Hop Culture’s Juicy Brews Saturday Morning Digital Craft Beer Festival

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    Heads up: For those looking for a completely different kind of virtual beer event, our friends at Hop Culture are hosting their Juicy Brews Saturday Morning Digital Craft Beer Festival on Feb. 20, 2021 and tickets are on sale now.
    Price: $175 | What You Get In The Beer Box:
    • 1 x Box of 18 Breakfast-Themed Beers
    • 1 x Miniature Box of Cereal
    • 1 x Color Changing Spoon
    • 1 x Collectible Prize
    • 1 x Bag of Bean Culture Coffee (4 ounces)
    • Assorted Information Sheets
    For more, check out: Everything You Need To Know About Hop Culture’s Juicy Brews Saturday Morning Digital Craft Beer Festival

    Buy direct from Half Time (where eligible): https://halftimebeverage.com/juicy-brews-saturday-morning-27522


    Stay juicy, kids.
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    I've participated in two of Hop Culture's virtual fests this year and enjoyed the fests and the beers very much. Both were shared with a group of friends in an outdoor setting. But after looking at the beer selection, I think I'm going to pass on this one.

    It's nice to see them working with Half Time!
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    I bought one of these and participated in this festival (as much as family/other duties allowed) and enjoyed parts of it, but I was wondering if anyone else on BA had other feedback from the fest or even the brews itself? I was completely on board when I read the list of breweries/beers, but now I feel like the offerings were probably too sour-centric, and really only the Drekker sour was what I would call very good. And outside of the Trillium IPA (duh) the IPA's were a total miss.

    All of the stouts were good though. Again, IMHO. Wondering if others had different/similar opinions?