How many distinct *perfect* brews hast thou had?

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    (and Which brews are those?, belonging to what respective styles of beer?; and Why_so?)

    To me, ‘perfection’ is the attribute of having achieved a pro_desirable state that ostensibly cannot be improved-upon; by ‘qualifiability’ I am alluding in part to the subjectivity of the matter (since determinants of desirability is largely a matter of personal taste/preference) and partly in particular to the fact that the possible beer⧼s⧽ one would most prefer often depends upon the circumstances (e.g., someone might crave a primo helles on one kind of occasion but an imperial stout on another) which together implies that a "perfect brew" is one that the beer of which on at least one type of setting is singularly (or at least on a definable if not finite list) the most satisfying to one's self (i.e., a substitution would fall below perfection). By ‘unique brew’ I mean a particular formulation (describable by a brand or other non-ambiguous identifiers), such as Coors Light or a particular homebrew (ideally that churns-out consistent results to this end), which may (but is not required to) include bounds such as “only when served on tap” or “from a bottle, not a can” or “out of a [some particular] glass” or “within ~ two months of being canned” or “only from year⧼s⧽ 20XX”(iff actually unilaterally better than any version from other years of the same model in your eyes, in which case a comment on this would be encouraged) in establishing the defining scope of domain that the brew spans ‘qualifiable perfection’ in your eyes (combined with other considerations related to timeplace setting).

    I would argue that if thou cannot point to any particular dupicate-brews matching a certain style (noting that some brews can match more than one style, even if *officially* it is classed under just a one) that thou can confidently deem as (within some scope) 'perfect' then of said style⧼s⧽ thou simply are not (at least as yet) an aficionado (i.e., none from the style that thou have had is in any domain of thy palate's true/choicest preferences), which correlates with the compensation that is required to interpolate comparative rankings between beers of the same style as indexed here on BeerAdvocate observing the lower proportion of weaker beers' averaged weighted scorings ranking them into highest tiers "World-Class" and "Outstanding" as compared to beers of higher-strength styles, on average; and by extension the more brews definable by a certain style that thou do consider qualifably-perfect or very close thereto suggests a greater affinity of thee to that style; mild emphasis on duplicate(i.e., repeat of the brand-make), as if you claim that the only perfect style_hooplah beer that you have imbibed was a limited-release reserve offering at a special event then this suggests unrealistic expectations of thine unto hooplahs (orand implying that said special-event brew ought to be described under a disparate or sub category of beer).

    For me, I can think of quite a premium few (8+) distinct masterful brews that scratch some itch or more in an unparalleled fashion and which I am confident in its retaining its respective (to-me) maximality allocation. Of distributed (open-market and available in cans/bottles) beers, I designate: Pliny the Elder (both on tap and from bottle within a few non-heated months) as the perfect dry-finish piney/floral/spicy WC double-IPA; Blazing World as the perfect danky rounded IPA; Dank and Sticky as a perfect dank not-very-fruity resinous crushable refreshing palate-bombing double IPA (the premier of the type from my experience, possibly even of broader style including freshly- hop-harvested IPAs); tallboy of Torpedo Extra IPA in evening for a full-body hops-relaxing sharp bitter-kick; Two Hearted Ale as perfect earthy flavorful 7% american IPA; one to three distinct locally-brewed pilsners (when hot and wanting more than one low-gravity lager); a few different pilsners both bohemian and german from USA and imported, depending on which flavor profile am craving (spicy and crisp vs. bready and sharp); a nitrogenated oatmeal stout on draft from a local brewery (when available) for a low-gravity creamy rich delight; bottle of O‘Hara's for a low-gravity deeply-flavorful roasty dry irish stout; can or bottle of Guiness Extra Stout for a moderate-strength stout with a tang; Bigfoot for a just-under-10% easy-drinking hop-assertive malty american barleywine (most enjoyed camping or relaxing after a cool-weather hike); several others that I may be omitting because I either have not had enough tastes of distinct tokens of the style to arrive comfortably at conclusion of its perfection-status (even though I quite like it) ,or that I did not enjoy enough that I certainly would more than once in my future (given theoretical but realistic infinitude of beer options) definitely pick it again, such as various belgian ales and ane altbier and english IPAs, as well as some others that would take a while to justify (such as from APA class, e.g. SN's Pale Ale; and plenty of non-NE IPAs left-out) because of so many to choose from and many token-brews of which not widely distributed/available.
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    Can you summarize that in four sentences?
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    How many distinct(= one name of beer) brews of beer have you had that you consider "perfect"? Why do you consider these brews to be perfect? Would you mind providing a list of these beers andor their styles? Do any of then stand out most to you?
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    Those WERE four sentences! (plus a heading) :slight_smile:
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    No such thing as a perfect beer, you may have one, as might I, but nothing is perfect
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    Every beer i have had is perfect in a way .

    Imagine if beer didn't exist,

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    When I think of perfect, it’s a beer that hits exactly what I want when drinking that style. Oddly enough it might not be my favorite in that style if that makes sense. Here are a few of what I consider perfect:

    WC IPA: swamis ipa
    Double WC IPA: PtY
    Pale ale: Sierra Nevada
    NE IPA: Julius
    Double NE IPA: Green
    Porter: founders porter
    BA stout: BCBS
    German Pilsner: bitburger
    WC Pilsner: timbo
    Czech Pilsner: Reality Czeck
    Black lager: death and taxes

    this is probably an outdated list but these beers come to my mind and are the bench mark of the style. My definition of perfect might be different but to me these are perfect and I wouldn’t change anything about them.
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    Pilsner Urquell
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    So all beers that you've had evaluate as 5 out of 5 across the board (in your mind if not also in public reviews)? Even if that were so, there could be some that are not always available at an opportune setting thus rendering the available ones in those cases as sub-optimal ie not-perfect.
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    Pilsner Urquell Nefiltrovaný is one of only 2 perfect 5's I have ever rated a beer on here.

    The other was Obadiah Poundage from Goose Island and @patto1ro
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    To my knowledge, Green is single IPA
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    Damnit, Frank. Now I am ISO. Like I needed a new reason to be ISO a GI offering.
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    I've had 4 per my ratings.
    Tweak, the og non barrel aged version.
    Ayinger Marzen.
    And a variant of modem tones.
    I'd probably add daisy cutter to that.
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  15. Beer_Economicus

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  16. GetMeAnIPA

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    sheeeet. You’re right. It is called green ipa. Can I have two perfect NE IPAs? Because they both perfect IMO.
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    Oh man. That unfiltered Pislner Urquell is something else. They used to fly in a barrel or two a year into Chicago and tour some bars. Kaiser Tiger was one of their stops. Got to keep the glasses too. What a treat! Hope they come back again!
  18. cryptichead

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    Also, OP, dude, TL;DR
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    Zero so far, still seeking perfection, may never find it.
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  21. LeRose

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    A perfect beer for me doesn't mean a score of 5.0 on a scale. It is the overall experience including location, circumstances, company, etc. By my definition, there have been quite a few perfect beers.
  22. md3kcn

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    Duchesse De Bourgogne - Flanders Red Ale (My Review)
    Ermal's Belgian Style Cream Ale - Cream Ale (My Review)
    Ramble On - American IPA (My Review)
    Abt 12 - Quad (My Review)

    These aren't objectively perfect beers (what is :stuck_out_tongue:), and not all of them are my favorites, but these - to me - are perfect in what they seek, execute, and give off (in terms of experience).

    I should make a note, though - there are completely imperfect beers in my eyes. Beers that cannot be saved. A recent example is this one.
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    With the caveat I haven't had a bottle in a couple years at this point, the brett was very subtle.
    PYup! Palmer Place in LaGrange would get it sometimes. Miss those kegs a ton ...
  24. herrburgess

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    that first pilsner urquell in some random waterfront place downstream from the brewery after stopping in pilsen on a whim in 1994

    orval at my friend's family restaurant in a french border town while eating some weird but amazing cheese pie

    the third schlenkerla märzen of any one of a thousand sessions at the tavern

    hofbräu traunstein gastro weisse at a biergarten on the banks of the chiemsee

    any and every liter of augustiner helles from the wooden barrel

    timothy taylor landlord from cask at the 1994 GBBF consumed while eating a bag of some typically flavored UK potato chips that I can't quite remember

    a nightcap of rodenbach alexander sitting out in a cafe in bruges after having drunk innumerable regular rodenbachs all day

    so...7 :slight_smile:
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  25. startingatBeer-30

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    Well I've indicated quite a few more than that of WC IPAs on my short-list, so I should say so!! Imma haft try a lot of those beers on your list, including the two NE IPAs. I have had some outstanding NE IPAs but surprisingly not sure of one from a major outfit that I care to get again. Although, a local (small outfit) brewery has a NE-style IPA that I quite fancy that also has 'green' in its name, and although it doesn't take like fruitjuice it is what one might consider "dangerous" in its drinkability+abv: 9% and very smooth, yet robust in a classic IPA kinda way (but definitely NE). And the beverage actually is somewhat green.
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  26. GetMeAnIPA

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    treehouse Julius and green set the standard and defined the style. I still think they are the perfect example of what a NE IPA should be. I’ve had plenty of great NE iPas and many from Monkish but Julius and Green are still a notch above all the NE ipas I’ve had.
  27. REVZEB

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  28. Resistance88

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  29. Raime

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    Lagunitas Maximus was in my opinion perfect. Unfortunately, they changed it to the new " Maximus Colossal IPA " , drastically upped the ABV and ruined it. Completely different beer.
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  30. ChicagoJ

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    I score each attribute separately, and don't have any straight 5.0 scores, but quite a few in the 4.7-4.9 range combined score range.

    I have great joy and excitement when I come across these beers, of which all but the WCIPAs are available in Chicago on a regular basis.

    My Perfect Ten:
    (Available at minimum annually - Retired/One-offs not considered):
    • Imperial Stout: Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout
    • Lambic Gueuze: Girardin Gueuze 1882 (Black Label)
    • Oatmeal Stout: Revolution Deth's Tar
    • Quadruple: Trappistes Rochefort 10; St. Bernardus Abt 12
    • Rye Beer: Revolution Ryeway to Heaven
    • Strong Ale - Belgian Pale: Founders Blushing Monk
    • West Coast IPAs: Beachwood Amalgamator & Melrose; Fat Head's Head Hunter.
  31. Rollmeaway2loadout

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    Pils -- Pilsner Urquell . One of the originals , they set the bar and is still easy to drink.

    Pilsner-- Goldfinger Pils . Subtle and enjoyable .

    Czech Lager--- Dovetail Czech Dark Lager . Great taste . They have a excellent line of lagers.
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  32. rudiecantfail

    rudiecantfail Meyvn (1,299) Aug 9, 2011 Pennsylvania

    Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier
    Westmalle Tripel

    None rated 5.0, but all perfect for what they are.
  33. cavedave

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    Hmm, easy task, but asking the wrong people. To find the perfect beer we need to ask the person(s) who has/have tasted all of them, and ask.
  34. BruChef

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    New Glarus used to brew an OE Porter that I was ISO for years but never had the chance to try. Wish more breweries would take a stab at it.
  35. Appearanceswc

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    And they have to have spaces in between each of the four sentences so our attention won’t wonder.
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  36. Appearanceswc

    Appearanceswc Aspirant (270) Mar 9, 2015 Virginia

    We will have to get you a BBT. That should help point you in the right direction
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  37. Providence

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    This is basically my list of goals as a beer drinker. Kudos to you for the inspiration.
  38. bbtkd

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    I've always craved a KBBS, but BBT sounds incredible. And it's part of my BA handle!

    How hard are they to get?
  39. bubseymour

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    I currently have 32 perfect beers (5score) out of over 3,900 total. So less than 1% of beers I’ve sampled (and I generally don’t just tick randomly but seek out good beers), so I’m fine with that ratio. And for all of the SNPA love (which I think is a solid beer) but is it really that much of an outlier of excellence / perfection when compared to all other American Pale ales one has had or is it just what we are considering the solid standard? Outlier attributes of greatness are what I generally look for to give a beer a perfect score, it needs to be something mind blowing, zero or very minimal flaws and sets itself apart from the majority of other beers in its style. But most importantly for the individual taster / rated it has to be delicious first and foremost.
  40. Beer_Economicus

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    I think the word standard is important here, but also I think you used it unintentionally. By definition a standard is which everything should be judged against. Although I am not a pale ale guy, my understanding from everyone that has ever chosen to wax poetic about this beer is that this beer really was one to first set the standard. Just like Bourbon County for BA stouts.

    You can say you don't think SNPA or Bourbon County are good beers, or you can say you like others better within that category, but that doesn't change the fact that they are effectively the standard against which everything is judged. For years people felt like these beers epitomized the style.