Hoegaarden Releases Its First-Ever Cherry Blossom Beer Custom Made for the DMV

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    Inspired by Washington, D.C.'s iconic Cherry Blossoms, Hoegaarden Cherry Blossom brings a floral taste to Washingtonians at home

    WASHINGTON, March 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Hoegaarden blooms its newest offering from its Gaarden Series – Hoegaarden Cherry Blossom. This limited-edition seasonal beer is inspired by springtime and Washington D.C.'s iconic cherry blossom season to bring a refreshing, floral taste home to Hoegaarden fans.


    Hoegaarden Cherry Blossom features subtle notes of cherry blossom for a fruit forward, slightly sweet and tart flavor perfect for a delicious sip of nature in a bottle. This wheat beer has a smooth, refreshing taste infused with botanicals and natural goodness.

    Available only in the DMV, Hoegaarden Cherry Blossom gives Washingtonians a beer that is uniquely for locals to bring home to their dinner tables and backyard picnics from Arlington to Shaw to Silver Spring.

    "Combining Hoegaarden's strong brewing heritage, connection with nature and the highest quality ingredients with a local treasure of the cherry blossoms, we are bringing nature back to the city," said Peter Van Overstraeten, Vice President of Premium and Super Premium. "Hoegaarden Cherry Blossom is truly a wheat beer inspired by the essence of springtime in DC, and we're thrilled to share it with the local community."

    The original Hoegaarden wheat beer was first brewed in a tiny village in Belgium inspired by local ingredients and flavors. We are still serving up that same tradition today utilizing locally inspired flavors and Mother Nature as inspiration to brew Hoegaarden Cherry Blossom in the U.S.

    Hoegaarden Cherry Blossom is 5.6% ABV | 16oz and is available in: 4 packs of 16oz Aluminum Bottles at $9.99 at retailers all around the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. It will also be available on select online ordering platforms.

    About Hoegaarden:

    Hoegaarden has a very unique heritage. From the original Hoegaarden wheat beer that was first brewed in the Middle Ages in the eponymous Belgian village in Flemish Brabant, it has become a world renowned authentic Belgian wheat beer. Part of the AB InBev family, Hoegaarden is now a widely distributed international beer brand, available in more than 70 countries. This cloudy wheat beer, flavored with orange peel and coriander, is a refreshing thirst quencher with a mild flavor and a fruity character. It is characterized by its naturalness and authenticity. Hoegaarden wheat beer is an ideal summer beer, served in the famous hexagonal glass. Visit our websites: www.hoegaarden.com and www.ab-inbev.com.
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    Department of Motor Vehicles?
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    Ok good, someone else thought this too
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    DMV = DelMarVA (Deleware, Maryland, Virginia)
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    DMV on BA usually means D.C., Maryland and Virginia. I thought it meant Delmarva(where I am from) also but I have learned otherwise.
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    Ha! I learnt something today!!!
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    "16oz Aluminum Bottles"? Bring 'em back! I always loved the Base Camp (Portland, OR) ones. And I saved one from Avery, where ever I stashed it. There was an interesting thread on aluminum bottles couple years ago.
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    I stumbled upon the COLA for this a couple of weeks ago and was surprised to see that it was brewed by Anheuser-Busch and only their St. Louis brewery was listed (unlike many other AB products, which are listed as being able to be brewed at all 12 AB plants), using the 'dba' of "Hoegaarden USA" :rolling_eyes: on the label
    So it's even more surprising that they're only selling it - maybe as a test market? - in DMV region. Why not brew it at their Williamsburg VA brewery in that case? I suppose it could just be the facility's inability to brew a top-fermented beer or "bottle" it in the aluminum bottles.

    AB's Tap Into Your Beer* site lists the ingredients as:
    Man, that's a lot of ingredients inspired by "Mother Nature" - no wonder they needed 16 ounce bottles! :grin:

    * That site also lists two test-marketed (Rochester and Philadelphia) Hoegaarden-branded "Soft Brew" NA's.
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