Help! Beer legistation in Texas is being hijacked by one corrupt Senator. Please read this article!

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by ExperimentalAles, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. ExperimentalAles

    ExperimentalAles Initiate (0) May 24, 2012 Texas
    Beer Trader

  2. fredmugs

    fredmugs Poo-Bah (1,506) Aug 11, 2012 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    Texas makes me laugh.
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  3. MC6

    MC6 Initiate (148) Dec 12, 2008 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    anybody else think it's funny that his name is Carona?
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  4. plutoniumpete

    plutoniumpete Aspirant (229) Oct 21, 2008 New Jersey
    Beer Trader

    Seriously, just reading that makes me want to punch that guy in the face. With a keg.
  5. gopens44

    gopens44 Poo-Bah (1,641) Aug 9, 2010 Virginia
    Beer Trader

    What the hell? Attorney General had better check this out and right quick. Such measured and unprovoked ideas screams of impropriety.
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  6. ExperimentalAles

    ExperimentalAles Initiate (0) May 24, 2012 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Well, I posted this to Beer Talk but they moved it here. Pretty disappointing.
  7. UHCougar12

    UHCougar12 Disciple (375) Feb 21, 2011 Texas
    Beer Trader

    ^^I was wondering why there were so many non-texas BAs replying haha
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  8. Ford

    Ford Initiate (0) Sep 8, 2012 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Well that is dumb.. shouldn't beer talk cover talk of beer laws.... bad move BA.
  9. Chuk_Hell

    Chuk_Hell Aspirant (200) Apr 12, 2012 Texas
    Beer Trader

    I posted both of those links to my twitter feed. That's some fucked up shit.
  10. ExperimentalAles

    ExperimentalAles Initiate (0) May 24, 2012 Texas
    Beer Trader

    I just called and talked to Angie who works for Senator Corona, she listened and understood what I was saying. I would recommend all of you call her as well and express your dissatisfaction with what is happening here. Her number of 512-463-0365.
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  11. No1Smitty

    No1Smitty Initiate (0) Nov 7, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

    Sigh! I stopped frequenting my gun forums the last 3 months because of all the bullshit going on in corrupt politics. Now they are coming after my beer ? FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS !!!!
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  12. Clonies720

    Clonies720 Initiate (0) Oct 24, 2012 Texas


    Thanks. Will call tomorrow during work.
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  13. icetrauma

    icetrauma Devotee (468) Sep 7, 2004 Texas

    Anything from Texas appears to be magically moved. JK's Coolship wasn't beer news enough to have it's own thread in the Beer News subforum.
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  14. Azzy

    Azzy Initiate (0) Jul 16, 2012 Texas

    What's good for Texas is good for the rest of ya'll. Instead of helping us they putting us down! Tisk
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  15. drummermattie02

    drummermattie02 Initiate (0) May 10, 2009 Texas
    Beer Trader

    If you drink beer - craft or fizzy yellow - you should be calling Senator Carona right now.

    What you call him is up to you.
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  16. BeanBone

    BeanBone Initiate (0) Oct 12, 2006 Texas

    You're worried about what someone from Indiana thinks? ;)
  17. 13DegN

    13DegN Initiate (160) Mar 25, 2012 Texas
    Beer Trader

    I observed the hearing(s) and SB639 sure looks to have little chance, as it is written. It's an ugly place holder as is, but passing the Senate? Don't see it, but do call/write your reps and voice your view. Polite but firm works best. The good news, to me(so far), is that it is a separate bill and not part of SB515-18. SB639 is in a way a favor (huh?) to craft beer fans. Better to be separate and attempt to stand on its own merits, or lack thereof, than to attach to good bills.

    What was unclear to me since I'm no legislative guru, is if the statement by Corona (below) on "this legislation" applied to SB639 only, since it was the specific topic at that moment, or to all related beer bills covered up to then. I hope it means SB639 only. The alternative would seem unjust. Anyone know?

    "I want a deal one way or the other by 5 p.m. next Monday. So all of you need to understand that's the deadline and if you don't meet that deadline, I'm pushing this legislation to the very end of the session. So you've got a week to work on it."
  18. JCDenver

    JCDenver Initiate (142) Feb 8, 2010 Texas
    Beer Trader

    He means all of it, and it is indeed unjust.
  19. Ford

    Ford Initiate (0) Sep 8, 2012 Texas
    Beer Trader

    I bet Angie is enjoying all these guys calling her to talk about beer this week...:D
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