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Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Ipaupaweallpa, Jan 30, 2015.

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  1. pat61

    pat61 Initiate (0) Dec 29, 2010 Minnesota

    I have a friend who has a son in Colorado and have asked him to find various beers for me - he never manages to get it together.
  2. Jirin

    Jirin Initiate (0) Apr 28, 2013 Massachusetts

    Never. I figure there's too much great beer out there to need to fetishize specific beers to that level.
  3. DeadWalkerAir

    DeadWalkerAir Initiate (0) Jan 7, 2014 South Carolina

    I've done it quite a few times mostly with sucess, I asked my mom to pick up Yazoo when she went to Tennessee and she delivered. I've also had two coworkers bring me back Against the Grain and Pizza Port when they went Louisville and San Diego respectively. If they are a good enough friend I will ask, but I won't ask people that I don't know well. The bottom line is it's a no pressure situation and I always pay them back when I get the beer.
  4. Boomer4ES

    Boomer4ES Initiate (0) Jan 31, 2012 North Carolina

    I have done this once with a friend who lives in Madison. She sort of offered anyway, so I didn't feel too badly about it. I've got some delicious New Glarus wild ales headed my way. Score!
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  5. saliro5

    saliro5 Initiate (0) Feb 20, 2010 California

    I have No Shame. I ask anyone that will listen. I frame it as " If it's convenient for you or if you find yourself in this area". I also do my absolute best to make some phone calls ahead and be as specific as possible.

    I get a lot of "No's" and "Maybes' but every once in a while i strike gold.

    I've had the best luck using "WholeFoods" I think there is something less intimidating almost welcoming about Wholefoods.
    Just last year I got some great La Cumbre, san diego and Cigar City hauls.

    I am also currently working on a possible russian river favor. Like I said I ask everyone.
  6. NGennaroL777

    NGennaroL777 Initiate (83) Aug 15, 2013 Massachusetts

    Nailed it.

    Tried to get a buddy of mine to grab me some Heady while he was in VT. After explaining how rare it was by saying "it's pretty rare", I was met with a "Okay never mind I prob wont be able to get it" response. I need more Craft Beer drinking frannngggss.
  7. bungletrpg

    bungletrpg Initiate (129) Sep 3, 2014 California

    I had my girlfriend pick up a couple 4-packs of Founders Breakfast Stout when she went to Texas. :grinning:
  8. Monkeyknife

    Monkeyknife Poo-Bah (3,572) Jan 8, 2007 Missouri
    Society Trader

    I'd rather acquire them myself. Even if I have to wait a while.
  9. Local_Yeti

    Local_Yeti Initiate (0) Sep 27, 2013 New York

    Second that notion. In college, aspiring geneticist are very uncool.

    A wise man told me that's what beer is here for!

    I fully expect my popularity to exponentially grow once I unwrap the key to reversing the effects of aging :slight_smile:
  10. warrendietrich2001

    warrendietrich2001 Crusader (717) Feb 13, 2013 Nevada

    Same people all the time. If I am going home to visit family or friends I always ask that they always have Pliny waiting for me or if someone is coming to Vegas to bring me RR, Heretic, Drakes, 21st amendment. My sister travels so she brings my Cigar City, Sante Fe, Ska or wherever she is visiting. My sister in law in charge of Souther California beers. What I do to help is to call bottle shops or breweries to make sure they have what I want in stock. I also pick places close to their house or hotel. I also pay way over their cost of the beer (for my sister I pay $10 extra a 6 pack). I also try and email me them a picture of the beer I want so they can just ask or show an employee. Funny thing last night I sent my sister in law to get Track 10 by Lost Abby and she ended up surprising me with 2 bottles plus an additional 2 bottles of Track 8.
  11. Walkerjgt

    Walkerjgt Initiate (0) Aug 13, 2013 Ohio

    I have a box of Captain Lawrence enroute for this very reason. Met a girl at a bar that was in town for the holidays who lived close to the brewery. She took my number but I never thought about it again. Yesterday she texts me for my address and says she picked me up one of each bottle they had available!
  12. VTBrewHound

    VTBrewHound Aspirant (216) Jan 5, 2013 Vermont

    Never done it. I quite enjoy going and getting beer for myself. Probably a VT hermit thing.
  13. hophead_87

    hophead_87 Initiate (0) Apr 23, 2014 Virginia

    Never have really. If I do ask, it's usually my friends at the local bottle shop or within the friendly confines of BA (all of the above likely know more than I as well). Other than that, I am my own best buyer.
  14. pnelting

    pnelting Aspirant (280) Nov 17, 2014 Texas

    I had my Dad get me a 6'er of Two Hearted Ale when he went to Missouri recently. His idea of good beer is Coors Light. I wouldn't have him look for anything seasonal or limited, only shelf beer.
  15. SaCkErZ9

    SaCkErZ9 Poo-Bah (2,623) Feb 27, 2005 South Carolina
    Society Trader

    About as many times as a wine snob friend has asked me to grab the 1995 Chateau De Montreis del Marconi por la Rodriguez Casa Malbec. Zero.
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  16. 2ellas

    2ellas Devotee (485) Feb 20, 2014 New Hampshire

    My boss had a meeting VT on a Thursday. As soon as I heard that, I mapped out where he was going and he drove right by the hunger mountain coop. He still gives me crap for paying $75 for a case of beer but he just doesn't get it...
  17. sammy806

    sammy806 Aspirant (277) Feb 29, 2008 Maryland

    I worked for a warehouse and noticed that, almost always, the same driver brought our delivery from one of our regular suppliers. Then I noticed, from his driver's license, that he was from Wisconsin. Just in general conversation, I asked him if he had ever seen New Glarus beers around. He asked me what I wanted and I told him I would take whatever I could get. On his next run to us he was kind enough to bring me about a case and a half of assorted beers from NG.
  18. champ103

    champ103 Poo-Bah (5,581) Sep 3, 2007 Texas

    I think it is really rude to ask people (friends, family, etc) to pick something up for me when they travel. Most don't know what to look for anyway. I never understood all the threads here that ask what their mother or someone else should pick up for them while they are in Houston. I don't think they should spend any time on me. Why make someone not into this hobby spend any time trying to find something they know nothing about? They are already traveling, and probably have an agenda of their own to follow as well. If it is a ba buddy, maybe, but even then only if they offer first. Which I will say, just whatever local is on the shelf, and not to make any special trips for me.
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  19. TBonez477

    TBonez477 Defender (644) Jan 15, 2015 Vermont

    Basically I just wish I had more beer geek friends. Of course basically everyone in VT enjoys local beer but few really get into the legwork and research of what the scene looks like out of state. I would send the non-beer geek friends out in search but, like almost everyone has said, I'd be afraid of what they end up with. I'd ask for BCBCS and end up with Honkers!
  20. BA-Landers

    BA-Landers Initiate (0) May 2, 2014 California

    My mother-in-law works in Munster so she's frequently asked to pick up special releases and cases of Zombie Dust.
  21. Treebute

    Treebute Initiate (143) Jul 13, 2011 Ohio

    Sister lives right near Hoppin frog sooooo yeah.
  22. PatrickG

    PatrickG Aspirant (207) Sep 13, 2014 Illinois

    I've had my wife pick me up a bottle of Event Horizon when she was in NC for work and she was lucky enough to get one.
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  23. twb0392

    twb0392 Initiate (0) Aug 1, 2014 Wisconsin

    I think I would only ask family members.
  24. jmdrpi

    jmdrpi Poo-Bah (8,800) Dec 11, 2008 Pennsylvania

    never done it, think that's a bit lame. If they are into beer and offer to pick sometime up while they are, then sure.
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  25. Maltytasker

    Maltytasker Initiate (0) Oct 7, 2007 Virginia

    It's worked out for me at least a couple of times . Some co-workers of mine went to Indy for training and I asked one to grab some FFF if she could . She brought me a six of Gumballhead .

    Last summer my massage therapist was going to VT for a week . I've been going to her regularly for years and thought it wouldn't hurt to ask . On my next visit she had 2 bottles from Switchback waiting for me . And a 4pk of Heady Topper !
  26. JAPack521

    JAPack521 Initiate (0) Aug 20, 2013 California

    I asked my practice partner once. He went to Vermont. At the time I had never had Heady and asked him to try and find me some. He hates beer, but tried nonetheless. What a guy!
  27. DrRambis

    DrRambis Initiate (0) Jan 10, 2014 New Jersey

    If I have family or a close friend travelling I'll usually throw them 30 or 40 bucks to grab me something interesting form the area, with the forward that if they dont have the time they can always just give me the cash back. If they do go to a shop though, I'll ask them to check in with me before they pick anything up. Or i'll scout something out with beermenus. My family for the most part enjoys craft beer (maybe not to my absurd level) so its not like its really a chore for them. I usually share my non-shelf beer with them anyway. If the friend or family has little interest in beer than I won't bother asking.

    Funny story. This wasn't for me but a friend of mine flew out to California for a week for work and he brought back a beer for one of my other friends. It was a YO Port Brewing High Tide. My buddy just smiled, said thank you, and put it up on his shelf where it is still sitting now. The other friend really meant well too.
  28. mlhyatt

    mlhyatt Initiate (0) Jul 27, 2013 Georgia

    I have done it once. When moohoociato came out I was out of town. Asked my roommate to go pick me up a bottle at greens which you have to personally ask for a bottle to get it. He literally knows nothing about craft beer at all but he went to the store and grabbed me one. I thanked him by sharing some shbrl with him.
  29. BeerNW

    BeerNW Initiate (0) Jul 17, 2012 Washington

    I do it every so often. I have a manufactures rep in the Midwest and I have asked him to help me out on a couple different occasions. He thinks I am a weird beer dude but never seems to mind. I think you have to be careful how much you ask but worth trying.
  30. ceeg

    ceeg Initiate (0) Dec 16, 2010 New York

    I've done it. It's got to the point where some friends ask if they should grab something for me. It's great to have good folks in my life!
  31. ColdOneKev

    ColdOneKev Initiate (0) Feb 18, 2012 North Carolina

    Never a co-worker. I've asked my brother who knows a little about craft beer. Usually I get pretty good results.
  32. doktorhops

    doktorhops Poo-Bah (2,016) Jan 12, 2011 Australia

    No, never.

    In fact if there is going to be beer for any friend related occasion - I will go to the bottle-shop and select the beer myself - that way I know the beer will be good... I'm like a beer sommelier and my friends always end up having a good time, so no harm no foul right?*

    *I am also the go to guy for anything whiskey related, another passion of mine.
  33. misternebbie

    misternebbie Initiate (0) Aug 24, 2014 Pennsylvania

    Never have,however not against the idea
  34. xanok

    xanok Zealot (556) Aug 13, 2009 Connecticut

    Rarely, and if I do, I would make sure to give them extra cash to do what they want with.
  35. TonyLema1

    TonyLema1 Poo-Bah (1,932) Nov 19, 2008 South Carolina

    Sorta, I always share beers that we don't get locally, with my co-workers, I never expect anything in return, but whenever any of them go out of town (which seems to happen often, especially during the holidays), they ask if they can bring me anything. I don't want to put anyone out, so I say "if you see something interesting" or something like that...it's produced good results...good beer karma
  36. HoptimusPrimeIPA

    HoptimusPrimeIPA Initiate (0) Dec 11, 2010 Florida

    I never ask but I will obviously say yes if they offer. I usually tell them about good breweries in the area they're traveling to if I know of any.
  37. deford

    deford Initiate (0) Nov 11, 2013 California

    My sister in Washington hooked me up a few times...but thats family...
  38. Robtobfest

    Robtobfest Initiate (0) Oct 21, 2009 Connecticut

  39. DVMin98

    DVMin98 Poo-Bah (4,314) Nov 1, 2010 North Carolina
    Moderator Society Trader

    any time my coworkers travel. Its gotten to the point where they approach me sometimes. Pays to be a nice guy
  40. Lonestar9

    Lonestar9 Initiate (192) Apr 27, 2008 South Carolina

    I rarely do this as well. I did ask my friend to pick me up a sixer of some local or PA/Ohio beer when she traveled there over the holidays. She planned to pick up some beer anyway, so it was pretty easy for her. She didn't get anything from my list, but she did get me some good beer nonetheless, so it worked out.
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