How much beer do you drink a day?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by BaconMan420, Dec 28, 2021.

  1. BaconMan420

    BaconMan420 Dec 28, 2021 Hungary

    Hello guys,

    Recently I've picked up the habit of drinking 5-6 0.5l bottles of beer a day. It's mainly 3-4 different IPA-APAs (interesting beers) and 2 bottles of lager to call it a night.

    I have a job and gf etc, so it's not causing any problems in my life.

    Still I would like to know how I fare compared to more seasoned beer drinkers.

    Thanks for the replies.
  2. Shanex

    Shanex Dec 10, 2015 France
    Society Trader

    How old are you?

    Generally when people ask this question, it may be time to taper off a bit.

    Not judging, but 2,5/3l of beers every evening is prolly a tad too much. Hope you have the toilets close enough to your bedroom.
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  3. steveh

    steveh Oct 8, 2003 Illinois

    Maybe this sort of thread, with its dozens of incarnations, needs to have its own forum.
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  4. BaconMan420

    BaconMan420 Dec 28, 2021 Hungary

    I'm 23. As you said though, it feels a bit much. I was more of a 420 guy before so it's a switch for me. Just recently got into beers.

    How much do you drink, personally?
  5. BaconMan420

    BaconMan420 Dec 28, 2021 Hungary

    I bet, sorry for being a noob here man.
  6. steveh

    steveh Oct 8, 2003 Illinois

    BA search engine works well.
  7. Shanex

    Shanex Dec 10, 2015 France
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    I probably average only a beer, or two since this past summer now.

    For many years I was probably more around three beers every day, some high ABV.

    Alas, the older I get the tougher it is to stay in shape.
  8. Rug

    Rug Aug 20, 2018 Massachusetts
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    I'm pretty close in age. It honestly depends on the day. I would say 2-3 per day on average, but there's some days I only get around to 1. Weekends can be a totally different story
  9. BaconMan420

    BaconMan420 Dec 28, 2021 Hungary

    I did notice beer takes a toll on my weight. At my job I'm very physically active so it's not a huge problem. I prefer staying below 5.9% ABV.
  10. BaconMan420

    BaconMan420 Dec 28, 2021 Hungary

    whats your beer of choice? strenght, type
  11. Rug

    Rug Aug 20, 2018 Massachusetts
    Society Trader

    Oh really anything lol. I like to try as many different beers and styles that I can. Like you I enjoy balancing out the big NEIPAs and such with lower abv lagers and Goses
  12. BaconMan420

    BaconMan420 Dec 28, 2021 Hungary

    Same tbh. Great fun. The only thing I can't stand is high ABV red/brown ales. Do you have any recommendations along the lines of IPA/APA? Some that I can get in Europe, so more commercial.
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  13. BBThunderbolt

    BBThunderbolt Sep 24, 2007 Kiribati
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    It depends. There's 2-3 days a week that I don't drink at all. Then, there's days like Sundays, where while participating in NBS, I'll drink and review 2-5 new beers, then maybe have a couple of fridge beers after that. Somedays it's just a couple. My average over a year is probably in the 3-4 range (I've got 520+ new reviews for the year already, and the year isn't over), when ya add in the regular selection, the number climbs easily.
  14. BigIronH

    BigIronH Oct 31, 2019 Michigan
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    I try to steer clear on the weeknights but I’ll do an easy 4-8 pints per day on the weekend. If I do go in for some during the week it’s probably 3 or less.
  15. BaconMan420

    BaconMan420 Dec 28, 2021 Hungary

    Haha that's reassuring. So "fridge beers" is indeed a thing.
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  16. BigIronH

    BigIronH Oct 31, 2019 Michigan
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    I was gonna say, I could count my reviews, but with all the 4 packs purchased, I could fool myself pretty easily.:wink:
  17. Rug

    Rug Aug 20, 2018 Massachusetts
    Society Trader

    Can't go wrong with DFH 60 Minute IPA and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, their Celebration is fantastic too when in season. I'm fairly certain you could get those in Europe, but as far as other IPA/APA available to you I can't say with certainty
  18. Shanex

    Shanex Dec 10, 2015 France
    Society Trader

    If you’re willing to tell us, which Euro country are you in?
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  19. BaconMan420

    BaconMan420 Dec 28, 2021 Hungary

    Thanks bro. I was about to try the Sierra Nevada thing, seen it in stores. Will do.
  20. BaconMan420

    BaconMan420 Dec 28, 2021 Hungary

    HU :slight_smile: Craft brewing has really seen a rise in this area in the recent 5-6 years.
  21. jesskidden

    jesskidden Aug 10, 2005 New Jersey
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    Jobs and significant others cause enough problems.

    And drinking can then be the solution to those.
  22. ZebulonXZogg

    ZebulonXZogg May 5, 2015 Illinois

  23. dele

    dele Mar 13, 2019 Massachusetts

    I'm 35 years old. I typically drink 3-4 beers on Friday and Saturday and 1-3 on Sunday. On most other days, I don't drink any beer, but if I do, it will typically be just one.

    When drinking heavier beers (7%+) that come in 16 ounce cans, 3-4 cans adds up to enough to disturb my sleep quite a bit and sometimes make me feel pretty groggy the next day. For this reason I make sure not to drink more than 1 or very occasionally 2 of those big cans of heavy beer in one day. I exercise plenty so I'm not worried about the calories, and I think my overall alcohol intake is healthy, but I find that limiting the bigger beers helps keep me from sleeping too poorly. I wish that craft brewers would return to 12 ounce cans, especially for heavier beers. That way I could sample more beers in one day without compromising sleep.
  24. MistaRyte

    MistaRyte Jan 14, 2008 Virginia

    I drink a max of 2 tallboys 6 days a week. I will occasionally sneak in a 3rd beer on special occasions or when previous beers are vigorously low ABV.

    I take Mondays off, because Mondays suck.

    I used to drink quite a bit more than this, had to cut back for sleep and screaming wife's sake.
  25. CBlack85

    CBlack85 Jul 12, 2009 South Carolina

    in the last few years, I have settled into drinking 1-2 beers a night 1-2 nights a week, and maybe just a bit more on weekends. All in all around 6-8 beers a week.
  26. TheMattJones88

    TheMattJones88 Sep 12, 2009 Massachusetts

    During the holidays I definitely drink more. Maybe 1 - 2 a night, possibly 3 on a weekend. But during the rest of the year I'll drink a beer or two maybe twice a week, then maybe 2 or 3 over the weekend.
  27. cavedave

    cavedave Mar 12, 2009 New York
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    Don't worry about the folks dissing your start of this thread, They have nothing helpful to say about this, and can't wait to say it. Your post precedes Dry January, and its annual post here, so it is the perfect time to bring it back up.

    I had/have serious health issues, at least some of which were caused by drinking beer. The last five years that I still was able to enjoy beer to the degree I like I averaged between 3 to 5 beers every "normal" day. At tastings or on special occasion days I am sure I had more than ten pints. I always took a month off from drinking, not always January. When Doc told me I had to give up drinking (and almost everything else I enjoy to consume) it was really hard to do, but knowing I could do it for at least one month really helped me to succeed. My daily intake now is one beer a month.

    I wish I had been more responsible with my drinking, and many other aspects of life, because today, like almost every day, I really could go for a beer or two.
  28. arizcards

    arizcards Jun 11, 2003 North Carolina
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    I am 58 and fully retired. Been imbibing a bit more since my relocation to Western North Carolina earlier this year from PHX, at least one 12 or 16 oz serving daily but most days 2-3 servings. Pretty much avoiding the binge drinking since my college roommate moved out of PHX about 5 years ago. I will go with a pallet cleanser day once a week; IPA's about 4-5 days a week (including DIPA and TIPAs); and Imperial Stouts/Strong Belgians/Strong Ales the other 1-2 days. Bottom line is there is so much good beer out there and so little time to consume!
  29. unlikelyspiderperson

    unlikelyspiderperson Mar 12, 2013 California
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    At your age, I probably drank 4-5 liters on average daily. Mix of cheap industrial lagers and the high octane ales I was just starting to explore. It probably wasn't the best health choice I've made in my life.

    These days, a decade later, I probably drink about 1-1.5 liters on a normal day, with the sporadic 3-4 liter day in the mix. And then the real outliers like the other night when I drank about a liters of ~12% abv beer plus a couple lighter cans. That was not a restful night of sleep or a pleasant morning.

    I also take a week off completely every month and try to take some days off at other times as well.

    Like some of the older folks have already mentioned, those kinds of behaviors can catch up with you a good bit as you age. If you're worried it might be to much, it's definitely not gonna hurt to dial it back a bit.

    Welcome to the site, this is a great place to learn about way more awesome beers than you ever could or should drink!
  30. budsNpils

    budsNpils Aug 6, 2021 Texas
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    I normally like to stay between 2-4 pints a day some days I drink more some days I drink less. I break a few days here and there to. Ideally I'd like to take 2 days off a week and try not to make a habit out of drinking all day but that always doesn't work out. Just be mindful of your consumption slow down when your body tells you, take care of yourself and let yourself dry out every once and awhile and you'll be solid.
  31. zac16125

    zac16125 Jan 26, 2010 South Carolina
    Society Trader

    Somewhere between not enough and too much, depending on who you ask.
  32. tone77

    tone77 May 20, 2009 Pennsylvania

    On average I will drink 5 or 6 beers per night, 2 or 3 nights a week. 4 or 5 nights a week I won't drink at all.
  33. The_Kriek_Freak

    The_Kriek_Freak Aug 18, 2014 Pennsylvania
    Society Trader

    I keep detailed stats of my drinking so I can answer this question with graphs if necessary.

    Last year I was clocking 32-35oz a day, while this year I tried to keep it under 25-30oz depending on the month. Mostly Pale Lagers, IPAs and DIPAs. Not into super high ABV stouts so that helps a bit.
  34. UrbanCaveman

    UrbanCaveman Sep 30, 2014 Ohio
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    The vast majority of days, I consume 0 oz / ml of alcohol of any type.

    Occasionally, when I have time off work, during holiday weekends, and similar such times, I'll go through roughly a six pack a day. Usually sours, stouts, wheat ales, and/or lagers. Barrel aging or double-digit ABVs optional but welcome.

    I also have a workout schedule some friends have defined as "<expletive> insane", so that helps offset the alcohol intake days. :laughing:
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  35. richOutsidePhilly

    richOutsidePhilly Jan 27, 2021 Pennsylvania

    Wow. This is a good one. I think about this all the time, both for myself but also when I see what some of these BAs are downing, especially on the NBW. @BaconMan420, maybe a bit of leaf might help temper things. Seems like every week there's another report out about what the medical community deems an appropriate amount of weekly booze for the average man/woman. There are a so many things to consider, as many have chimed in above. Age is maybe factor one: below around 30-to-40 you can get away with a boatload of excess. Then things start to creep up. Sleeping is a big one, but that may be more for us older guys, Fatness is the great equalizer; try computing the caloric intake of various beers vs. the amount of exercise to offset them. The bummer you get will cause you to reach for another drink.
    Then again, there's always the "life is too short to enjoy" aspect, so fuck it, go for broke?
    Just know, there will come a come a time to pay the piper. There's a golden mean that everyone needs to find for themselves. Mankind has been "imbibing" in something or other forever, so it seems to be natural. The trick is to find out what works for you.
  36. ESHBG

    ESHBG Jul 30, 2011 Pennsylvania

    OP, I recommend stopping this. I was/am super active and watched what I ate but I drank too much beer and paid the price by slowly putting on weight. By the time I was just not as happy with the way that I looked and felt it was tough to drop the weight and break the habit that I had gotten into (that was the harder part, actually). And I didn't drink every day either, mostly Fri-Sun and maybe a night or two during the week if out with friends or something. But those DIPAs and calories/carbs add up quickly and 12 beers over a weekend were at least an extra 2400 calories so doing that week after week, are adding extra meals every single week when you think about it. Would you sit down and eat a few king sized Snickers candy bars in a day? When you look at it that way it changes your perspective.

    Now a six pack can last me a week+. I've dropped the stubborn pounds and look and feel way better.
  37. Singlefinpin

    Singlefinpin Jul 17, 2018 North Carolina
    Society Trader

    I typically drink one to two Craft beers a day occasionally three about five days a week.
    Occasionally at a party I will binge drink up to four or five Craft beers.
    I have drank more and sometimes less in my 66 years on The Planet.
    Craft Beer is a joy, and I wish I could drink even more but we have to think of our health don't we?
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  38. DrederickTatum

    DrederickTatum Dec 13, 2016 New Jersey

    Man reading some of the responses in here is making me feel like a lightweight. I only drink 2 nights a week and only 2-3 beers max at that.
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  39. BaconMan420

    BaconMan420 Dec 28, 2021 Hungary

    Sounds pretty great to me, man.
  40. BaconMan420

    BaconMan420 Dec 28, 2021 Hungary

    Thanks for the input. Honestly I rarely smoke anymore. I can imagine later on it's going to catch up to me if I don't reduce my daily intake.