How do you feel about Pumpkin Beer?

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How do you feel about Pumpkin Beer?

  1. I love pumpkin, literally love it.

    25 vote(s)
  2. I like it because it helps me get into the fall season.

    54 vote(s)
  3. I buy a couple when they come out, more because they are there than for any other reason.

    44 vote(s)
  4. I buy one then remember I don't really like it.

    32 vote(s)
  5. Pumpkin is objectively a bad beer adjunct. Literally every pumpkin beer would be better without it.

    36 vote(s)
  1. CraftFan5

    CraftFan5 May 14, 2013 New Jersey

    Please, BA braintrust, help me resolve a disagreement between my friend and me.
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  2. Shanex

    Shanex Dec 10, 2015 France
    Society Trader

    What does your friend think of “Pumpkin beer” and I’ll be inclined to reply more in depth.
  3. CraftFan5

    CraftFan5 May 14, 2013 New Jersey

    I don't want to bias the poll or the discussion. I want to see where this goes before I give each of our takes.
  4. Urk1127

    Urk1127 Jul 2, 2014 Pennsylvania
    Society Trader

    I like a select few based on the historic of it in America's although nowadays is more a novelty tasting like ice cream or pie.

    Lancaster has a very good one
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  5. IMFletcher

    IMFletcher May 2, 2014 Kentucky

    Bought one this year after years of not because it was good when we had it in a flight.
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  6. Domingo

    Domingo Apr 23, 2005 Colorado

    Right now it's "cool" to hate on pumpkin spice anything, so you're probably going to see an overall negative sentiment. It'll pass, just like hate for "fruit beers," lagers, NA beers, hard seltzer, etc.
  7. Blueribbon666

    Blueribbon666 Jul 4, 2008 Ohio

    I'm a fan of pumpkin pie. But keep the gourds out of the beer, they are either earthy and meh or a total bakery bomb like so much Christmas beer to follow :-1:
    Keep the beer hearty and pass me the desserts in the colder months. Even the best example for me is a one and done at best, I'm not an adjunct purist just don't want baking spices in the beer imitating a dessert that's better left in the dessert.
  8. BBThunderbolt

    BBThunderbolt Sep 24, 2007 Kiribati
    Society Trader

    A lot depends on the beer has actual pumpkin in it, just "pumpkin spices", or some unholy combination thereof. All are nasty.
  9. CraftFan5

    CraftFan5 May 14, 2013 New Jersey

    I deliberately left out this option: "I like it because it hearkens back to the roots of American brewing when brewers utilized the sugars inherent in pumpkins to trigger fermentation."
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  10. CraftFan5

    CraftFan5 May 14, 2013 New Jersey

    Now you are biasing the polling :stuck_out_tongue:
  11. steveh

    steveh Oct 8, 2003 Illinois

  12. JackHorzempa

    JackHorzempa Dec 15, 2005 Pennsylvania

    Well, the pumpkin was more so used to provide starches which are converted to sugars during the mashing process with malt.

    If you are interested you can go to the below link and download an article to learn more.

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  13. JackHorzempa

    JackHorzempa Dec 15, 2005 Pennsylvania

    So far I have purchased the Elysian Pumpkin mix 12-pack and earlier today I selected two bottles of Flying Dog The Fear Pumpkin beers.

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  14. TheIPAHunter

    TheIPAHunter Aug 12, 2007 California
    Society Trader

    I don't think your options capture the essence of how I would respond. I can see where you're headed, though. Cheers.
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  15. CraftFan5

    CraftFan5 May 14, 2013 New Jersey

    I should have phrased it like a standardized test: choose the best answer
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  16. defunksta

    defunksta Jan 18, 2019 North Dakota
    Society Trader

    Not sure I can say they all objectively taste "bad", but....
    There's so much better beer out there especially in the fall. Festbiers, Marzens, Vienna, Amber, Brown, Winter Warmers. Not to mention the other German and Belgian options. I can't remember even remotely craving a pumpkin beer. Didn't drink one this year and probably don't see myself going forward.
    #16 defunksta, Oct 24, 2022
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  17. bbtkd

    bbtkd Sep 20, 2015 South Dakota
    Society Trader

    Except pie, I hate anything with actual pumpkin (squash) in it, but love about anything with pumpkin-spice. I've tried many pumpkin and pumpkin-spice beers, and liked almost none. Seems like they struggle with sweetness - too sweet or too bitter. Prairie Basic Becky and Schlafly BA Pumpkin are two of the best IMHO. Avery Rumpkin would be incredible with less sugar.
  18. zid

    zid Feb 15, 2010 New York
    Society Trader

    You are both wrong.
  19. steveh

    steveh Oct 8, 2003 Illinois

    :grin: Can we move on now?
  20. CraftFan5

    CraftFan5 May 14, 2013 New Jersey

    Not yet. I'll cast my vote then I want 10 more votes. 50 should be sufficient to reach an "inconclusive" conclusion.
  21. Jaycase

    Jaycase Jan 13, 2007 Illinois
    Society Trader

    Unless your friend can vote here, I think it is only fair for you to abstain from this very scientific poll. :wink:
    #21 Jaycase, Oct 25, 2022
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  22. GetMeAnIPA

    GetMeAnIPA Mar 28, 2009 California

    I like the concept of pumpkin beers but most of them aren’t to my liking. There are a couple that I like. One year I tried as many as I could and I would say 1/4 of them I liked and 1/8 I would buy again. Usually buy a few annually of the select few I do like.
  23. BillAfromSoCal

    BillAfromSoCal Aug 24, 2020 California

    I have been frustrated because I failed to check BA ratings/reviews before purchasing and too many smell like pumpkin then taste like Bud/Miller/Coors
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  24. CraftFan5

    CraftFan5 May 14, 2013 New Jersey

    51 votes. Results appear inconclusive, but I am leaning toward declaring victory.

    Here is the relevant exchange:

    E-mail from Twelve Percent Beer Project:

    Greetings Abomination Beer Fan-

    We have a very exciting barrel aged beer to be released!

    Introducing Veil Splitter, a 13.6% Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout aged since last Halloween in Heaven Hill barrels, then conditioned on pumpkin, spice and vanilla.

    Me (to my friend): so angry about this
    Him: Why??
    Me: pumpkin, spice and vanilla
    Him: It's pumpkin and spice
    Me: double whammy
    Him: Bro because pumpkin beer is dope as freaking hell
    Me: bro, nobody likes pumpkin. Sure, folks will have one or two beers around holiday time when they come out, but then they'll remember how bad they are. that's why pumpkin beers sit on the shelf all freaking year. seriously, go to the store, find the pumpkin beers, and check the dates. You'll see they're all not fresh
    Him: Bro. First off. I love pumpkin. Literally love it.
    Me: In beer? I mean I like pumpkin pie, but it is objectively a bad beer ingredient
    Him: Subjectively. Can't be objective. It's a preference.
    Me: Objectively. Literally (not figuratively) every pumpkin beer would be better without pumpkin. The only exception being an old style that relied on the pumpkin sugars for fermentation. There's no real reason for pumpkin beer to otherwise exist.
    Him: That is your opinion. Hence subjective. There is enough of a market that they make them.
    Me: I'm gonna put up a poll on BA. If I'm wrong I'll change my tune.
    Him: And your tone.
    Me: Hah, yes. I will change it from haughtily superior to meekly apologetic.
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  25. KenC

    KenC Jan 21, 2011 South Carolina

    My pumpkin mood varies. This year I'm not really feelin' it. When I am, Schlafly and Williamsburg Alewerks are the favorites. But even then, one or two and I'm done.
  26. russpowell

    russpowell May 24, 2005 Arkansas
    Society Trader

    If it is less than 7% ABV I usually steer clear any more. I chase it with dark rum if does in fact suck.
  27. Urk1127

    Urk1127 Jul 2, 2014 Pennsylvania
    Society Trader

    The amount of bros I can tell you are from jersey without looking hahahaha. I've lived the previous 28 Years of my life there. And I can't stop saying it either. I call my girl "bro"
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  28. Tilley4

    Tilley4 Nov 13, 2007 Tennessee
    Society Trader

    I buy Schlafly Pumpkin...that's it...that's the's the best for my $
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  29. CraftFan5

    CraftFan5 May 14, 2013 New Jersey

    Lol, I actually never say "bro." I spent the first 35 years of my life in New York City, just moved to Jersey a few years ago. I'm more likely to say "man" or "buddy" or "champ."
  30. mikeinportc

    mikeinportc Nov 4, 2015 New York

    I get certain ones*, because ....I like them , and no other reason. :wink:
    *Keuka Pumpkin Cream Ale
    Prison City Pumpkin Escobar (coffee porter , w/ pumpkin)
    Beer Tree Mashing Pumpkins
    Two Roads Roadsmary's Baby
    ** The Farmhouse Carrot Bucket , a cream ale made when the local carrot harvest comes in. Not pumpkin, but in the same vein, at the same time, for the same reason - a fall harvest beer.
  31. JackHorzempa

    JackHorzempa Dec 15, 2005 Pennsylvania

    I drank my first pumpkin beer of the 'season' this evening: Flying Dog The Fear. I very much enjoyed drinking that beer!!


    Don't fear The Fear!!

  32. retention_

    retention_ Jan 8, 2022 North Carolina

    I guess the closest one for me is the 3rd choice. Some pumpkin beers I like a lot. Most don't interest me, but I don't hate them or anything.
  33. LeRose

    LeRose Nov 24, 2011 Massachusetts
    Society Trader

    I enjoy one or two a year. I actually prefer the ones that back off the pie spices a bit.
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  34. Giantspace

    Giantspace Dec 22, 2011 Pennsylvania

    Not found one I like.

    These are NOT pumpkin beers but spice beers.

    Brew me a nice brown ale with roasted pumpkin and I’m in. I had a squash saison that was great, no spices. Earthy saison with a nice squash in the end.

    Again, the spice is just not something I enjoy. When I make pumpkin pie I use cinnamon , light ginger and a dash of nutmeg. I use brown sugar and it it works really well.

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  35. Urk1127

    Urk1127 Jul 2, 2014 Pennsylvania
    Society Trader

    Big fan of "yert" "bro" "neff" "MF" and use them interchangeably.
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  36. Giantspace

    Giantspace Dec 22, 2011 Pennsylvania

    Does the carrot beer have spices? I had a great carrot beer from Fonta Flora, no spice just carrot IPA and it was really good.

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  37. Giantspace

    Giantspace Dec 22, 2011 Pennsylvania

    Feels like you have not had a pumpkin beer but have had Spice beers.

  38. crazyspicychef

    crazyspicychef Sep 27, 2012 Pennsylvania

    I don't mind pumpkin beers, I mind the over use of the spices in the beer.
    That's all you taste.
    Some are more restrained than others.
    If someone would brew a pumpkin beer with little to no spices, I'd try it.
    Nothing worse than copious amounts of cinnamon and nutmeg wrecking your palate.
  39. yohjiman

    yohjiman Dec 6, 2021 Connecticut

    I normally pass on pumpkin beers unless I’m handed one but Pumking is an exception. I’ll get a couple 4 packs leading up to Halloween to get in the spirit. It’s overall the best macro pumpkin beer I’ve had.
  40. BBThunderbolt

    BBThunderbolt Sep 24, 2007 Kiribati
    Society Trader

    Haz you met sugar?
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