Hopkins, MN Craft Beer & Whiskey Boutique Sales

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    Like Beer? Know Whiskey?

    The operator of a local, 10 year old chain is opening a new concept store in Hopkins. This boutique craft beer and whisk(e)y store is to lean heavy on service and knowledge based sales. The store is currently seeking individuals with existing knowledge of craft beer and/or whisk(e)y. While additional training will be offered, a base knowledge is required. Cicerone Certification and other training will be offered.

    Responsibilities Include:

    - Accurate cashiering & general computer work.
    - Active engagement of all customers on the phone and sales floor.
    - Writing about the items you taste in a creative and informative way.
    - Keyholder responsibilities and accurate cash handling abilities.
    - Cleaning, stocking, packing, straightening and other less than awesome tasks.


    - This position is for the evening shift- 40 hours a week until 9pm (Friday and Saturday until 10pm)
    - We ARE open all holidays except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
    - You need to be able to lift up to 50lbs without restrictions.

    Email: info@acespirits.com for more info.