How Belgium's Beers Inspire 3 American Brewers

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    Without Belgian beer and its influence, many brewers wouldn't have been inspired to brew the so-called farmhouse, funky, sour, and strong beers that we enjoy today.

    Read the full article: How Belgium's Beers Inspire 3 American Brewers
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    Good article, it's wort the effort to cast our eyes back over the road traveled occasionally.
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  3. EvenMoreJesus

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    More, please! Also, please interview Yvan de Baets of de la Senne. Thanks.
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  4. Dave_S

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  5. fehrminator

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    I had hoped that with fewer issues of the magazine, we'd see more in-depth articles. This is pure fluff and disappointing. One question each? Lame.
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    I would posit that Haw River Farmhouse Ales makes "these" beers quietly and well.
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    "...wort the effort..."

    That brewtal pun is lager than life, no hopposition from me.
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