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  1. Todd

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    By popular demand, we now have a Homebrew Recipe sub-forum.


    @FATC1TY and @jbakajust1 have also stepped up to moderate the Homebrew forums to keep things tidy. I'll be giving them a crash course soon.

    Posting Tips:
    • You must select a thread prefix, which in this case is a general style category.
    • To make things consistent and easy to ready, please follow the below format.

    Title Format:
    [Beer Name] - [Specific Style] - [AG or Extract]

    Message Format:
    [Beer Name] (example: "Bob's Super Stout")
    [Beer Style] (example: "American Stout")
    [Brew Type] (example: All Grain, Mini-Mash, Extract)
    [Batch Size] (in US gallons)

    [Efficiency Target] (if all grain)

    [Grain Bill] (include extract or steep grains here)

    [Hop Bill] (recommend asking for target IBU contribution for each addition OR quantity + alpha, and times)


    [Water] (adjustments/process)

    [Process] (any brewing notes, such as boil time, mash temps and length, etc).

    [Other Notes] (optional; for competition info, etc)


    All of this is based on member feedback, so if needed we can make adjustments as time goes on. You can also leave feedback for discussion here: http://www.beeradvocate.com/community/threads/changing-the-homebrew-forum.169091/

    In the meantime, @Jason and I hope you find this new forum helpful.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.