How many ounces for 24 hour dry beaning?

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  1. GetMeAnIPA

    GetMeAnIPA Crusader (727) Mar 28, 2009 California

    Looking to dry bean in my fermenter or maybe the keg. Got some whole bean coffee but was told they could only sell in 1/4 lbs so I got 4ozs.

    thinking of just cracking the beans open and not grinding them and then just using the whole 4 ozs. Would 4ozs for a day be ok? I do have the ability to taste it. Just didn’t want to add 4 ozs and the next day be over powering.

    it is a pretty roasty stout with some chocolate and coconut so I should be able to handle a good amount of coffee but also don’t want to over power the other flavors.

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  2. jbakajust1

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    I used 2oz for 48 hours, 4oz for 24 should be good. I would crack them, not fully grind them. If you have a magic bullet just give it 2-3 presses. Remember when tasting though that the flavor will be more concentrated closer to the beans, less so further away. If you are sampling from a few inches away from the beans you might think it is perfect and end up with it being subtle once transferred. If you are sampling from the bottom and the beans are at the top you could be waiting too long for the perfect flavor and end up over doing it. I prefer to do it in the keg, suspended in a bag, and hit the keg with CO2 through the dip tube to get it to mix before tasting.
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  3. GetMeAnIPA

    GetMeAnIPA Crusader (727) Mar 28, 2009 California

    thanks! I don’t have a magic bullet but I do have a hand blend that should do the trick.

    Also, thanks for the tip on tasting it. Makes sense but never thought about that.

  4. OddNotion

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    I used 5oz for a few days on a barrel aged milk stout. I think I did a rough grind on 3oz and left 2oz as whole beans. Had it in there for a few days and the coffee overtook almost everything. It was really good but the beer lost the subtlety it previously had.
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  5. wasatchback

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    Crack half and leave half whole. 16-18 hours at cold temps is all you really need. Extraction happens very fast with coffee.
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  6. jbakajust1

    jbakajust1 Crusader (771) Aug 25, 2009 Oregon

    Now I need to make a coffee Porter... and roast the coffee for it...
  7. GormBrewhouse

    GormBrewhouse Zealot (530) Jun 24, 2015 Vermont

    I roughly crack beans! 3-4 oz then toss in the secondary for 5 days.
    Usually a imperial stout, less for a beer below 6%.

    the coffee is prominent, but we like it.
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  8. Lukass

    Lukass Meyvn (1,398) Dec 16, 2012 Ohio

    I used 6 oz of whole beans in an oatmeal stout, added to primary fermenter 24-36 hours before racking to a keg. The whole beans makes it very easy to rack off, and I’ve found imparts the cleanest coffee flavor IMO
  9. GetMeAnIPA

    GetMeAnIPA Crusader (727) Mar 28, 2009 California

    Thanks for all the replies. I ended up just cracking 2.5 ozs and dry beaned in the keg for like 36 hours. Very nice and clean coffee flavor. The nose is mostly a ground coffee flavor but the taste lets some of the coconut and chocolate come through. Very tasty beer. Thanks and cheers.
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