terrible. Even less interested in Meta than earlier…

    Now, to enjoy a crisp German lager in the forest, to smell the cool pine and ponder how wonderful this real world is, and how I’d never have it any other way.
  33. Raime

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    Hopefully Skynet isn't an angry drunk
  34. IPAExpert69

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    If only Putin chose to invade the metaverse instead
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  35. Tennessee51

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    Ice beer is my fav. and so is Heineken but then I saw the ABV....anything less than 5% is a turn off for me! ( pref. 5.5-9%)
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  36. Squire

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    My virtual taste buds are flat so I'll stick with the real thing.
  37. Todd

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  38. Blueribbon666

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    The 21st century snake oil sales PEOPLE (:rolling_eyes:)
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  39. Blueribbon666

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    I'm waiting for that underground movement of REAL LIFE as opposed to going to a show and standing behind a sea of myopic souls VIEWING their lives at a concert through the fish eye and then upload their terrible shaky concert clips to YouTube. :rolling_eyes:
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  40. dcotom

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