American Ales Homie's Hop Sock - American IPA - All Grain

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  1. jbakajust1

    jbakajust1 Crusader (729) Aug 25, 2009 Oregon

    Beer Name: Homie's Hop Sock
    Beer Style: American IPA
    Brew Type: All Grain
    Batch Size: 9.75 gals
    OG 1.061
    FG 1.012
    ABV 6.5%
    SRM 10
    IBUs 95 (Tinseth)

    Extract Efficiency: 77%

    Grain Bill:
    16.5# GW Pale Malt (3L)
    2.25# German Dark Wheat Malt
    2.25# German Munich II
    1.5# Washed Raw Cane Sugar (boil)

    Hop Bill:
    Boil (110 mins):
    FW 0.50oz Cascade Pellets 9.1% AA
    15 min 1.00oz Chinook (Home Grown) ~13.9%AA
    15 min 1.00oz Mosaic Pellet 11.6%AA
    15 min 1.00oz Calypso Pellets 12.8%AA
    25 min WP 0.75oz Chinook (Home Grown) ~13.9%AA
    25 min WP 1.50oz Mosaic Pellet 11.6%AA
    25 min WP 0.50oz Calypso Pellets 12.8%AA
    25 min WP 1.50oz Simcoe Pellets 13.0%AA
    DH 2.0oz Simcoe, 3.0oz Mosaic 3.0oz Cascade, 2.0oz Calypso, 1.0oz Meridian

    1469 West Yorkshire 2.5 L Stirred Starter

    Ca 43.0, Mg 0.0, Na 6.1, Sulfate 63.4, Chloride 27.9, Bicarb 18.3, pH 5.2
    Gypsum - 1 1/8 t Mash, 1 1/4 t Boil
    Calcium Chloride - 5/8 t Mash, 5/8 t Boil

    Mash 60 mins @ 149* F, boil for 110 mins, whirfloc & yeast nutrient @ 10. Ferment at 66*F 3 days, 70*F 7 days, 72*F 2 days, 42*F 1 day (to drop yeast clear), 65*F 4 days DH in kegs (under CO2 pressure to 2.5 vols CO2), 40*F 5 days (set to carb to 2.5 vols CO2).

    Other Notes:
    2nd Place - Sasquatch Homebrew Comp 2013 - 3.5 months old - IPA Category - 33 entries
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  2. jbakajust1

    jbakajust1 Crusader (729) Aug 25, 2009 Oregon

    Pours a deep gold almost orange, clearish but still hazy from the dryhops, creamy and thick white head. This beer glows. The foam stays the distance, and leaves sticky lacing all down the glass.

    Smells like tropical punch! Lots of mango and pineapple, touch of peaches, resin, and pine. Not really getting much citrus fruits, but this is a fruit bomb. Makes you wonder what fruits are in the beer, but there isn't any.

    Flavor mirrors the smell. Lots of pine hits first, with a lingering of tropical fruits. The finish is a little off, leaving a mild overripe peaches flavor that isn't too appealing, but it is mild enough that it doesn't make the beer off-putting. Lots of fruit and resin. Restrained malt, with a touch of toastiness. Some honey notes.

    Medium-Light body with a dryish finish, not super dry like I had hoped for. Bitterness is there, but a little restrained for the estimated 92 IBUs, more like 60s? The hops coat the tongue leaving it sticky. Carbonation is a little prickly and helps cleanse the palate.

    I really like this IPA. Good burst of fruity hops, pine, resin, tropics, complex layers, sticky hops, good color and head. It does need to finish dryer and have a higher bitterness to get it to pop more, needs a big boost on the Sulfates for this too. It borders on a highly hopped Pale Ale with a higher ABV.
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  3. firstthenlast

    firstthenlast Initiate (0) Nov 25, 2013 Massachusetts

    Is there any particular reason you oil for 110 minutes? Seems a little long....
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