Hill Farmstead (2022)

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    Reservations are refundable, too, as long as you’re further than 12 hours out. I just have a bunch of reservations for days I know I could go, and cancel or transfer them as my plans get more concrete. Costs nothing except some mild planning ahead of time.
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    Put me in the pro-reservation camp. The only irritating thing is if you suddenly have a day off for a spontaneous trip you might have to camp out on the Facebook groups to see if someone forgot they bought one and can't go.
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    I went up last Friday spontaneously and was able to get a res when I walked in. I was lucky it wasn’t super busy, but they were very accommodating.
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    Six Years at Six Years is a timeworn derivative of smart – delicate – perplexities

    Considering - An acidic draw with an aged intensity that’s rustic in bestowing an oak delimitation. The growth is tannic by oldness over an eroding/erotic state on acetates, given the wood-finished solvency, of an enhanced oddity. Namely, fickle phenols to the enriched actions of an archaic remoteness. That being, a ventilated pastime to beat leathery tannins against a gunflint minerality, for an ability to construct a semi-dry stillness. In the aggregate, a Burgundian/Flanders ale with a vino sophistication to motor fine-grained fungi, while accentuating a coordinated life-force behind malt & yeast: an “evolving” continuation


    …itching to revisit the other Burgundy ale, in view of the re-emergence
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    Your day job must either be to write full-documents in nothing but jargon or whiskey tasting notes that approach full on story telling.

    I mostly joke, but I’m an intelligent guy with multiple degrees, and that was so convoluted, over complicated and flowery that I couldn’t tell what you were trying to say or appreciate the beer (vicariously) or the review. Surely you don’t talk like that.

    (Disclaimer: Sick as a dog. Sorry if I came off like a prick.)
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    It seems like you may be archaically remote
  7. M-Fox24

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    Always welcomed & in short - mainly about the yeast development & barrel involvement...being furthered by timed aeriation
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    It just needs the Hill Farmstead description ending:

    "It's the beer I dream to have shared with my Great Uncle Ralph outside of a Cumberland Farm's at 2AM."
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    Spare yourself Don't Drink Beer's reviews. Those'll give you a next level aneurism. Especially these days. You can read 7 paragraphs and still not know what beer he's talking about.
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    Lol I almost sent him a dm of the above review.

    Are his not satirical?
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    They are, until you realize the satirical pompousness is so heavily belabored that it's not at all satirical, but is simply self-aggrandizing. I used to love it, but it's become too painfully apparent to me.
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    BA Genealogy of Morals sounds really good. I'll consider it, but I'm really just hoping to get a bunch of shelfies (and Poetica). Pretty good selection all around.
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    If I had the choice of only drinking fresh Poetica whenever I want for the rest of my life or drinking my current status quo of choice, I would have to do some deep prayer about my decision.
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    I just checked their retail site for the first time in a while…

    ISO: One copy of Thoreau
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    Just a discussion point on Hill in general...

    Then it would cease to be Poetica wouldn't it? Part of what I think makes Hill Farmstead beers so special is time and place, to me at least.

    Something about that drive through and to the middle of nowhere knowing that an incredibly well balanced and drinkable beer awaits, in the most beautiful atmosphere you could ask for.

    Yes the cans you can bring home are great, but they do not compare to drinking a pour while there taking it all in, because drinking that beer is an experience. It is a special place if you ask me and I look forward to hopefully getting up there again later this summer during our annual trip to see our friends in Vermont.

    Hopefully you too get to return when you have the chance.
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  17. miguel_loves_beer

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    100% agree.

    But that's just how damn good Poetica is haha.

    Every time I go (which isn't often) the hardest part is there is just too much beer that I want to drink. And a part of me just wants to drink 120oz of Poetica.
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    They allow it for growler fills now too right?
  19. M-Fox24

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    Correct. The wood-aged lagers/puncheons have some minor (growler) restrictions

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  20. JackHorzempa

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    About 8+ years ago I was able to drink Hill Farmstead beers on tap at Philly area craft beer bars. I don't exactly remember which brand was the first but I would be willing to bet it was Edward. And then I drank Abner, Mary, and a whole bunch of others. The Edward 'back in the day' was not a crystal clear beer but it was not murky (i.e., a Juicy/Hazy beer) and was very, very enjoyable to drink. For me, being able to drink Hill Farmstead beers on draft at my local places was a real treat and I personally appreciated that I did not have to travel to Northern Vermont to drink/enjoy these beers. And then one of the local craft beer bars, for some reason, decided to 'sit' on a keg of Hill Farmstead beers and Shaun Hill made a decision to no longer send his kegs to the Philly area. That was a very sad day and decision for me. :slight_frown:

    After some time (3ish years?) Shaun did re-introduce Hill Farmstead beers to the Philly are but very infrequently and with very limited amounts.

    Boy, I really miss those 'good old days' when we would get kegs of Hill Farmstead beers.

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  21. jonphisher

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    I’m pretty sure Hill Farmstead has been regularly on at Monks for some time now, at least past couple of months when I’ve checked. I’ve been tempted to go enjoy a pour of Edward. I’m fact Edward, Marie and Charlie are all on right now…

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  22. William_Navidson

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    It has. I also enjoyed some Charlie at Standard Tap last weekend, and Marie (I think?) on tap at Memphis the week before. Some of that might be due to PBW, but you can thankfully find Hill on at a variety places in Philly at most times (so I'm not sure what "good 'ol days" Jack is yearning for).

    That being said, I completely agree that there's something special about visiting the location in Vermont, obviously.
  23. JackHorzempa

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    I rarely make it into the city.

    The places I was referencing 8+ years ago were a number of craft beer bars in the suburbs. They will very occasionally still get some Hill Farmstead beers but it is much more on a rotating basis and then only a single keg.

    The 'good old days' I was referencing was I could travel to a nearby (10 minute drive) craft beer bar and there could be multiple Hill Farmstead beers on tap. I have not seen multiple Hill Farmstead beers on tap at these places in well over 5 years.


    P.S. Kudos to Hill Farmstead to still 'support' PBW and send 'more' beer down into the city.
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    I was able to drink Rhetorica while getting my 2L growler filled with Poetica.

    Doesn't get much better than that, at least here in the states.
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    I'm picturing perpetual motion, where you finish off your Rhetorica just as the growler is done filling, swap, drink the Rhetorica while they fill your Poetica growler, swap,....
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    I used to visit the Churchville Inn when I was up that way and it seemed they always had numerous Hill Farmstead beers on tap.
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    I'll be in Burlington in a few weeks on a Saturday (July 16), seems HF is only open the first Saturday of each month, is there any way to get cans at other locations or is there a friendly local proxy for the travelling out of country beer dads? Just looking for the basics, I see Willy's hardware has some to go's...
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  29. MattOC

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    They've changed that - open all Saturday's starting 6/25. No reservations needed for Saturday, but remain in place for W-F.

    Willey's should have the "shelf" bottles from Hill and they do get cans occasionally as well so you might be covered for your basics search.
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    Going clear to the goddamn northern Vermont/Canadian border for my sister in law's baby shower (but much love, really!). We got the Highland Inn in Greensboro for this Friday night but I was not successful in getting a reservation at HF and signed up for the waitlist.

    Does anyone know the relative turnover/cancellation rates or how the walk-in experience is? I can plan on a to-go visit with visit to Parker Pie for a laid back experience if necessary. Haven't been to HF since 2015 so I have no north star for how they run now haha.
  31. wehaveamap

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    I think the cancellation rate is fairly high, at least high enough that you're not completely out of luck. People are constantly asking on the fb group if anyone wants their res. (I'd recommend joining the enthusiasts group and paying close attention this week.)

    Also, you don't need a res if you just want IPAs or Poetica - they just won't serve you 'the special stuff' (bottles, stout taps) if you don't have one.
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    I have not had luck with the HF waitlist, but it was quite easy getting a reservation through the HF Enthusiasts FB group, even for Memorial Day weekend. But you can still go get a pour of something like Edward and whatever lager they are pouring that day, along with to go stuff, if you can’t get a resy. It all sounds a bit complicated, but the new system ends up being very chill in practice.
  33. duchessedubourg

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    On Thusday night, there were a total of 9 regular spots for Friday afternoon. No problem booking for the very next day. That tells me weekend travel-day cancellations (even on a holiday weekend) do happen.
  34. Seb_aschn

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    Is there any camping nearby?
  35. MattOC

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  36. DoubleDown11

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    Very pleasant on-site experience today. Highlight was a pour of Art, Batch 1. Lowlight was a dad with three kids running around like f’n animals. This is coming from someone who has been bringing his kids to breweries so I absolutely sit in judgement of this super-douche.
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    was he in a fish shirt and crocs?

    I know the type
  38. Resuin

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    Really? They had Art batch 1, from 2011?
  39. DoubleDown11

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    Nope. Fucked that up. 2016. Was distracted by super douche dad and his feral children.
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  40. DoubleDown11

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    Nondescript attire. More the behavior. For example, said to his youngest child (maybe 5): “Just sit here…I have to go inside (the retail shop) and see about some bottles.”