How many beers have you had?

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    A lot of us are “tickers”. Some of us try beer we know we won’t necessarily favor just to say we tried it, especially if it’s a style we haven’t indulged In before.

    My question for you fellas tonight is; how many of the overall beers you’ve tried are logged on BA? I know alot of you log beers on a certain other site as well.

    Have you backed up years worth of the data from decades ago? Do you just try to stay up to date with current purchases? Is everything you’ve ever tried here on BA? Or maybe just the stuff you’ve tried since you started your account? Let’s discuss. Cheers.
  2. BigIronH

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    The beers I have logged on BA are -or+ 10 beers I’ve had over the course of my beer journey. I don’t rate AAL’s unless they’re craft just because I feel like the ratings here are ridiculously skewed and I have no desire to contribute to it (I’d probably be +60% on alot of them.) Other than that, I at least try to log a quick rating on everything. If I feel strongly one way or the other, I make a detailed review. Cheers.
  3. jkrich

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    I would say less than half of the beers I have tried over the last 25 years or so are listed on the Beer Advocate. I didn't start adding the beers until 2007, and I can't possibly remember many of the beers I have tried prior to 2007. I have been able to add a lot of these beers but quite a few are no longer brewed. I really wish I kept a list when I traveled through Europe and Great Britain trying different beers in the mid-1990s. Well, for one thing, I didn't anticipate something like Beer Advocate coming along in the future.
  4. PapaGoose03

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    My wife is the UT member who logs her (our) beers on that site, and she commented today that we've now gone over 3,000 unique beers (she joined about 10 years ago?). Probably 90% of those beers are samplers because we enjoy visiting new-to-us breweries, often multiple breweries in one day, so full pours are out of the question.

    I don't add most of my beers here, but will do so if I added the brewery itself to the database just so there will be some beers on their BA page just to get them started. (Or if I write a Place review for a brewery that someone else added but has no beers listed, I'll usually add some for those breweries too.) I typically add a rating (maybe a review) to special beers (read 'hyped') just to document my 'top-shelf' experience. Most beers that I add will only get a rating, but if there's something about the beer's characteristics that differs from what I think the style allows (good or bad), I'll make a comment about that.

    Long story short... I don't have a clue about how many unique beers that I've had before any documentation was ever started by my wife or me. (My bottle collection is somewhere around 2,200 and those beers pre-date any serious recordkeeping such as UT.)
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    I'm up to around 10200 beers if I include beers I had on draft and ticked on untappd. There are around 1000 cider and mead on my list. Some of them are vintage unique dupes too. I have around 400 beers on untappd that I never put on BA. I have the excel sheet to track all of them. I used to be really meticulous and only reviewed on BA when I was in front of a computer. I was obsessed and wasting too much time. Now I write out a much quicker review in the wbaydn thread and just paste it in my beer reviews. Quicker and less of a hassle. Also ends up with me enjoying life a lot more freely instead of being obsessed with beer reviews. Cheers
  6. beer_beer

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    As drinking NA for four years the local availability keeps numbers down. Wonder how many different beers I had the long time from my youth until switching mainly to whisky and other strong stuff for maybe another four years prior to quitting? Generally drank not so much, but beer was the favorite.

    I remember I had favorite beers, but also picking some different, though while exclusive then for the most part more like international macro brews. Never got into the beer craft revolution, it started later here.

    Have listed here on BA the absolute majority of my beers, the count is around 250. Add maybe ten I've failed to list of the NAs. Then the time before. Some one-offs while traveling, some variation when picking at the grocery store, even some rare expedition to the government liquor store. Maybe 30-40 different all in all?

    I'm landing at a total number of 300 different beers had, give or take.
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  7. Resistance88

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    I think im +80 Deviation on 2 beers( dear to me) . People can fuck off. A beer is big en feeling for me esp 211 and OE
    I began to read one of your reviews and it was so long i quit 1/100th if the way in. I think its good you cut it short now. Cheers
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    Every. Single. One.
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  9. Resistance88

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    I have 342 Unique beers on Untappd and 439 Total ( most repeats are Speedway,Arrogant Bastard ,Stone IRS, Parabola, Old Rasputin ,Deths Tar)

    And 139 Beers on BA.
  10. AWA

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    Man, I initially misread. I thought you meant tonight and was worried my wife might read my answer.
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    I must have started "reviewing" beers on trips to England when I would get a new copy of the Real Beer Guide and look up every brewery and write little notes on beers I tried. Then in the 90s and early 00s when I lived in Denver and was able to ride my bike to GABF every year, I scribbled notes in the program and added little stars. Loved the variety of beers and breweries from everywhere. That grew into years carrying little notebooks to keep track of beers at brewpubs and when I travelled. Then somehow I found out about BA and that seems like the logical way to do it. I paste my review and scores into a text file so I can actually find a beer, a place, a date. Try that on BA.
  12. moodenba

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    Wait. Remember, your tastings of Falstaff Dark Draft at Shakey's on 122d Avenue, plus some other long gone dark drafts, are recorded in your article in Zymurgy in about '80. Off the subect: The "deer resistant" flowering bulbs you gave us years ago are coming back to life, resisting the efforts of the local wildlife and the black-thumb homeowners.
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  13. Rug

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    Currently sitting at 1125 reviews on BA, but I’d wager I’m closer to 1250 unique beers overall between flights at breweries and drinking out with friends when I don’t wanna ignore them to review
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  14. tone77

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    I currently have 5250 beer reviews here. That would be every beer I have tried since joining this site 13 years ago.
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  15. rgordon

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    Your journey sounds much like mine. In the late 60s-2022 I've tried God knows how many beers. Many thousands, across the world. I did it for a living and because I was living. I have deep Bavarian and Nordic heritage, so it is very likely genetic, going way back. and I love beer because it is so civilized. Keeping an accurate linear accounting of the beers I've had would be an affront to how I have lived my life, but I do remember likely 95% of what I have drunk. The best beer of all was nameless dark lager in a huge mug somewhere in the former Yugoslavia (Bosnia) with a bowl of stew and a loaf of black bread. I felt lucky to be alive.
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