Hello from Argentina

Discussion in 'New Members' started by ratabuly87, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. ratabuly87

    ratabuly87 Initiate (31) Oct 12, 2018 Argentina

    Well this is my 1st message in this board so I expect to get in touch with beer experts and learn more stuff in the world of beers.
  2. dcotom

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    Welcome! Not all of us are experts, but we do like beer. :slight_smile: Cheers!
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  3. Dutchcraftbeergeek

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    Ola, and cheers from Holland!
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  4. ratabuly87

    ratabuly87 Initiate (31) Oct 12, 2018 Argentina

    Well thanks both users. Sadly thing about my country nowadays is that its cheaper to us (consumers) to import beer from Holland (Bavaria) than buy national-made beers like Quilmes, Brahma or any other industrial pale lager
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  5. Mothergoose03

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    Welcome to the BA site, ratabuly87. That's an astounding statement about the cost of your domestic beers vs. imported beers, but I don't know the status of your economic factors that could cause that. If macro beers are your only home-country choice (no craft beers), and if they aren't very good, I'd buy imports just to send a message to your government. But that's politics and we're not supposed to discuss that stuff here. Enjoy your time on the site.
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  6. Squire

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    Hello ratabuly, welcome to BA. I wish you had a wider range of choices but good beer is good beer and Bavaria certainly makes some good ones. Also, any beer you are drinking is worthy of a post in our daily "What Beer are You Drinking Now" thread over in the Beer Talk forum so feel free to join the conversation.
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  7. PatrickCT

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    Welcome and Cheers from Connecticut!