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  1. d0n_nill0

    d0n_nill0 Initiate (110) Jul 11, 2018 Denmark

    Hey beer folks.

    Finally got around to make an account on here. Really wanna give the trade scene a go and thought this would be a great place to start.
    Been messing about with craft beers for a good year or 2 now, starting to build a collection and also doing a bit of cellaring (though my collection is still modest). Recently got a job at a craft beer bar in Copenhagen so though I'm still learning I've got quite a decent knowledge of beer.

    So.... Hi all! Also, is there any Danes or even Europeans on here? It seems every post on here is from the US ☺
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  2. Squire

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    Hello d0n_nill0, welcome to BA. I would really like to hear about your experiences with the craft beer scene there in Copenhagen.
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    Hi d0n_nill0

    We are a few active danes on here and probably a good number lurking as well.
  4. d0n_nill0

    d0n_nill0 Initiate (110) Jul 11, 2018 Denmark

    Thanks! Well, what do you wanna know? It's been booming the last few years with lots of bars opening up and a general acceptance of beers as being something more than just Tuborg. Of course there's the ever present Mikkeller but Copenhagen has so much more to offer. Have you ever been?

    Sounds good. Always nice to have some like-minded souls around ☺
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  5. Squire

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    I haven't been to Copenhagen but would like to visit. I also would like to hear your thoughts and those of your customers about preferences in craft beers (or traditional beers) available in your area. I suggest you post over in the Beer Talk forum where a wider group of members could join the conversation.
  6. d0n_nill0

    d0n_nill0 Initiate (110) Jul 11, 2018 Denmark

    Still trying to find my around all the different forums but I'll look into it ☺
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    Welcome and Cheers from Connecticut!
  8. dcotom

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    Welcome! BA is truly international. There are members from all over the world. (There are even a couple of jokers from Antarctica. :stuck_out_tongue:) Go to the Forums menu and check out the Europe section for beer news and discussion specific to your area.

    Cheers, and good luck!
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