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    Hi All,
    I'm new to beer cap collecting and I have received these crowns from a friend of mine, I'm not too sure if they are Russian or Ukranian, or maybe both...... any help identifying the brewery and the bottle they relate to would be greatly appreciated, thanks very much [​IMG]
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    Welcome to the BA site, Deaconhearer. I don't see many Russian/Ukrainian caps posted here, so it might be difficult for the regulars who frequent this forum to identify these caps from personal experience. Keep checking back though because you could get some replies.

    However, occasionally a member will post links to some crown cap websites that can be helpful to identify caps. Here is a link to a search that I did of this forum that asks for prior threads that use 'caps' in the thread's title.[title_only]=1&c[node]=42 You can browse these threads to find such a posted link and see if that gets you what you need, but asking google may be a much quicker approach. Good luck.
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  3. Coronaeus

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    As @PapaGoose03 says, these might be beyond most of the collectors who use this site. Ive always found the following helpful, if a bit unwieldy. You can browse by country though, so you should be able to find most if you have the time.
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    Thanks for your reply, I'll keep hunting.
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  5. Deaconhearer

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    Thanks for the good advice, I've got a bit spare time on my hands, hopefully find some of them.
  6. sweetsimon

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    I just saw your post. While I am not familiar with any of these beer crowns or breweries, I know some basic Russian and can at least read the Cyrillic writing on them enough to tell you what each of them says in Latin script, which may point you in the right direction for identifying the brand or brewery:

    Row 1 (left to right):
    Tulskoye Pivo (pivo means beer)
    Tulskoye Pivo
    Deka - Veliky Novgorod (Veliky Novgorod is the city name)
    Aktsiya - Eurovision Song Contest Kyiv 2005

    Row 2 (left to right):
    Tulskoye Pivo
    Tulskoye Pivo
    Ao "Kombinat im Stepana Razina" - Osnovan v 1795 godu (that last bit says in the year 1795)

    Row 3 (left to right):
    (I can't read that red one clearly)
    Chiko - Chiko - Chiko
    (the one with the G says Avrosh at the bottom but I can't read the top part clearly)
    Ipatovskiy Pivzavod Zao

    Row 4 (left to right):
    Absenter Premium (not Cyrillic)
    (hard to see the small writing clearly on the black one)
    Krasnii Vostok (it means "Red East")

    Row 5 (left to right):
    Pito Klichye!
    R&L (not Cyrillic)
    Siberskaya Corona (it means "Siberian Crown")
    Pivovarni Ivana Taranova 1910

    At least one crown says a city which is in Russia (Veliky Novgorod) and one a city in the Ukraine (Kyiv). I hope that's helpful--good luck!
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  7. sweetsimon

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    I was able to type a few of my transcriptions into Google and figure out the brewery (Tulskoye Pivo is in Tula south of Moscow, and Tinkoff is out of St. Petersburg), so I'm hoping that should give you a good lead for many of them. Good luck!
  8. sweetsimon

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    Incidentally, I recall drinking beer sold warm in tall plastic bottles when I did a summer study abroad in Russia in 1998.

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  9. sweetsimon

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    I decided to go ahead and attempt to identify the brands and/or breweries these crowns belong to, through using Google, my previously posted transliterations, and my rudimentary knowledge of Russian (I've listed them going row by row, left to right):

    1. Tulskoye Pivo (Тульское Пиво) Brewery, Tula, Russia
    2. Same as #1
    3. Tinkoff (Тинькофф) Brewery, St. Petersburg, Russia
    4. Deka (Дека) Brewery, Veliky Novgorod, Russia
    5. Desna (Десна) Brewery, Chernihiv, Ukraine (according to
    6. Same as #1
    7. Same as #1
    8. Same as #3
    9. Stepan Razin (Степан Разин) Brewery, St. Petersburg, Russia
    10. Sarmat (Сармат) Brewery, Donetsk, Ukraine
    11. Solodov (Солодов) Beer Company, Kazan, Russia
    12. ??? (unable to read cap clearly)
    13. Chiko alcohol-free drink, Chiko J.S. Co., North Ossetia, Russia (according to
    14. ??? (unable to read cap clearly)
    15. Ipatovo (Ипатово) Brewing Company, Ipatovo, Russia
    16. Lutsenko (Луценко) Beer, Stavropol, Russia (according to
    17. Absenter Premium alcoholic energy drink, Soltein Ltd., Chernogolovka, Russia
    18. Tolstyak (Толстяк) Brewery, Saransk, Russia
    19. ??? (unable to read cap clearly)
    20. Krasny Vostok (Красный Восток) Brewery, Kazan, Russia
    21. Don (дон) Beer, Baltika-Rostov (Балтика — Ростов) Brewery, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
    22. Rogan (Рогань) Brewery, Kharkiv, Ukraine (according to
    23. R&L, Rausch Bier, Moscow, Russia (according to http://пивные-пробки.рф/en/collection/russian_federation/moscow)
    24. Siberskaya Corona (Сибирская Корона) Beer, Rosar (Росар) Brewery, Omsk, Russia
    25. Ivan Taranov (Иван Таранов) Brewery, Novotroitsk, Russia

    If the original poster can put clearer pictures of #12, #14 and #19, then I might be able to figure those out too. It took a little longer than I originally anticipated, as some of them required a little digging and searching around through websites in both English and Russian. Alas, I hope it's helpful!
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    Wow, nice job! I hope it wasn't for naught because it looks like @Deaconhearer hasn't posted on the site since October 8th. Maybe by tagging him he'll discover your work.
  11. sweetsimon

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    Thank you for that @PapaGoose03, I had forgotten that you can tag people on here--I guess that's the type of insight that earned you the grand title of Poo-Bah! Alas, I only sign onto this website from time to time and did not see this message when it was originally posted. I did send @Deaconhearer a private message trying to get his attention, but it seems his only activity on this website was in this post and it was written over a month ago, so it may take him a while to respond, or he may be gone completely.

    I decided to go ahead and check all the crowns' sources anyway, as I realized from my preliminary searches that it may be hard for someone not familiar with Russian to figure them out with any certainty, and so I assumed I was the best one on hand for the job. Even if the original poster doesn't show back up, it still may be informative for somebody who comes along looking for similar crowns.

    I also just did it as a challenge to myself to see how many I could find. I studied Russian in college, but it's become buried in my brain due to being out of practice and also due to since studying several other languages (I served in the U.S. Peace Corps in Tanzania in Africa for two years and then worked as a teacher in China for over ten years, and through those I was immersed in both Swahili and Chinese), so this was a good exercise to brush up on my Russian language skills. Incidentally if any bottle caps appear here in this forum from either Africa or Asia, then I may be able to help with those too.

    Thank you for your encouragement and guidance in the meantime--I hope all is well!
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  12. PapaGoose03

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    Wasn't there a slogan for some beer that went 'If you've got the time, we've got the beer'? (I think it was a Miller slogan from years ago.) In this case, it's 'If you've got the time, we've got the crowns'. :slight_smile:

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  14. sweetsimon

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    @PapaGoose03 I didn't recognize the quote, but through a quick search was able to find a Miller High Life beer commercial featuring that slogan circa 1979 on Youtube. I like your variation anyway--thank you for that--cheers!

    @Beer_Economicus Heh heh, I wouldn't say I'm a beast--my wife would likely just say I'm interested in a lot of things which aren't that important in the grand scheme of things--but I'll take the compliment anyway, so thank you for that! I do have an obsession of sorts with bottle caps, as I've kept every cap from every bottle I ever drank from since starting my collection with a Yoohoo chocolate drink bottle cap when I was 13 years old... which after reaching adulthood has amounted to a lot of beer caps from a lot of beers from a lot of different places over the years. Anyway, thank you for your flattering words, and cheers!
  15. PapaGoose03

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    Miller High Life is it.

    Na Zdorovie
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  16. sweetsimon

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    На здоровье!
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    I realize the original poster never came back, but nevertheless I don't like to leave a job incomplete, and as such those three remaining caps that I couldn't figure out have been quietly gnawing at the back of my brain. So I zoomed in on the photo to read the caps more clearly, and also used the computer snipping tool to do a Google image search of the individual caps, and through that combination of techniques was able to figure out two of the three remaining unidentified caps on my list above:

    14. Gavrosh (Гаврош) Mineral Water Plant, Lermontov, Stavropol Krai, Russia (according to

    19. Bavaria (Бавария) Brewery, St. Petersburg, Russia (according to

    So that takes care of 24 of 25 of them. Frustratingly, I can't read what the red cap (#12 on the above list) says except for a few random letters and am getting no leads from Google searches. I played around with enhancing the photo to try to clarify the writing but it didn't help too much. I'm going to ask a Russian friend if he might recognize it or be able to read what it says. Otherwise, I think that's as far as I can take it.
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  18. PapaGoose03

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    I think you've gone way beyond helpful, but I'm like that too about some things. I just can't read Russian. :slight_smile:
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  19. sweetsimon

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    Thank you! I started out trying to be helpful, but now it's sort of become a puzzle I'm trying to solve. I don't think I'll be able to get the last one without outside assistance anyway. :slight_smile:
  20. sweetsimon

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    My Russian friend came through for me on the last unidentified cap (thanks Andrey!):

    12. Stanichny (Станичный) soft drink, Sladkiye Vodi (Сладкие воды) Company, Stavropol, Russia (according to

    I hope @Deaconhearer will come see that his question has been answered sooner or later. Either way, that's a wrap. :slight_smile:
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