Hill Farmstead 9/11 & 9/26 Bottle Release

Discussion in 'US - Northeast' started by Jason, Sep 4, 2013.

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  1. decadance

    decadance (0) Mar 14, 2010 Texas

    Thanks for the info folks. I will see you all Thursday then. Anything you all want from West Texas/New Mexico?
  2. fiedler84

    fiedler84 (0) Dec 23, 2011 Pennsylvania

    300 people is a lot of people to visit HF on a Thursday. You won't need to be there at 830am. For the MC1/MC2/CD6/Anna Release, I got there right at the release time and had to wait in line for 90 minutes+ (they sell the bottles one person at a time, cash..it takes some time). The smarter folks showed up at 2:30 pm with no line, and just walked up and picked up their bottles. MC2 has a lower bottle count then some of these...and people were able to get some of that the next day.
  3. RRtransvestification

    RRtransvestification (0) Dec 21, 2012 New York

    what are the bottle counts for the four?
  4. pjl44

    pjl44 (0) Oct 3, 2008 Massachusetts

    1, 1, 1, and 1.
  5. RRtransvestification

    RRtransvestification (0) Dec 21, 2012 New York

    Oh, sorry, I meant total if anyone knew.
  6. amnesia85

    amnesia85 (0) Mar 31, 2012 Connecticut

    Does anybody think it will be frowned upon if I bring $20.00 and a $15.00 check for nekca (for tax purposes) in exchange for DB damon or is the money being donated in hill farmsteads name? Just wondering.
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  7. pjl44

    pjl44 (0) Oct 3, 2008 Massachusetts

    Seems pedantic. They laid out the ground rules. You want to buy the beer, bring the cash.
  8. amnesia85

    amnesia85 (0) Mar 31, 2012 Connecticut

    Warrrrrrrrrrd. Thanks for the info and vocab lesson!
  9. ShawDeuce22

    ShawDeuce22 (0) Mar 17, 2009 Massachusetts

    Yes, b/c the cost of DB Damon is $35. I'm sure they will accept and deliver your check of $15 for you but will still be selling the bottle for $35.
  10. tehzachatak

    tehzachatak (0) Sep 19, 2010 Massachusetts

    Just email them.
  11. BearsOnAcid

    BearsOnAcid (565) Mar 17, 2009 Massachusetts

    Lol tax purposes. Do you normally make lots of tiny donations to charities throughout the year or do you just want your name on the check? Its $15 not $1500
  12. Crookdrain

    Crookdrain (0) Jan 13, 2010 New York

    About 300 for all of them. Flora Satsuma is the only one we don't have an accurate count on, but assume probably 300 for that one too.
  13. amnesia85

    amnesia85 (0) Mar 31, 2012 Connecticut

    Just trying to make my quota for the year :slight_smile:
  14. MarkF150

    MarkF150 (0) Feb 9, 2009 Massachusetts

    How do you figure since Shaun is reserving 300 bottles of Flora and Damon for the 26th release and both are on the self at the retail shop right now.
  15. Crookdrain

    Crookdrain (0) Jan 13, 2010 New York

    He was asking for bottle counts for the 26th.
  16. nrs207

    nrs207 (0) Sep 8, 2011 Pennsylvania

    I really think there might be a chance to get bottles on Friday even, not all of course. Everything is stacked against a big crowd except the quality of the beer. They're all limit 1, raised price on DBD, 2 of the 4 are on shelves now, and Damon is currently limit 2. Mc2 I thought would be gone for sure on release day. I walked out of there with 15 bottles 6 mc1, 6 cd6, 1 mc2 and 2 Elab) on a nice perfect day in June. Waiting on a cold ass Vermont morning for 4 bottles, idk. I think the hype may be bigger than the reality.
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  17. pjl44

    pjl44 (0) Oct 3, 2008 Massachusetts

    Exactly. If he's in the tank enough to make the drive for four bottles of beer, then why be a burr in the saddle over the $15 donation?
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  18. JebediahScooter

    JebediahScooter (0) Sep 5, 2010 Vermont

    I love Flora and am pumped that it's already on shelves because I'll probably be able to make it up there before next Thursday. Couldn't do the 26th because of work, so this is great news for my situation. If anybody is going Saturday or next Wednesday and wants to meet up to swap your Flora for a Damon because you prefer stouts, hit me up.
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  19. Auror

    Auror (0) Jan 1, 2010 Massachusetts

    Ask for an itemized handwritten receipt perhaps?
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  20. OrangeAmps

    OrangeAmps (0) Dec 25, 2010 Massachusetts

    I'm sure this is covered ad nauseam somewhere on this site, but stay the hell off hillcrest "road". I somehow managed to make it down that thing in a toyota prius. I honestly didn't think I was going to make it to the other side in one piece.

    Do yourself a favor and don't be an idiot like me.
  21. brownswisscow

    brownswisscow (0) Feb 9, 2012 Vermont

    Lol, be happy you didn't do that during mud season :slight_smile:
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  22. Skrip

    Skrip (425) Oct 7, 2012 New Jersey

    haha i did the same thing in a TC! wooo what an adventure!
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  23. tylermains

    tylermains (0) Apr 6, 2010 Kentucky

    Where are people experiencing these terrible roads? I've only seen pretty decent roads all the way there, albeit grave with some potholes. Is there some weird alternate treacherous back entrance into Hill Farmstead?
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  24. Psychmusic

    Psychmusic (0) Jun 22, 2012 Massachusetts

    There is indeed. I've had my GPS take me on roads that basically turn into walking trails at some point
  25. cfrances33

    cfrances33 (0) Jun 12, 2012 Illinois

    There is a back entrance, but it's not really treacherous. You're just on dirt roads for longer.
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  26. Osyrus

    Osyrus (0) Jun 4, 2013 New York

    Depends where you pick that back way up. About a mile stretch on one that I wouldn't do with anything less than an SUV with AWD. You really have to be coming from the middle of nowhere NW of Greensboro for that one or be hella lost. Otherwise the roads really aren't bad, save for the occasional pothole and slight tire ruts when it's been soft for a period of days.
  27. Skrip

    Skrip (425) Oct 7, 2012 New Jersey

    if you take a left at the fork where Tyler splits it gets really bad. huge rocks and deep puddles. the road eventually goes out to 16. longest half mile of my life hahahaha
  28. OrangeAmps

    OrangeAmps (0) Dec 25, 2010 Massachusetts

    Yeah, exactly. Not treacherous at all if you're driving a tractor or maybe a pickup truck. I really thought that I was going to need a new car after that one. Ill second the "longest 1.5 mile of my life" as aforementioned. The worst part was realizing how fucked I was halfway through and just deciding to push through it. Turning around on the "road" really isn't an option anyway. It's more of a tractor path, if anything.

    I just wanted to hang it out there to prevent other people from damaging the undercarriage of their car like I did yesterday.
  29. OrangeAmps

    OrangeAmps (0) Dec 25, 2010 Massachusetts

    On a positive note, hill farmstead was wonderful and I was in and out of there in 15 minutes. I also made it back to Boston in one piece with some life changing beer
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  30. RRtransvestification

    RRtransvestification (0) Dec 21, 2012 New York

    I'm actually curious about total bottle counts
  31. GreenMtnMike

    GreenMtnMike (0) May 30, 2013 Pennsylvania

    I figured out the good back way from my place is Craftsbury Rd>Shadow Lake>Rocking Rock>T-8>Hill. As was mentioned, it's not really any worse just longer on unpaved roads. Of course I'm probably one of the very few coming from directly west of HF.
  32. Jacob007

    Jacob007 (0) Sep 18, 2012 New Hampshire

    Can we get a count of everybody that's going so I know when to leave?
  33. wildcats10

    wildcats10 (0) Mar 18, 2012 New Hampshire

    Don't really want to make the trek up for the Thursday release solo, anyone else driving from seacoast or lakes region NH that wants to share a ride (can drive or give $$ for gas).
  34. RMTWM

    RMTWM (0) Jul 28, 2011 New Jersey

    Went up to HF for the first time today. Avoid north greensboro rd. at all costs. my gps had me make the right off rt16 on the way. I went 200 feet, stopped, reversed back to 16 and took another road.
    When I left HF, my gps led me back to north greensboro rd and before i realized tit was that road, it was too far into turning back because the road was so narrow. If I got out and stood up straight my head would have smacked the branches.
  35. woosterbill

    woosterbill (0) Apr 6, 2009 Kentucky

    People these days are too damned dependent on their GPS; this is how Skynet will take over, folks.

    Look at a map: 16 to Taylor to Jaffin Flats to Hill. It isn't hard.
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  36. lovindahops

    lovindahops (0) Mar 26, 2010 New York

    Spot on. Made this trip several times and all the posts in this thread are making me somewhat nervous. Even in December snow storms, 16 to taylor is fine.

    Phew. I can sleep safe tonight in Waterbury and be up there tomorrow at 11:45am to high five Phil!
  37. Sean802

    Sean802 (0) Jul 14, 2013 Vermont

    Paved roads al the way til the last mile or so. I'm gotta check these roads out you're takin bout. Love me some crazy dirt roads.
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  38. dmsulli

    dmsulli (362) Jan 30, 2012 Colorado

    Damon and Flora on shelves today and tomorrow according to FB. Would love to trade for a bottle of each if someone is snagging extras.
  39. Number45forever

    Number45forever (0) Jan 6, 2012 Vermont

    Love how long Damon and Flora are lasting on shelves! I wasn't able to get up there during the week and was hoping they'd last till tomorrow, this is fantastic. Count me as a fan of these shelf releases going forward, especially if bottle limits are set to allow you like a two-week window to get most of the releases.
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  40. Sean802

    Sean802 (0) Jul 14, 2013 Vermont

    Had A friend go up on release day, the guy in front didn't get Damon and the lady behind only got one. For the average customer, 15 is a lot for a non 22/750. Love the shelf releases.
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