How many beers do you drink a week?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by brandon50, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. WillWillows

    WillWillows Initiate (0) Feb 2, 2013 Ohio

    One or two really good ones at home. If we go out, I drink one, two if it is a good draft. An old English taxi driver told me he drank a Guinness every night and that was it. He was driving me from a pub in Banbury to one on the Oxford Road near the Cotswolds. He was 83. Something to be said for one a night.
  2. BSW

    BSW Pundit (857) Jun 20, 2011 California

    Well, lets see...Monday through Wednesday I worked my way through a sixer of Lil'Sumpin...and I stopped by RR for a Pliny after work on Thursday. Friday night I had 2 bombers of Enjoy By 420, and tonight I'm really loving a super fresh bomber of Hop Stoopid I picked up in Petaluma. So that's, what, 4 beers? So yeah, I have about four beers a week.
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  3. Mikecap

    Mikecap Pooh-Bah (2,002) May 18, 2012 Massachusetts
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    Damn this is tough. To the guy who said 50, props to you man, that is impressive if we're talking real beer and not Bud Lights. I probably average close to 20 over the week which I do feel is too much, but hey, I love beer and it makes me happy.
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  4. neckwrestler

    neckwrestler Initiate (0) Jul 24, 2012 Arkansas

    I guess a typical week would be 10 or so.

    I could probably easily go much higher than that, but drinking good beer tends to be a bit rough on the ol' wallet.
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  5. gonzo000

    gonzo000 Initiate (0) Feb 9, 2014 Massachusetts

    Somewhere between 4 and 10 in a typical week. More during A-Typical weeks, like holidays or other celebrations... hoping for more A-Typical weeks.
  6. blackcompg

    blackcompg Initiate (0) Feb 13, 2011 Illinois

    For me personally it's usually between 10 and 14, and rarely more than 2 a night, unless I'm with friends or it's a weekend where I don't have to be up early the next day.
  7. dirk_Diggler

    dirk_Diggler Initiate (0) May 29, 2014

    Wow I feel like a tool now haha im steadily 60-100+ I just did the math and im at 55 right now and its only Wednesday althought memorial day weekend may have ramped it up a bit
  8. BergBeer

    BergBeer Maven (1,393) Aug 21, 2013 Hawaii

    1 -2 a night or 2- 3 weekdays. 3-4 a night on weekends for a grand total of 18 at a max and a min of 8. Damn i love beer!
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  9. Sam-VW

    Sam-VW Initiate (0) Mar 20, 2014 England

    about 13/14 good beers a week. Sometimes more but only rarely. However, if I go out and there's only crappy beer on tap I resort to Rum usually, which never ends well as you can imagine!
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  10. Clembo1957

    Clembo1957 Zealot (718) Jan 14, 2004 England

    As many as possible!
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  11. fx20736

    fx20736 Initiate (0) Mar 7, 2009 New York

    counting the number of beers you drink is so 2013
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  12. BubalooBrewMaster

    BubalooBrewMaster Initiate (0) Feb 24, 2013 Nevada

    I don't go crazy at all...prob 4 or 5 a week..
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  13. HopBomb515

    HopBomb515 Initiate (0) Jun 15, 2013 New Jersey

    I average 9 per week.
  14. Zanico

    Zanico Savant (1,221) Nov 24, 2009 Ohio

    At least one every night, sometimes two. I would say 8-12 per week.
  15. jefffalcone

    jefffalcone Initiate (0) Nov 9, 2013 Massachusetts

    probably average in the 20 range of 12 oz servings lately, but I'm getting fat (interpret as got fat but having trouble accepting it) so that needs to change.
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  16. mechamifune

    mechamifune Initiate (0) Jan 26, 2008 North Carolina

    About 2 a day but trying to cut to 1 a day due to expanding waist line
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  17. Shaymus

    Shaymus Initiate (0) May 16, 2009 Massachusetts

    7-10 beers + 1-2 Whisky's (I know different webiste)
  18. ncstateplaya

    ncstateplaya Savant (1,233) Nov 8, 2008 North Carolina

    Average 18-24...Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are free for alls.
  19. ipamonster

    ipamonster Initiate (0) Jun 18, 2013 Rhode Island

    1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.5 The doctor is fine with it and I don't gain weight.
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  20. southdenverhoo

    southdenverhoo Maven (1,341) Aug 13, 2004 Colorado

    minimum 2, maximum 4.

    Probably M-T-W x2, Thurs x3, Fri & Sat x4, Sun x3.

    So, 20.
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  21. alwaysthirsty

    alwaysthirsty Initiate (0) Jun 8, 2005 New York

    12-15 a week. Unless we are camping, how could you keep count?
  22. Jirin

    Jirin Initiate (0) Apr 28, 2013 Massachusetts

    Usually around 15-20. I never really binge, but whenever I'm sitting at home watching TV I tend to have a beer or two.
  23. Iamjeff6

    Iamjeff6 Initiate (0) Sep 9, 2013 Virginia

    I stopped counting the number of beers I drink a week and started counting the times I drink something other than beer.
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  24. cello

    cello Initiate (0) Oct 17, 2013 Pennsylvania

    Too many.....
  25. turbotype

    turbotype Savant (1,023) Nov 5, 2013 California

    I find that my beer consumption is directly related to the amount of overtime that I work. If that logic applies to others, you guys must work alot of OT! :grinning: All kidding aside, 6-12. Usually no more than 2-3 at a time.
  26. ronobvious2

    ronobvious2 Initiate (0) Aug 24, 2010 Tennessee

    I'm doing this for myself. I just want to keep an eye out for my alcohol consumption. I find that I want a beer every day. I can go for multiple days without one, and I'm "happy" to do it, meaning I don't get the shakes or become irritable, but the only times I do this are the times I "have" to do it, like if I'm at my parents. When I drink, I'm fine sticking to just 1-2 beers. They aren't strong beers either. I'm a noob homebrewer, so I'm beginning to drink my own beer now and buying a little less at the store. I don't care for getting drunk, but drinking just 1 sometimes can get a buzz going. If I'm out with friends who don't drink as much as I do, if they even drink at all, I still want some, and get it. I know I'm driven home DUI, but never found myself driving off the road or into another lane, nor do I drive excessively slowly. I've been in a car with people do that - driving 45mph in a 55-60. You have to tell them to speed up. The driving part is what bothers me the most. I have a home breathalyzer but haven gotten out of the habit of keeping it in the car.
  27. deaner269

    deaner269 Initiate (0) Jul 14, 2012 Michigan

    I have one beer every day when I get home from work. Always have. And then comes the weekend.
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  28. RichardMNixon

    RichardMNixon Initiate (0) Jun 24, 2012 Pennsylvania

    I drink one or two per night, trying to stay below 120 ABV-oz. I'll take a day or two off before and/or after any day I know I'll be drinking a lot (e.g. wedding)
  29. MikeWard

    MikeWard Pooh-Bah (2,587) Sep 14, 2011 Pennsylvania
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    In a week where I'm home all the time, about a dozen 12oz (Thur-Sun, 3 a night, Don't work Fridays) However, I've been doing a fair bit of traveling the past 6 months, N&S Dakota, Minnesota, Florida, Tennessee, and that's where the trouble starts. Every day is off work, and I'm on vacation. No limits! Wife unamused. How soon she forgets I give up the ale for Lent.
  30. malvrich

    malvrich Initiate (0) Feb 17, 2014 North Carolina

    I average between 15 and 21 (5-7 three times a week).
    With a couple bourbons sipped alongside.
    Perhaps a fattie.
  31. Anhyzer

    Anhyzer Initiate (0) Nov 14, 2007 Oregon

    I've been on a small bender for a bit, so I would say... 45-55? 6-8 an evening with an occasional afternoon couple, 6 or 7 days a week. My usual routine is 6-8 with an occasional afternoon couple, 4 or 5 days a week. :grimacing:
  32. goingbrokeonbeer

    goingbrokeonbeer Grand Pooh-Bah (3,338) Dec 4, 2013 South Carolina
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    Too many, but not enough!
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  33. Spinaltapped

    Spinaltapped Initiate (0) Oct 24, 2013 Illinois

    I generally have at least a 12 pack and a bomber or two over a week at home, if not more. At bars, it depends on whether I've driven or not. I do share a lot of my beers I open at home though.
  34. brewlover517

    brewlover517 Initiate (0) Jan 23, 2014 Michigan

    It's never enough, but yeah...
  35. TheBeerbarian

    TheBeerbarian Initiate (0) May 29, 2014 California

    Anywhere from 10-20 12oz bottles a week.
  36. kingston2

    kingston2 Savant (1,013) Sep 14, 2008 Pennsylvania

    1-2 a night with some nights none at all. Total in the 7-14 range. Try to make em good ones. Not tailgate swill.
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  37. Evahflow

    Evahflow Initiate (0) Aug 13, 2013 Pennsylvania

    It all depends. Lately maybe 12-15 which is on the lower end. Regularly probably about 20-30.
  38. SmashPants

    SmashPants Initiate (0) Jun 24, 2012 Australia

    Generally around 15-20 a week here too. It depends on work and Uni to be honest. And if friends are around. I'm happy if the standard drinks are under 25.
  39. Donco

    Donco Maven (1,493) Aug 12, 2013 Pennsylvania

    2-3 per week. Although the average may rise due to Philly Beer Week....:wink:
  40. aleigator

    aleigator Pooh-Bah (2,588) May 10, 2014 Germany
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    Usually five per week, I like to keep things slow, leading to even more enjoyment when I finally decide to have a beer (usually drinking days are thursday to saturday for me). That being said, I like to convice other people of smaller breweries and therefore share a lot, which rises up the beer amount slightly.
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