Highly acclaimed brews that underwhelmed you?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by tectactoe, Nov 9, 2012.

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  1. watermelonman

    watermelonman Initiate (0) Feb 14, 2004 California

    Yes, that.
  2. watermelonman

    watermelonman Initiate (0) Feb 14, 2004 California

    I felt the same about Stone Imperial Russian Stout. Then I had some with a few years on it that knocked my socks off. Then I had some that was older and it fell a little flat. I say give a few different vintages a shot.
  3. anticipation23

    anticipation23 Initiate (0) May 2, 2013 Wisconsin

    Zombie Dust is the big standout for me, considering it gets hyped to shit I was literally shitting my pants when the bartender walked in with two sixers of the stuff and put them down in front of us. Turns out it's one of the most drinkable beers I've ever had, just not at all what I was expecting.
  4. Gipsy_Danger

    Gipsy_Danger Devotee (333) May 21, 2013 Colorado

    I will have to do that. I had the 2013 iteration. My housemates, who are more partial to RISes than I am, seemed to love it, but I just couldn't get into it. I'm a fairly big Stone fan, so I was quite disappointed that I didn't love it immediately.
  5. BigJim5021

    BigJim5021 Savant (1,215) Sep 2, 2007 Indiana

    Péché Mortel. Maybe the bottle was just ancient, but there was absolutely no coffee to be found. As a result, it was incredibly generic.
  6. JamesQuaff

    JamesQuaff Initiate (0) Jun 30, 2010 California

    Sculpin, until I had it on tap. Then I got it.
  7. Busker

    Busker Initiate (0) Apr 17, 2008 Connecticut

    Anything Stone (i think i am the only hater in the world) and Nugget Nectar
  8. celfan

    celfan Initiate (0) Jul 4, 2004 Vermont

    Maine Brewing Lunch - had my third one last night, each from a different batch. It will be my last one. Although I did have the last few sips with a german dinner, and oddly that combination seemed to work.
  9. PatriotsRule

    PatriotsRule Initiate (0) Sep 25, 2012 Massachusetts

    Nugget nectar, sculpin, sucks brown shugga substitute, and enjoy by 4.1.13
  10. TheFightfan1

    TheFightfan1 Pooh-Bah (1,623) Dec 3, 2008 Pennsylvania

    Heady Topper
    Pliney The Younger
    I'm not saying they were bad beers in any way. But I think very overhyped.
  11. Cenosillicaphobe

    Cenosillicaphobe Initiate (0) Jul 24, 2011 Maine

    I'm hoping to try it again, in a different context, but I tried Heady at the DLD Eve Courtyard Marriott share, as well as at DLD, and was completely underwhelmed both times. I'm thinking that this may be attributable to palate fatigue, as I had been trying everything under the sun prior to both tastes, so at some point I'll have to get a fresh 4-pack and really give it a shot.
  12. RandomBattle

    RandomBattle Initiate (0) Jun 25, 2010 New York

    Well! So last night a friend from out of town was visiting, so I used it as an opportunity to open some bottles I had been saving for this type of occasion. The beers were: Kate '11, BA Alpha Klaus '11, and a Doom I had just purchased. I was so upset to say I was completely underwhelmed by all of them, as was my buddy. Mind you, I'm not saying they're bad beers, but based on the hype and notoriety of them, I was let down. If anything, hey, now I know at least. In the end, its just beer. I finished the night off with a Heady Topper to make it up to myself.
  13. BarrelAgedBrian

    BarrelAgedBrian Initiate (0) Mar 31, 2013 Massachusetts

  14. Cenosillicaphobe

    Cenosillicaphobe Initiate (0) Jul 24, 2011 Maine

    For real...I heard it was hot...but I tried it anyway...and almost died from the myriad layers of ennui...Black Chocolate Stout is so much more awesome.
  15. Honus1

    Honus1 Initiate (0) Nov 1, 2012 Ohio

    GLBC BA blackout stout, BA Old Rasputin XV
  16. DmouthCaliBrewz

    DmouthCaliBrewz Initiate (0) Mar 29, 2013 New Hampshire

    Yuppppp sounds bout right to me :sunglasses:
    Came to say this
  17. nc41

    nc41 Initiate (0) Sep 25, 2008 North Carolina

    NN has never lived up the billing.
  18. nc41

    nc41 Initiate (0) Sep 25, 2008 North Carolina

    Ruination is pretty good, and the Best By's are damn good, the rest are forgettable.
  19. imperialbeerdude

    imperialbeerdude Initiate (0) Feb 5, 2012 Colorado

    my exact two, speedway had a weird cracker taste to it
  20. Brehnert

    Brehnert Initiate (0) Mar 17, 2011 Pennsylvania

    LOVED PtY but PtE just didn't do anything for me at all. I've tried it on tap multiple times and I keep hoping to like it but it just doesn't happen. Same goes for Zombie Dust...just didn't see what the hype was about in any way whatsoever. Maybe I had an old bottle or something, who knows?
  21. ChugginOil

    ChugginOil Initiate (0) Sep 23, 2010 Illinois

    CBS. Not enough bourbon if ya ask me.
  22. solo103

    solo103 Initiate (0) Apr 8, 2012 Florida

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  23. WesM63

    WesM63 Initiate (0) Nov 6, 2011 Ohio

    Westy 12

    It was good, but for all the hype and hassle, not worth it. I would of rather just grabbed a Rochefort 10 off the shelf.
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  24. xk6m6m5x

    xk6m6m5x Initiate (0) May 30, 2012 New Jersey

    Idk how " highly acclaimed" it is nationally but troegs mad elf
  25. BrianTheBrewer30

    BrianTheBrewer30 Initiate (0) Nov 17, 2009 Massachusetts

    Most beers from Hill Farmstead.
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  26. rails

    rails Initiate (0) Nov 8, 2012 California

    same thing here

    tasted like a malty, alcohol bomb I renamed it hop lay up
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  27. VladTepes

    VladTepes Initiate (0) Oct 18, 2012 Finland

    Nice thread.

    There is a lot. These are really good, but not that good, what hype says:
    Dark Lord
    Green Flash West Coast IPA
    Parabola (tasted only flight) and there is still one bottle my cellar
    Stone IRS
    Westy 12, 8, Blond
    Pliny the Elder
    Chimay Blue
    Racer 5
    Raspberry Eisbock
    Hop Stoopid
    Dark Horizon 3
  28. alex_hart

    alex_hart Initiate (0) Feb 28, 2013 Oklahoma

    Duvel..extremely average for me
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  29. alex_hart

    alex_hart Initiate (0) Feb 28, 2013 Oklahoma

    do you like beer?
  30. VladTepes

    VladTepes Initiate (0) Oct 18, 2012 Finland


    As you can see, I wrote, that those are still really good.
  31. alex_hart

    alex_hart Initiate (0) Feb 28, 2013 Oklahoma

    haha! I know, im just messin with ya :wink:
  32. Buff0910

    Buff0910 Initiate (0) Jan 20, 2013 Alabama

    I waited a year to open my DL '12 (not long enough I know) but the suspense killed me. First syrupy taste and I knew I was gonna hate it. Way too much hype for that mess of a beer. Would like to try another year but cannot justify what I will have to trade for it. I was super disappointed. Behemoth did not blow me away either. So many better beers out there that are easier to get.
  33. LostTraveler

    LostTraveler Initiate (0) Oct 28, 2011 Maine

    Dark Lord... blah blah blah... diabetus.
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  34. patrickcmcd

    patrickcmcd Initiate (0) Dec 25, 2010 Massachusetts

    Had my first Lawsons Double Sunshine. I obviously loved it but I wasn't blown away, like when I had Heady or Double Galaxy for the first time.
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  35. nc41

    nc41 Initiate (0) Sep 25, 2008 North Carolina

    DJ needs to be fresh you have to check dates. Fresh it's very good, some age on it , and it's an overly malty mess. I've tried 4 bottles only 1 was amazing the others sucked.
  36. tectactoe

    tectactoe Initiate (0) Mar 20, 2012 Michigan

    The DJ was about 6 weeks old, the UJ was 7-8 weeks old. So still pretty fresh. If 6 weeks is enough to make it taste like crap... well, then there's something wrong with it.
  37. StaveHooks

    StaveHooks Initiate (0) Nov 18, 2008 Oklahoma

    Founders Breakfast Stout. Huge let down for me.
  38. rails

    rails Initiate (0) Nov 8, 2012 California

    not fresh if its not refrigerated.

    I've stored the some of the same ipas in the fridge and some in my cellar for a month because we got 2 cases of bombers. The ones in in the fridge tasted like a fruit bomb, the one in the cellar straight up malt bomb.

    The beer was Just Outstanding by Kern Brewing company got them fresh straight from the source during the citra release. If you want to keep that fruity dankness aspect a lot of great ipas have you have to keep them cold their whole life.
  39. nc41

    nc41 Initiate (0) Sep 25, 2008 North Carolina

    2 month DJ I pass, this is one temperamental brew IMO .
  40. BigJim5021

    BigJim5021 Savant (1,215) Sep 2, 2007 Indiana

    Rabbid Rabbit. It's not monumentally praised, but it's certainly well received (it's pulling a more-than-solid 3.81 right now). Easily my least favorite saison that I've had. I honesty don't know why FFF even considers it one. It also sits alongside Evil Power as my least favorite FFF brew.
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